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The Irish Burglar From Downing Street

The story captures the negative effect of revenge when inculcated into innocent children. Dr. Alban lost a wonderful life because of revenge

The Irish Burglar from Downing street

The Irish Burglar from Downing street

The Irish Burglar From Downing Street

The Conversation

The Queen of England had sent an SOS telegram to the British Prime Minister Brandon Owen for a private discussion at the Buckingham palace. Prime Minister Owen arrived at the palace, and was putting on a brown herringbone sport coat like that of “country style” in the UK. It was winter and temperatures had plummeted to –5oc. He was ushered into the Queens court at the inner chambers. Mr. Owen sat down, picked up a magazine, and started reading the FTSE 100 reports of London Stock Exchange. Just then, the Queen walked in and he stood up and bowed, and the Queen acknowledged his greeting and motioned him to seat down on the Sofa beside the cupboard enclosing royal antique teacups.

Her Majesty, told the Prime Minister that the Heir to the throne "Prince James" has been showing strange eating behavior, and was diagnosed to have PED (Pica eating Disorder), and that the Royal family doctors are unable to help her grandson. Her Majesty paused for a minute, dabbed a tear from her eyes and suddenly asked Mr. Owen "I heard there is no cure? Mr. Owen said, “well Your Majesty, I wouldn’t know if”…and, the Queen interjected “but I know you can do something to save my grandson from PED." The Prime Minister had never seen her Majesty in such an awful mood. He breathed in deeply and replied "Your Majesty, I will do everything within my power to see that Prince James is cured from PED." The Queen thanked him and requested she’s duly informed of any development.

The Commission

Now PED (Pica Eating Disorder) is disease that makes the sufferer compulsively eat items that have no nutritional value. They can eat, ice, soap, buttons, clay, hair, dirt, sand and chalk. The disorder can lead to consequences like poisoning, intestinal blockages, choking, and parasitic infections. Worse still is that until recently, research hasn't focused on curative measures, but rather on developing medications to help sufferers cope with normal life. As a result, it doesn't go away, but remain a manageable disease throughout one’s lifetime.

Having realized the implication of promising a cure for the young prince, the Prime Minister knew that he has a hard nut to crack. He telephoned Dr. Connor Alban who was the chief medical dietician at St James Hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He also phoned Dr. Gordon Thomson who was the Director of ENT clinic at Liverpool, and Dr. Robert Smith, the Head of clinic at the St Joseph Pediatric hospital in Oxford. A meeting was scheduled on Thursdays 6th of January by 9 am and all the men were seated at the Prime Minister’s Chambers by 8:45 am. He welcomed them, and offered them tea and coffee. While they were on it, he explained that they will undergo basic disclosure background checks, because the matter concerns the Royal family.

Mr. Owen briefed the medical practitioners of his meeting with Her majesty, and her passionate appeal to find a cure rather than treatment. After much deliberation, the three men agreed to work on the Prime Minister’s proposal for a 3–year research contract for finding the cure for PED. "Nothing is impossible” said Dr. Robert, “it's a matter of time and a little bit of luck." Dr. Robert was known as one of the most controversial pediatrician and successful surgeon in the country. He has won several awards and Nobel Peace prize for his work in Autism in children. Dr. Alban and Dr. Thompson nodded their heads, as if to say, we agree but with a little bit of doubt.

Ongoing research and clinical trials for PED-V55 vaccine

Ongoing research and clinical trials for PED-V55 vaccine

The Research

Three months later, the Prime minister arranged for a secret state of the art furnished medical research lab at Downing street, and relocated the three Doctors to the City of Westminster, London. Prime Minister Owen quickly approved the take–off grants for the research project. The doctors worked acidulously with all good intent and purpose to find the cure for PED, but Dr. Alban had an ace up his sleeves.

Dr. Connor Alban was from Northern Ireland, and a descendant of Philip Alban who was a General in the old IRA (Irish Revolutionary Army) and participated in the 1922-1923 Irish civil war and he died broken hearted. Philip Alban on sick bed had made Liam Alban the father of Dr. Connor Alban to promise him revenge on British soil. Mrs. Margaret Alban, who was Scottish, observed severally how Philip was secretly radicalizing their son, and fled to England with Connor when he was 12 years old. Connor completed his schooling in England, and bagged double PhD in Nutrition and another in medical genetics; he was a rare breed.

By one year into their research, fate smiled at them and by serendipity a discovery was made. They observed that there is a nerve that picks signal from the taste buds and connects back of the tongue to the goiter which terminates at the sensory cortex. Further research shows that when the nerve becomes infected and inflamed by bacteria, it misinterprets the brain visuals, and creates a hunger for non food materials.

