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The Human Equation


The human touch does mean so much

As in time and space, we all move along

Cyber spectrums dominate, rule as such

Valuing every move to be right or wrong

Just as being human our thoughts prevail

No matter the cost, whether we win or fail

The metallic hand moves, directs all's time

Fake motions enhanced as in a pantomime


The most appropriate equation we may see

Is a personalized view of both you and me

As a common denominator bridges the gap

Avoiding the computer world and of its trap

The cyborg's jaws clamp shut, teeth do clatter

Comprehending of all humanity as the matter

Realizing his own fate, a scrap heap matinee

While lights flicker out no more game to play


Once productive years are no longer in place

Then put aboard a rocket ship sent into space

Why risk a human life when we don't need to

Saving all of us we can, true lives to embrace

Electronics, cyber world, a welcomed addition

Never should replace humanity, as its intention

Each decision is made and every result in mind

Directly an actualization of the most human kind