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The Intergalactic War I Accidentally Caused


Day 1 of the Flash Fiction Writing Challenge


I was stuck in a writing rut so I googled some prompts and challenges. I found this one from a creative writing blog: https://www.eadeverell.com/.

I hope I finish all 30 days! Good luck to me.

The Story

I didn't mean to do it! I swear I had no idea that urn was an alien artifact.

See, it all started when... Hold on. Is it cheesy to start your story off with that line? See, I never really know. But yeah, it started off when...

"Dani!" Mama called to me in her shrill voice. "Let's get going!"

Ever since my parents' separation, my mother had been buying antique furniture for our new house. Just last week we came home to three new mismatched lamps. I say, "we" because she drags me everywhere.

"I ran down complaining and she dismissed me, saying I can pick one item this time. Yippee for me, I guess.

We drove for what felt like hours. I had my earphones on the whole time to drown out my mother's rants about how inconsiderate my father is.

Eventually, we arrived to a drab, colonial house with an old "Antique Store" sign. It's supposed to be the cheapest store in the whole region.

Inside, I looked around and I found the coolest thing ever. There was this vase thingy that was like really shiny. Mama told me I could pick something, so I told her to buy it. At first she was hesitant since according to her, it looked like a piece of space rock with weird drawings.

Little did she know how right she was.

That evening, I heard an annoying sound. It was like having tinnitus times a million decibels. I ran out of the shower expecting my mom to do the same, but I found her in her room fast asleep.

"Mama!" I cried out loud. She didn't move, but thankfully she was still breathing. "Mama!" I cried again.

I ran back to my room and put on some clothes. Fully dressed, I came outside to find two spaceships parked on the plaza right across from my house. The whole place was foggy with pink and yellow smoke.

"Return to us the remains of our master!" A muffled voice ordered in my native language.

"No. Our savior deserves to rest with us," a hissing voice uttered.

By this time I was shaking in fear. How was it that no one in my neighborhood was awake? "I- I don't understand. Am I dreaming? Is this a prank?"

Then another person came out, a tall and hairy woman in old robes carrying a long staff with a mirror at the top end.

Then a creature emerged from the yellow smoke, a scaly bear-like being. He or she or it was naked and didn't have any weapon.

The snake-bear hybrid spoke, again in my dialect, "Give it to us and we shall spare you."

In a flash, the woman sliced the creature's head off. The funny thing was that it grew back not one, but two heads.

"YOU IDIOT!" Another human wearing robes came out from one of the spaceships. "Everyone knows you must stab the foot of the Abba to kill it."

So it's an "it" then, I thought.

More Abbas and the human-ish aliens came out of their transpo and starting screaming in languages I have never heard of. This was the time for me to sneak back into my house and grab that stupid urn or vase or whatever it was.

Mama was still sleeping like a baby. Actually, I don't get that expression since babies usually get woken up and easily and my mother had no chance of waking up despite of all the noise. In fact, my whole block didn't seem to be bothered.

I went inside my room and took the thing that apparently held the remains of some space master. The thought creeped me out.

Anyways, I ran back to the plaza. I was so dazed and confused that I failed to see a piece of plastic wrapper and I tripped. The urn went flying from my hands and it broke into pieces as it landed on the ground. Smoke billowed out and evaporated.

"NO!" I heard the aliens scream in unison.

I froze in my place, fearing for my life. I mean, I had just broken what seems to be their most prized possession. But a wave of relief washed over me when they started to fight each other.

Since their mission was compromised, they probably had no other choice left but to impale some Abba feet and swing electronic javelins (which came as a surprise to me) at the humanoids.

The fight went on for hours and that's how I ended up cleaning alien bodies at the plaza and telling you about it.

Honestly, I'm never picking anything from any antique store ever again.


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 22, 2021:

An interesting flash fiction story. You responded to the first day’s prompt quite well.

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