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The Hush Hush Wedding

Jusmi is an English teacher. Obtained her Masters in English literature from Gauhati University India shares an immense love for writing.


Anju was shocked, confused and wondering what is wrong with her sixty years old husband Kamath. He was jumping up and down in excitement after putting the phone down. She came closer to him and inquired, “ I hope everything is ok. What’s wrong with you” ? In reply to her query all he did was just to laugh in an even louder manner. This was enough to fuel her anger and she screamed loudly, “ Enough Kamath, let me get it straight. Just tell me what has bitten you or just go to ….”. She was cut short by her husband who sensing danger started telling her, “ One of my life’s biggest problem is going to get solved tomorrow. Ahh !! What a relief. Rightly said, “ A friend in need is a friend indeed” . Seeing his wife Anju losing her temper he unfolded the mystery and said, “ As you know my friend Dhiraj, who stays in The United States is coming back to India after a decade with his son for a month. And they are here to find a homely Indian, educated girl for his soon. And I was thinking that who else could be more homely and educated than our beautiful daughter Kavya. What do you think ? ”

Anju’s eyes sparkled within a second and then she turned serious and said, “ That’s great of you to think in this manner but will your friend Dhiraj agree to this. I mean they already might have a word with someone you never know.”

Kamath smiled all the more and said, “ Relax , darling I already had a word with him regarding this and he said he would love to have Kavya as his daughter in law. And they are landing tomorrow i.e Friday. I am planning to invite him and his son for lunch on Saturday. Just make sure that Kavya stays at home instead of roaming around with one of her useless friends and I will manage the rest”. Just as both of them were talking Kavya enter the house and saw her parents in quite a happy manner. So she stopped to learn more about this. Her father informed her happily that his best friend Dhirag uncle is coming to India tomorrow and how he would be visiting them on Saturday for lunch so he asked Kavya to stay and help her mother with the special lunch for the occasion.

Kavya gave a dismal look and replied, “ Oh no!! Why on Saturday dad ?? Call them on Sunday please. Even my best friend Sanya is coming for a week to Kanpur from Dehradun . And I am like meeting her almost after four-five months so definitely cannot compromise on this. Hope you understand dad”.

But, looking at her parents long face she said, “ Ok, I cannot say I will be there to welcome them from the morning but surely I would make it to lunch. I will be home by noon. Hope both of you are happy now.”

Anju and Kamath gave a wide grin thinking what they were up to and how smoothly they convinced Kavya to meet the guests or who knows if everything goes as planned they might be her closest relatives very soon. With such sweet and pleasing thoughts the old couple spend the rest of the day peacefully awaiting the good times that will arrive tomorrow.

Early the next morning when Kavya got up already her parents were very busy. Her mother screamed, “ Is this the time to get up even after knowing some important guests are coming home to see you….Errr I mean to see us, to meet us. How soon do you intend to behave like a mature girl who understands and help her parents a bit with the work. Now don’t stand there. Go and arrange those cushions over there and help me with the breakfast. Poor daddy is breaking his back from the morning cleaning up the lawn”. Kavya rushed to arrange the cushions and then quickly got fresh and went to the kitchen to help her mother with the breakfast. She asked, “ What’s there for breakfast today mom” ? Without looking at her face Anju replied, “ Nothing fancy just Aloo parantha (stuffed potato flatbread) with curd and I don’t want any fuss over it today. I have to prepare too many items for lunch also. So, quietly have what’s been served on the plate”. Kavya sensing more danger replied, “ Its fine mom I love your paranthas . Anyways who else is coming with Uncle..Aunty ? Children?”

Anju replied peeling some vegetables, “ No, aunty expired few years back. So, only uncle and his son is coming. His son Suyash has never been to India so far kindly please be nice to him. They are here for a month so take out some time and show him around a bit”. Kavya said, “ Will surely think about it. Anyways mom I need to rush to the station Sanya’s train would be arriving any moment and she would kill me if I am not on time”. Anju pursed her lips and as she was about to say something by that time her daughter was already out of the house and left. She sighed and call her husband for breakfast.

When at lunch time Kavya came home bringing along Sanya they could hear peals of laughter right from the gate. They quickly entered and saw that Kamath was sitting with an old man. He was bald and was wearing a pair of glasses he looked up to them in a questioning manner. Following his gaze when Kamath saw them he said, “ Well, Kavya you are back on time. We were just talking about you. This is Dhiraj uncle as you already know. Say hello to him.” Dhiraj looked at her and smiled, “ How are you Kavya beta ? You have grown up so much and look just like your mother. I heard you have completed your studies and you are lawyer now. Great. I have a son Suyash . He has also completed his MBA after his engineering and now he is trying to set his own startup. Let’s see what happens.”

Kavya smiled bowed down and touch his feet and taking his blessings and said, “ Surely Uncle Suyash would be doing great you don’t worry. Anyways uncle this is my best friend Sanya a fashion designer. She also arrived today from Dehradun”.

Dhiraj looked at Sanya from head to toe. By looking at her face anyone can tell he didn’t like her a bit. Her torn jeans, baggy top accompanied by her pink highlighted hair gave her a pure hippy look which neither Kamath nor Dhiraj approved. And all he said to her was a simple, cold “Hello”.

Sanya gave a “Namaste” with a very warm smile. Just then Kamath spoke up, “ Hi, Sanya how are you? You must be really tired right ? Kavya why don’t you both go to your room and then you can join us for lunch once it is ready”. The girls left.

