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The Great Other

Sometimes we trudge along on our journey as if we are the most powerful beings in the universe. That is, until we realize that we need God to be our guide along the way. There are times we fall down, there are moments we fail and cry, and when the world is seemingly crushing down on us and we want to give up, we bend our knees and fold our hands and pray with faith. Our prayers will give us strength whenever we are at the edge of the precipice.


Folded hands I pray

In silence simple words I say.

Yet you know me,

That even my deepest longings, you see.

I sought for meaning

As I keep on questioning.

Yet I feel like bird flying astray

With no place to stay…

In wretchedness you embraced me.

In my sadness you consoled me.

You held my hands

As a child longs for guidance…

Never leave me in this journey.

Arduous it is; faith is all I have in me.

Help me to find my way

By my side always stay.


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