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The Hall Pass

Virus pandemic has hit the globe; the city has become quiet. The streets empty, stores closed, and grocers become first responders. Entering the grocery store, a Safeway at the north end of town, the usual hustle, and bustle has tampered.

Families stock up, individuals too. Some folks wear masks covering their breathing, others maintain social 6ft distancing to flatten the curve, and others already recovered step up and fight along the frontlines of the Human vs. Virus battle.

Upon arriving, a conversation, a revelation, and a piece of parchment. A hall pass, incase the state must shut down and keep people home.

"You're now considered a first responder," the words create a brain synapsis lightning storm—a "royal decree," allowing movement if the shut down occurs.

Ambulance, Firefighters, Grocers, Police. Huh.

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