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The Journal of My Life and Other Verses

John is a freelance writer, ghost-writer, storyteller, and poet. He always tries to include a message or social commentary in his writing


The Journal of My Life

As I write the journal of my life,

Turning pages as they fill,

Tomorrows become yesterdays,

Many goals have been fulfilled.

Some dreams I sadly must postpone,

To realise some future day,

When time and fortune both allow

Not long to wait I pray.

Too soon the book is 2/3 full,

More pages turned than not.

So much I still have left to do,

I dread my future lot.


More slowly now I turn each page,

Reflecting on the past.

But another day soon slips on by,

Time moves much too fast.

I hope that when this book is full,

And my song has been sung,

Those who stumble upon my words

Be they old or be they young -

Read a book so full of wonder,

Adventure and delight,

Excitement etched on every page -

The journal of my life.



Cahlya and Radane. Two of our grandchildren.

Cahlya and Radane. Two of our grandchildren.

My Life is a Zoo

It's raining dogs, it's raining cats,

There's a goldfish in my soup.

My living room is full of bats,

And elephants loop the loop.

Parrots and peacocks perch on the roof,

There are porpoises in the pool.

A giraffe stands tall and quite aloof,

And a hyena laughs like a fool.

A crocodile smiles a welcoming grin,

Two buffaloes sit on the car.

A red-spotted bullfrog lives in the bin,

And catfish swim in the spa.

There's a tiger in the bedroom,

A python in the attic,

Monkeys sweep the floor with brooms.

My home life is chaotic.


Life is Like a Game of Chess

Living has its ups and downs,

Some people acrobats, others clowns.

Each day's a challenge some would say,

Don't let false doubts get in the way.

Be positive in all you do,

Aim for the best, and see it through.

Perseverance breeds success,

Life is like a game of chess.

Be a queen, not just a pawn,

Make sure to sift the wheat from corn.

Always stand up for what is right,

Or you will never sleep at night.