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The Hall


A dark hallway.

That's all it was. Fluorescent lights flickered and buzzed. I could hear people faintly talking. It seems like it will never end.

Another doorway?

Down the new path, rats scurry and squeak. Everything is cement - like a tomb.

I can hear my heartbeat, but no people.

No rats.

There is lights on the walls. They flicker like flames from a fire. Exposed pipes creak and rattle. It smells like mold and weirdly, chlorine.

There is a light down the path.

There are now cracks on the walls. When did they get there?

Down towards the light. That's where I need to go.

As i follow down the path, I can hear a storm very faintly. I can smell the mud.

Its to bright.

I can feel the grass beneath my feet. Why is there just trees around? They look as though they have all been burned.

Is someone there? I swear I saw someone.

As I walk towards, well nothing, I can see a path in the distance. The path.

Why is there blood?

What was that noise?

I look behind me and see a boy.

Why does he have no-.....

I am in my bed. I can feel my covers around me.

Is someone in here?

I see someone on the ground. Like a child. They have a teddy bear. Did they just tear off it’s head? Why is it smiling? Why does it have no face? Why is its head sewn on? WHY DOES IT HAVE A---

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