The Horror Next Door: Halloween Flash Fiction by cam

Updated on October 26, 2016
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Chris has written more than 150 flash fiction/short stories.Working Vacation took 21st out of 6,700 in the 2016 Writer's Digest competition.


“It just turned this way a little more,” whispered Lisa to her babysitter at the other end of the couch. Beth’s thumbs flew over the keypad. Lisa had been trying to get her attention for the last forty-five minutes, but Beth ignored her and kept texting her boyfriend.

“Would you at least look? Lisa said.

“Would you stop? Can’t you see I’m busy?” Beth looked back down at the screen.

On the covered, unlit porch of the house next door, through the side window of her living room, Lisa could see it. Rain fell and thunder rumbled like a bowling ball doing a slow roll. Lightning flashed and windows shook. She was peering through tiny rivulets zigzagging down the glass. Earlier, she had only seen a faint glow, but since then, a single patch of yellow light had appeared.

Lisa had seen him sitting on the porch during the daytime wearing blue jeans and a faded red flannel shirt. Dry, cracked mud covered his leather work boots. His eyes followed her as she walked past.

Her parents had gone to the latest Halloween horror film at the cinema, though they could have stayed home with Lisa and watched a horror show, live, from the house next door.

“I’ll be right back,” said Beth. She disappeared through the dark archway to the bathroom. The glow of her cell phone lit the way.


Lisa got up and walked toward the window. How could it be moving? It's a Halloween decoration. Halfway across the room, she stumbled on the corner of the area rug. She regained her balance and raised her eyes.

A pair of yellow eyeholes stared back. A sharp toothed grin covered the lower half of the face that was deep red in the shadows.

The creature vaulted over the porch ledge. Leather boots splashed in muddy water, and it disappeared toward the rear of the house. Lisa ran to the front door. The doorknob on the back door rattled. A small pane of glass burst inward.

“Beth? Beth!”

“What do you want, you little brat?”

“It’s your boyfriend. I think he’s at the back door.”

The bathroom door and the back door swung open at the same time. Lisa ran out the front and shouted over her shoulder, “You’re a really bad babysitter.”


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      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 8 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        Peg, glad you enjoyed the story. Mostly I had good baby sitters for my boys, but that was before the advent of cell phones.

      • PegCole17 profile image

        Peg Cole 8 months ago from Dallas, Texas

        Oh, I like this. Payback. Great scary story to tell the babysitter. Perhaps parents should deduct a dollar an hour if they bring their cell phone when they're supposed to be working. Nah. That wouldn't stop them from texting.

      • bravewarrior profile image

        Shauna L Bowling 19 months ago from Central Florida

        I was expecting blood and gore. Glad you didn't take that route with this story, Chris. Call me a wuss - it's okay. I am!

      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 19 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        I'm glad you liked it, Ann. Thanks for stopping by.

      • annart profile image

        Ann Carr 19 months ago from SW England

        Great Halloween story and great humour, Chris!


      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 20 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        Ruby, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

      • always exploring profile image

        Ruby Jean Richert 20 months ago from Southern Illinois

        This was a fun read. I was expecting something horrible. You are good at an unexpected ending. I really enjoyed it...

      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 20 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        Bill, the word "should" is like the word "never." We probably should never use either of them. Don't worry. I appreciate every visit from you and anyone else who visits my hubs and reads. The encouragement is the point. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • manatita44 profile image

        manatita44 20 months ago from london

        Thanks Chris. So much to do; so little time. I'll probably do a Flash on Friday or weekend. Much Love.

      • billybuc profile image

        Bill Holland 20 months ago from Olympia, WA

        I don't get over here as often as I should, Chris, but it's good to see you haven't lost your touch. Spookily good!

      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 20 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        Larry, I'm glad you could connect with the scary part as well as the humor. Thanks for reading.

      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 20 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        manatita, Thanks for reading. I hope you are having an enjoyable and productive week.

      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 20 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        Eric, Thanks for reading my HubPages Halloween Card to all my friends. Glad you enjoyed the story.

      • Larry Rankin profile image

        Larry Rankin 20 months ago from Oklahoma

        I always enjoy a scary story this time of year. Great read!

      • manatita44 profile image

        manatita44 20 months ago from london

        A really bad baby-sitter indeed, but a great halloween story! Succinct and sweet!

      • Ericdierker profile image

        Eric Dierker 20 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

        Wonderful. A perfect All Hallow's story.

      • cam8510 profile image

        Chris Mills 20 months ago from Missoula, Montana through August 2018

        Thanks John. Glad it was good the second time as well.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 20 months ago from Queensland Australia

        I've read this one already, Chris, and it's great. Good that it will get a whole new audience enjoying it here for Halloween.


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