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The Invention That Would Change the World!

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


The Invention

Paul entered the enormous hall with many services and headed for the desk with the sign "Patents." He took his place in the queue that was much smaller than the other offices. As he waited, he began to observe the people around him. Most employees behind the offices were frowning and indifferent. The people in the queues seemed so lonely, lost in their own world, except two or three cases in which there was a controversy about the place in the line.

Such an intense controversy occurred in the queue of the next office. Those who were involved had begun to exchange "unpleasant" phrases, and as a result, the employee behind the desk, annoyed, was grumbling that he could not do his job with all that noise and threatened not to serve them.


"How much confusion!" Paul thought. "Love one another, Jesus said! When shall we desire to implement it?" He whispered unconsciously.

"Did you say anything to me, sir?" The man in front of him in the queue answered.

"No no. I speak for myself..." Paul replied.

The man left. It was Paul's turn, and the employee behind the counter looked at him silently waiting.

"Good morning..." Paul said politely, "...I have come to claim a patent for an invention..."

"Obviously... otherwise, you are in the wrong office..." the employee replied in a slightly ironic tone. "...And what does your invention do?" He continued with the same style.

"It is about love," Paul replied, giving the feeling that he was not very happy with what he was saying.

"What!" Exclaimed the employee as he got up abruptly. "Look at me, mister, if you think I'm here, to have fun doing pranks, you make a big mistake," he said, apparently annoyed.

"No, my dear sir," Paul replied apologetically, "I do not want to tease you. Here, I'll show you right away. Please wear this earphone, and you will understand," he said, giving the employee a peculiar handset with a small antenna.

The employee took it up, looked at it briefly, and then wore it in his ear. Paul wore a matching earpiece and pulled out a small box with a red button on it, from the bag he had. He pushed the red button and then a tiny antenna rose. This. Nothing else. Apart from the fact that the scenery in the room, was changed magically!

Any disagreement, controversy, and moaning within the room abruptly stopped. Everybody started to look around as if awakening from a bad dream. Those people in the next queue began to apologize to one another and wanted to offer their place in line. The employee who previously was grumbling now told them not to worry because everyone would be served in no time. An employee from an office at the edge of the room got up and gave his chair to a pregnant woman who was waiting at the end of the queue, saying he could comfortably do his job standing up for a while. The others in the line gave their place with joy to the woman who suddenly, from the end of the queue, found herself sitting in front of the office and thanked them wholeheartedly. The atmosphere was filled with love and beautiful emotions. Everyone was so glad, more than glad; everyone was blissful. It seemed that every negative thought, selfishness, and envy had been lost at once, and they had given their place to positive feelings, positive thoughts, and actions. It was like this room had been transformed into an office room of some department of Paradise!


Only the employee of the Patent's desk and Paul seemed to be out of this situation. Everyone else had changed, except for these two.

Paul pressed the red button again, and the antenna went down. Suddenly the atmosphere changed again, returning to the previous regular state. Everybody started to look around a little confused and went back to what they did before but without the controversy. Now they were all more silent and skeptical. Some people continued to glance at each other.

The Patent Office employee was standing with an open mouth. He turned to Paul and told him, spluttering, "But... but... how? But, how? And we... why?"

Paul showed him the strange earpiece he had pulled out of his ear and explained to him:

"These headphones have a corresponding antenna that generates a protective umbrella from the Z waves emitted by the device. Z waves activate the part of the brain that is responsible for the thoughts of love, so the person under the influence of the device can do nothing but manifest and offer pure love."

"It is incredible! It is a miracle!" The employee said, and added, "Sir, I ensure you this, you will become super rich!"

Paul's eyes wide opened by the surprise, and he said hurriedly:

"No... No... You did not understand! I want to protect the copyright for the device so that no one ever uses it. Not to use or sell it, and certainly, I do not want to make a profit."

It was now the turn of the employee to wide open his eyes! Having tried enough to overcome his surprise after what he heard or thought that understood, he eventually managed to make some sounds:

"Wh... So... You... Do you really... want... to vanish this miracle?"