As soon as they left Dhiraj spoke up, “ Kamath this is the reason I tell you I am here in India. I want a girl just like Kavya to be my daughter in law. Her beauty and simplicity has touched me. Wish I could get someone like her. I am so scared that Suyash would make a mistake. I mean I cannot accept anyone having pink hair and wearing a torn jeans as my daughter in law for my only son. Savitri would never forgive me I tell you. And Suyash is just a young boy anyone like Kavya’s friend might divert him. I hope you can understand my condition”. Kamath replied placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder , “ Definitely, I can understand your condition. Even I am scared at times that Kavya can fall for someone who does not deserve her. So we are also looking for prospective grooms. Hope soon we find someone good for her”. Dhiraj immediately finding his chance said, “ Since both of us are going through the same phase of life. Why don’t we help each other being such good friends? Why can’t we bond our relationship to the next level ? If you don’t mind I want your daughter Kavya’s hand for my only son Suyash. I promise to love her and take care of her like my own daughter. Hope you will not dishearten me and consider my son worthy of your daughter”.

And this was the moment Kamath was waiting for. He quickly called in for his wife and said, “ Anju, rush here fast with the plate of sweets. Dhiraj is making me cry with happiness.” Turning towards his old friend he again said, “ I cannot thank you enough for this. I am truly so happy that Kavya will get such a house and family . I could not ask for anything more. Now, can we look up for an auspicious day for the wedding ceremony?”

Dhiraj happily agreed and it was decided before returning back to the States the wedding would take place with great pomp and show. It was time for lunch and everyone came and sat on the dinning table. And then Kavya said, “ Mom, dad and uncle Sanya wants all of your help. Would you help her please ?” Kamath said, “ What’s wrong Sanya ? You can tell us everything we would definitely help you. After all you are also our daughter. Don’t be scared we are there”.

Sanya gathering all her courage spoke up, “ Well, uncle I am in love with a boy from the past one and half years. We both love each other very much. But since I am a Christian and he is a from a strict Brahmin family we always knew our families would never agree on this. However, gathering courage I spoke to my parents that we both wants to get married but as expected they didn’t accept. They threatened to disown me so I moved to Dehradun. Finding no other option we have decided to get married. The court has given the date this coming Monday. Since I have no one to bless me I request both of you uncle and aunty to come on my big day and bless me. We will also be needing two witnessess. So, can both of you come please. I will be forever indebted to you.” Sanya was almost in tears when Anju spoke up, “ Don’t cry beta we are there with you. Everything will be fine. But, I will have to go to the hospital on Monday to see my friend who is not keeping well. Why don’t you ask Dhiraj uncle to accompany you all on Monday. Dhiraj can you help this poor child?” Dhiraj although was not very keen on this he had to agree looking at poor Sanya’s face. He finally said, “ I always love helping people whoever it is. I will definitely make it on Monday don’t worry at all Sanya”. Sanya thanked each one of them for being so supportive with joined hands. Everyone had the wonderful meal that Anju had prepared for lunch. After that she left with Sanya to drop her to her aunt’s place.

Just as the girls left there was a handsome boy at the door. He introduced himself as Suyash , Dhiraj’s son. Anju and Kamath gave him a warm welcome they were elated to know he was such a fine man with exotic features. And to top it all he was well behaved and polite too. They were too happy to know Kavya was going to get married to such a person. He had his lunch and seemed quite impressed with Anju’s culinary skills. He praised her like anything. She was in the seventh heaven. Thanking Anju for the wonderful meal both Dhiraj and his son left for the day.

On Sunday Sanya stayed in Kavya’s place. As already discussed Monday everyone was ready to go to the court for the wedding. Sanya looked lovely as a bride adorning a bright red saree and Kavya too looked beautiful with her mother’s peach saree. Together all four of them drove to the court. Kamath enquired about Suyash to which Dhiraj said he left early morning some work. They were waiting for Sanya’s groom and as he was late. The old men decided to go out for a cup of tea. Just as they were sipping their tea and discussing something Kavya called them and informed the groom has come and already the procedures were started since the lawyer was in a hurry to finish it off fast. She also informed that they need to come in another ten minutes to give their signatures as the witness. They lazily finished their tea, done a bit of chit-chat and came to the courtroom. Seeing Kavya outside the room Kamath said, “ Oh! you are here where is the bride and groom . Did everything go on well ?”

Kavya informed that all was well and they are in the next room for some other documentation work. Just then the lawyer screamed, “ Sir, please come here for the signatures. You both are already late and other people are also waiting. Please hurry up”. Both of them went inside fast signed the papers within seconds and came outside smiling. Kavya said, “ All done. Let’s move to the next room they are waiting for us”. They hurried to move to the next room. Just as they reached the door and saw the young couple the two old men almost fainted out of shock and trauma. While, Suyash opened his mouth widely. Sanya and Kavya could not understand anything.

Finding his voice exactly after five minutes Dhiraj said, “ Why and how. You never came to India. How did you meet Sanya?”

“ Online dad, Social Network” was the answer Suyash gave.

“But, you never said anything to me. WHY” Dhiraj demanded.

“ If I spoke anything regarding this you would have never come India. Moreover dad you wanted an Indian girl for me and I have fulfilled your wish. Didn’t I ? I hope you are happy. Dad we both love each other very much. And I am so happy you blessed us both even though unknowingly . Trust me Sanya is a very good girl and you will definitely like her. Just give her chance” Suyash pleaded.

Both Suyash and Sanya felt down on knees and took Dhiraj and Kamath’s blessings. Kamath smiled between tears and said, “ Its ok Dhiraj, she is also my daughter. We are bonded foe life now. Forgive them and embrace them with love. And let us quicky arrange for a big,fat Indian Wedding. Afterall its my daughter’s wedding.”

© 2021 Jusmi Saikia

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