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The Incarnation Of Love

It started as hobby, then published my works in souvenirs, now entering the international arena writing has become my passion. Encourage me.


Venetian blinds

Mr.Darcy Thakersay the CEO of a Multinational Company (MNC) seated in his air-conditioned, luxurious office, leafed through the leather jacketed dossier.

He raised his head, turned right and stared out of glass window, of the eighteenth floor. The Venetian blinds didn't obscure his vision because he didn't want to see anything outside. All his ardent zeal were breaking waves inside him.

Darcy, looked energetic and happy in his office. He also wished to complete his assignments urgently today before dusk.
Today was his princess Martha's first birthday. He was graceful, smiling imaginatively and silently.

Darcy pressed a button and his secretary, Tina was in his office within minutes.
"Tina please take notes,"he said. She opened her laptop and gracefully started.
During the dictation, Darcy attended to the emergency calls.



Darcy was tall, broad shouldered, fair complexioned with shining chestnut colored hairs. His lips were thin and had a pointed Grecian nose. He was handsome with a manly figure, a towering personality.

Tina finished the punctuation checks and closed her laptop. "Sir, your other important agenda.........." She was cut in short by Darcy.
He said," I know there's an important meeting with the Tripartite Employees Union."

Tina continued,"From 12.15 pm to 4.45 pm. Tripartite meeting." "Then you are to be present at the Industries Confederation for the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) relating to the development of Asia-Pacific Business Strategies."
Then she presented the list of recommendations which Darcy approved and was ready to leave for the Tripartite meeting.

The pearl- silver coloured car was waiting for him.The chauffeur opened the door as Darcy entered.

As he embarked to attend the Tripartite meeting, the media personnel of various television channels zoomed cameras alongwith their galaxy of questions.
He briefly replied to the media and gave coverage on present market scenario and proceeded towards the conference room.

"Gentleman let us proceed with the agenda," he addressed the forum, already waiting in the well lit, oak panelled conference room.
Meeting ended as scheduled.

Darcy entered the private elevator and touched the ground. The elevator doors opened automatically.


Cocktail dinner

While down the elevator, he sparkled to recollect that today was the first birthday of his fairy toddler princess Martha.

He shall now visit the forum for MOU and leave urgently.

His aura touched Martha most graciously, as never before.

Darcy on his way to Industries Confederations, dreamt to be present at the Hotel Seventh Star meeting his princess and wishing her "Happy Birthday."
Greeting all guests of honour, Sisky and Harry enjoying the cocktail dinner with everyone with full glory.


Cupid's arrow

The myth of Cupid and Psyche was one of the most influential romances in European culture.

Kim met Darcy during the Chess Grandmaster competition at the university auditorium. She found her attention being reverberated on Darcy as flame in furnace. She knew that it was 'love at first sight.'

Kim was very beautiful, her satin glow skin tone matched with her blonde hair curls surfing on her shoulder. Her rose pink lip shade had her hue of blush. Her figure sketched the statistics of world beauty pageant in a traditional dress.

Love at first sight made her thirst for deeper intimacy. Kim started to become more conscious about Darcy.

Love is blind, but they could see themselves hit by Cupid's arrow.
Darcy's attraction for Kim grew and was incomparable, she had become the apple of his eye.

Darcy married Kim with great pomp and honour. They flew to Geneva to commemorate their honeymoon week.

Thereafter being married, Darcy never eyed anyone else. Kim was his world. The morning started with Kim and night ended with her.


Milky Way Galaxy

Darcy remembered the Sunday evening of February while sipping Tequila Rose at the beach, Kim asked, "What makes you most happy."
Darcy said," If I could pluck a star from the Milky Way Galaxy and see it shining in your palm, Kim, this would have been most happiest moment, in this life."

Kim leaned her head onto the neck of Darcy and whispered, "You have done so, as you wished." "I am very happy to receive your star of the Milky Way Galaxy." "I am going to be the mother of your child, Darcy," she said distinctly.

Like a big wave from the ocean bed, both Kim and Darcy arose and danced vivaciously with the open air opera. It was a gala performance for all viewers.

Martha was their precious gift from Almighty. Martha and Kim were his assets from eternity.

The banquet hall of the Hotel Seventh Star was booked and guests were personally invited to bless their princess on her first birthday. Kim's elder sister Sisky and her husband Harry, residing in far east, were invited




Knock of thunder

Martha was in her cradle, orchestra played softly from the podium, banquet hall was pulsating with happiness. Darcy was on his way.
Kim exchanged views with guests and discussed intimately with Sisky and Harry. Kim eyed the banquet hall entrance quiet often. Everyone awaited for Darcy's arrival.

Darcy entered the banquet hall. Kim noticed him, guests waived at him, Sisky and Harry started to meet him. Darcy overflowing with happiness greeted everyone anxiously . A hands open greetings for Sisky and Harry.

Darcy hugged Harry. He was holding on to Harry. Harry patted his back and said I know your joy is boundless today. Altogether we all have filled yourself with aĺl the energy. Now with your presence everything is complete. The best part will be the cocktail dinner after a long duration. All guests are waiting for your warmth.

First come and see how your pretty princess is dressed. Come and bless Martha. Kim and you bless her in her well decorated cradle.

Harry completed and tapped Darcy on his shoulder. No response. A tremor of shock ran through Harry. Kim and Sisky was wide eyed and mouth gasped. Panic ran through the guests.
Everyone understood Darcy was seriously ill and lay motionless on Harry's shoulder.

Immediately air-ambulance was contacted, it landed on the roof and emergency treatment started. All prayed to God. Kim was motionless. All sounds of merriment subsided.

Martha was awake, waiting for her parental blessings.

Darcy was flown to the hospital. Kim, Sisky and Harry accompanied. Treatment continued. Darcy was suspected internal haemorrhage and required special medicine.




Martha was in her teens and always asked Kim regarding Darcy. She had seen his photograph, very handsome man.

She vouched for someone of her father's personality, only be wed to. Her groom must have the grandeur of Darcy. He must be a handsome man.

Kim said, "Martha, people don't posses equality. No one can be mirror image." "Don't vouch for likewise."
Martha was staunch supporter of her decision.

Kim felt unpleasant as to how she can satisfy Martha, their princess.

Years passed Martha lead the life of a spinster. As she never met anyone to replace her "Handsome man - her father." "The Incarnation Of Love."