The Great Red Dragon

Updated on June 26, 2017
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Brett Romine is a teacher and writer. He recently published Feudal Education, or The Heretic Knight, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

You curiously horned beast, so powerfully built,

Which side do you believe to be more formidable?

That which you turn toward my shaking form

Or the horrid back you show a Third person?

You are a great monster-- dragon built, awe-inspiring.

The question is all crimson and a flowing purple pulsing,

Quickening the blood, terrorizing each night,

Great Dragon where is your red?

The First person prone before you knows the mystery,

Though Third person blindly stares astonished, bewildered.

Three cannot know the hideous red eyes

Penetrating the soul, nor the red nostrils

Exhaling sulfurous brimstone, a hissing snake-like smoke.

All muscularity and movement, at your feet I lay

Weak and helpless, hands raised in prayer

To a God the dragon laughs to derision and scorn.

Bringer of nightmare, chaos, and madness,

Under cloak of darkness in dread of night,

I cower wearing terror, bathed in cold sweat,

As the mighty tail coils and uncoils about my legs

Between my legs, a penetrating threat-- glaring like a demon

At a human sacrifice awaiting his feast of manflesh.

Will you reap my soul tonight or stoke my misery?

Your tail stirring up the embers of hatred and rage and fear.

Explosive tormenter who will not let me die, nor let live,

Demon lover and tormenter let me be!

Let me be what I should have been before you came

To me, through me, in me-- long ago in a dark forest

When you sank your fangs in my flank ripping my skin

With a sickening sucking sound, smacking and spurting,

A crunching stifled cry of pain and of pleasure,

Of horrible hell and a hellish heaven, burning me,

Crisping my tenderness with your fiendish fire.

And now, here you are again, my old, demonic lover,

Most vile of villains, as darkness descends upon all mortals.

Lying low before your towering overpowering strength,

Massive and erect, spreading those shadow-casting wings.

Few people know the mystery of your redness, but even fewer

Know your legs are human; your trunk draconian.

I know. Oh, yes. I know-- you ungodly bastard,

From the waist down you are like me!

Those are my feet, my legs, and the prick rising between . . .

My horror, your stimulation. My terror, your arousal

My pain, your building pleasure. My ripping, your orgasm!

Third person cannot know of your pomegranate-like seed,

A bloody red, lava flowing, pulsing poison created in Hell

to impregnate the soul with dread and addicting longing.


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