They isolated the new strain of bacteria, cultured it, and were able to develop a bacteria vaccine from it. The developed vaccine trains the immune system to create antibodies, and fight–off the bacteria. Their developed vaccine contained an antigen, adjuvant, preservatives and stabilizers. Clinical trials were conducted at St James Hospital, and recorded 99.9 % curative efficiency. The new bacteria vaccine was named the PED-V55.

The Conspiracy

The information leaked to wall street about the vaccine and pharmaceutical companies gained over 100 points on a Tuesday morning trading. The main stream media published "British medicine is reborn" and "Dawn of a new era in medicine.” By 2 years into the research, the three Doctors were now in talks about scaling–up the vaccine development with a British-American pharmaceutical company.

By 6 am Thursday the 6th of September 2002, the Prime Minister was hit with sad news, that the Laboratory is on fire. Firefighters rushed in to stop the spread from spreading but it was too late, to salvage the mainframe computer where all the formulas and protocol were stored.

Scotland Yard cordoned off the crime scene, and launched forensic investigation. The police report showed that the lab was fireproof and suspected a case of arson. The prime minister had a press briefing, and urged everyone to remain calm that the attack was perpetuated by Burglars, and that arm of the law will hunt them down. Dr. Alban wittingly sneaked out of England, and went to Northern Ireland. He had been in contact with the IRA, and they had executed the attack to frustrate the Royal family. He had also copied the vaccine formulation from the mainframe computer.

A week later, the IRA sent a memo to the prime minister requesting £20 million in exchange for the PED-V55 formulation, and threatened Scotland Yard with more explosions if any attempt is made to hunt them down. The police chief in a chat with the Prime Minister queried why he did not request disclosure forms directly from the police knowing that such high profile research require thorough background checks. He informed the Prime minister that Dr. Alban was a member of IRA and their prime suspect. The prime minister apologized for the oversight, and gave express approval to contact Interpol.

The conspiracy

The conspiracy

The Face–off

Dr. Alban whereabouts could not be traced but his "last seen" tweet on social media read Belfast, and the traced him to Wildflower Alley, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Irish police and Interpol was mobilized at Belfast in search of Dr. Alban who went missing. The IRA smuggled him to Mumbai, India and he took up a new name and began impersonating as Dr. Kelvin Rolland from Glasgow, Scotland.

Three months passed by and the Interpol was still hunting for him in the big city of Belfast. Dr. Rolland got employed in a private clinic at Mumbai, India as a consultant and he successfully practiced for six months. One day Mr. Brown Stevenson visited Mumbai on vacation and got allergic to local Indian food from the countryside. He was referred to a specialist called Dr. Rolland. He recognized Dr. Kelvin Rolland to be Dr. Connor Alban, because he was a nurse at St Joseph's hospital in the UK when clinical trials on PED-V55 were conducted, but Dr. Rolland was unable to recognize him.

He returned back to the hotel and discussed with his wife, who nagged him to report to British police in London. British police got the tip–off and contacted the Indian authorities that assigned agent 007 from M16 to track him down. Agent 007 stalked Dr. Rolland for one week and observed he had no wife, child nor friends. Dr. Rolland was a recluse and living a solitary lifestyle. Agent 007 got approval from the Indian government and accessed his bio-data and a match was found except his name. Agent 007 faked he was a Canadian tourist at Mumbai, having food poisoning symptoms, and visited Dr. Rolland's clinic. During the consultation he smartly collected his fingerprints. He found a perfect match of the fingerprint from Dr. Rolland of Mumbai, India and that of Dr. Alban of the U.K

On Friday 25th March 2003, Dr. Rolland (Dr. Alban) was arrested in Mumbai, India and extradited to the U.K. He was charged with 25 count charges on the grounds of conspiracy, impersonation, arson, felony and treason against Her Majesty's Government. Dr. Alban was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment without parole. However, what he didn't know was that Dr. Robert, the controversial surgeon had copied out all files from the system a night before the fire outbreak, and that Prince James had been cured of PED. Dr. Robert and Dr. Gordon wrote a memoir and called it the "The Irish Burglar From Downing Street". The book became a best seller and sold over 5 million copies worldwide. At the peak of their career the Queen knighted them Knights of the British empire and they lived happily ever after.

The Final Arrest and Extradition of Dr. Alban

The Final Arrest and Extradition of Dr. Alban

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