"Not only that. Considering that I have managed to make this machine, I believe that sooner or later someone else will make it too, with the risk of putting it on the market. And this should never happen. The device will be locked in a hidden place and having its patent rights will not let anyone use it."

The employee took an expression as if he had just heard the most incredible thing one could tell. He almost screamed:

"Are you crazy?! This device will change the world as we know it. It can stop wars, poverty, bring Paradise to Earth! And you say you will not use it? How is it possible?!"

Everyone in the big room had stopped and looked at the employee with puzzlement.

Paul put his finger in his mouth and made "Shh!" to the employee who was already lost in this strange atmosphere!

After a few awkward moments, the room returned to its regular pace. Paul bent to the side of the angry employee and whispered in his ear:

"This was my dream when I started my effort to build it. But after used sometimes, I realized that this was wrong."

"How..." almost screamed the employee, but looking around, he lowered his voice and continued, " can love be wrong?"

"Calm down, my dear sir, and listen to me," said Paul. "I believe that love is truth and happiness for man. All that can save him from all the suffering. But love is not real when it is imposed. What does it mean to love someone when you can not do any other way? What is the meaning of people that love you when they cannot do otherwise? What I think is that this is the biggest illusion of all. A world where people will live to love each other, not by their choice but because a machine has forced them to do so, it will not be Paradise, believe me. Consider this: why God gave us this choice while it would be so easy to force us to love Him and love each other. If it was right, wouldn't He do it first? Would He expect me to do it? No, my dear sir. Love is first of all choice! The most significant choice for every person and no one has the right to deprive it of anyone."

Dear Father, let me distinguish where the truth ends, and where the illusion begins.

— Sean Dragon

You Can't Force Love

I have heard many times the expression:

"God has a plan for each one of us!"

I would only change it at one point, as follows:

"God has infinite plans for each one of us!"

I believe that God, in His infinite Love, when He created the Universe, has prepared in His Divine Intelligence all the possible versions for the life of each of us, thus leaving us free to choose the one we want to live. In each of our choices, there is a plan for how we can find happiness through Knowledge and Love. A method for how we will return to our Home. At every "crossroads" we are free to choose the way to go, to experiment and through experience to select what is really the better for us. He has offered us the wonderful gift of freedom to make mistakes, and at every mistake we make, He is there, and He has prepared additional opportunities for us.


Love Is the Freedom to Choose

I believe all this because I think freedom is a fundamental component of Love. There can be no love without freedom and vice versa. But beware; I am referring to the freedom that has nothing to do with arbitrariness, impunity, lack of moral limits and ingratitude because Love cannot coexist with any of them.

Therefore, how could the God of Love create a world in which for each of us there would be a plan that we would have to follow, or in another case we would be forever condemned? This is not Love. It's, "you're doing what I want, or you are... finished!" It's coercion or blackmail. But you cannot coerce Love. You cannot force someone to love you. But you can make someone love you or even better you can make someone, with the way you live your life and with the love you give, to feel that loving you is an integral part of his or her happiness. All the great Masters and among them, my beloved Jesus, came into the world out of their love for us, they taught us the importance of Love in our lives, but they did not ask us or force us to love them. They made us love them and consider this love, part of our happiness.

I will never forget the words of a beloved student of mine when she greeted me, leaving to continue her studies at the University:

"Thank you not because you told me about love, but because I saw you live it."

These words were a great honor and responsibility to me, for the rest of my life!

Live your life offering love to make more and more people want to imitate you. Only this way you can help us change this world and make it the Paradise that He made for us, giving us the freedom to modify it in such a wrong way that we have done. Because the change will not come from an external Savior, it will come through each of us. Because, until each one of us chooses Love with free will, our world cannot become a Paradise.

The amount and extent of positive results, gifts, and miracles that will come into our lives depends solely on the sincerity and accuracy with which we will apply the principles of Love.

— Sean Dragon

A Thanksgiving

This story is an offering to a great teacher and to his wife who they are giving a daily "fight" for Love. We share the same dream for a world that chooses love instead of hate, and the same passion for teaching Physics. It is a thanksgiving to my beloved brother Tim Truzy and his wife. Thank you both for all the encouragement and the inspiration. Thank you because the world is a better place because you are living on it!

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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