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The Girl in the Corner

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The Girl in the Corner

It was a quiet night at the arcade, just how Nagito liked it. Even though he owned the place, Nagito rarely spent any time at the arcade. He could appreciate the games, playing them from time to time himself, but he generally wanted to keep away from the place. After all, it had belonged to his late parents. Being in this place, brought back a lot of distant memories. Memories that Nagito would rather just forget. But he knew he couldn't keep avoiding the arcade. Not forever.

Nagito sighed, glancing around the establishment. "At least it's not too crowded. I'd hate to have to deal with a bunch of noisy customers tonight. Hopefully I can start closing up soon". He sighed again. "Why did everyone have to cancel....? Just my luck". Depressed, he checked the clock. Still plenty of time. Great.

As Nagito was dwelling in regret and self-pity, a familiar voice addressing him perked his interest.

"Nagito. Fancy seeing you here". The voice belonged to Hajime, the only person Nagito was lucky enough to call a friend.

Upon seeing Hajime's welcome presence, Nagito felt a little lighter.

"Hey, Hajime. Yeah, everyone bailed tonight so I had to step in unfortunately. Good thing I don't ever really have plans, I guess."

"Well, you're always free to hang out with me whenever you want" Hajime kindly offered.

Nagito smiled. "Thanks, but I'd probably just bring the mood down. What brings you here anyway? Of all the arcades in town, this one doesn't particularly stand out".

Hajime had forgotten Nagito had actually owned the place and was too embarrassed to admit that he had actually came here due to it being the most convenient option so instead said, "Well, you know me. I love to play videogames and where better to play them than my friend's own arcade!"

Nagito gave him a small smile, knowing the truth. Moving on, he gestured towards the machines. "You can play whatever you want. My treat"

"Oh, hey, thanks." The other male acknowledged his generosity. Just as Hajime made his way over to his favourite game, he paused to look at something. Nagito, curious, followed his gaze.

There in front of Tetris, in the corner of the room, stood the cutest girl Nagito had ever laid eyes on. With her jacket half off , bow askew, and pink cat backpack hanging off a singular shoulder, the girl seemed to hold still in front of the machine. Nagito squinted. Was she out of money? Was she just contemplating on whether or not to play? Either way, her still stance, with hands drooping down on either side, made Nagito slightly concerned.

"Chiaki". Hajime's voice snapped Nagito out of his thoughts, startling him.

"Oh, you know her?" Frankly, Nagito was a little disappointed. It wasn't often he laid eyes on such a girl, especially ones in a business he currently owned. If she knew Hajime, she probably had a crush on him. Like always, luck was not in his favour.

"Yeah, I know her. She's my friend." Hajime gave Nagito a sideways glance before smirking.

The latter noticed this smirk and confused, blurted out "What?".

"Nagito..... Do you maybe... Think she's cute?" Hajime's smirk grew larger.

Nagito's heart began to race.."W-what?" Did this mean they weren't dating? Or at least Hajime wasn't interested in pursuing her? She may still have a crush on him but at least there seemed to be a sliver of hope!

"I guess I'm not so unlucky after all" The arcade owner muttered. Instantly he turned red, "I said that out loud, didn't I?".

"Yup" Hajime laughed, playfully. "Maybe you should go over and ask her out! I must warn you though, she seems to be in a peaceful sleep. Better be careful to not surprise her when waking her up".

Asleep? So that's why she had been standing like that for the past while? Was the game that bad?

"I don't know Hajime. Someone like me could never be with someone like that. She's deserves a lot better. I don't want to impose anyway."

Just as Hajime was about to scold his friend for talking so negatively about himself a flash of colour zipped past them in Chiaki's direction, knocking the sleeping girl over.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Already, Hajime was by Chiaki's side.

'Maybe they'd be better off together anyway. Hajime's a real hero after all....' Nagito thought to himself. He walked over to the group where Hajime was helping a baffled, sleepy Chiaki up.

"MONACA WANTS TETRIS! WHAT MONACA WANTS, MONACA GETS!" The loud piercing voice belonged to what seemed to be a ten year old child. Her voice alone hurt Nagito's ears, causing him to wince.

"Even if you wanted to play, you shouldn't have pushed her over like that". Hajime scolded. "You should apologize".

"It's okay, Hajime. She's just a kid" The minute Chiaki spoke, Nagito's heart fluttered, pulling him in deeper.

Cute face. Cute voice. She must have a cute personality to match!

The green-haired child glared at them all. "MONACA DOESN'T NEED TO APOLOGIZE!" In her temper, she stomped on Nagito's foot as hard as she could.

"Ouch! U-uhhh" Nagito grew embarrassed as his eyes met Chiaki's who had just noticed him. "Um, hey, kid? As the owner of this place, I'd appreciate it if you'd behave. Otherwise, I might have to- Ow!" He was interrupted as the child kicked him in the shin. "Where are you parents?!"

Monaca's eyes suddenly began to fill with tears, and her mouth opened up to start her ear-splitting wailing.

This was not Nagito's lucky day. Chiaki probably hates him already.

"Oh, wow, look at you go, making a poor young girl cry".

Two new faces had entered the picture. The one who had spoke wore a short, plaid skirt, her hair in big pigtails. Standing slightly behind her was another girl. This one had freckles and darker hair.

"It's not what it looks like, I promise-" Nagito began to defend himself, desperately trying to save Chiaki's image of him.

"What? Asking an orphan where her parents are?" The first girl remarked.

'Great. There's no salvaging this'. Nagito admitted defeat. He glanced back at the child who began to wipe her tears. 'No parents too, huh? Now, I feel bad'.

"Big sis Junko!" The child ran up to the pigtailed girl, tears miraculously gone. Hugging her tightly, she turned back to the others.

"These mean people wouldn't let Monaca play."

"Actually, we were about to let her. She just needed to apologize to Chiaki first" Hajime explained but the newcomer wasn't interested.

"Well, that's not very nice, is it, Monaca? Maybe we should get back at them". The pigtail girl's expression turned mischievous although there was something about it that didn't sit right with Nagito. "Which one of you didn't let Monaca here play... Chiaki, was it?" She turned to Chiaki, causing both Hajime and Nagito to instinctively step forward.

"Junko, maybe we should just let them be..." The other girl with dark hair mumbled quietly.

"Shut up, Mukuro! Can't you see I'm busy!" Junko snapped at her. "Geez. Stop getting in the way of things."

"Um, Monaca can play Tetris if she wants. That's fine..... I think". Chiaki spoke quietly, before giving a small yawn.

'Cute' Nagito thought to himself before receiving a playful nudge from Hajime, who had caught him staring.

"Anyways, so like, if Chiaki doesn't give us all her money right now, I'm going to tell the manager that you guys were gonna kidnap her." Junko twirled a strand of her hair around her finger while Monaca nodded.

Before Nagito could inform her that he owned the place, yet another person joined the mix. So much for the place being dead that night.

"Junko, what are you doing?" A short male went to stand beside her.

"Nothing~". Junko replied, sweetly.

The new male looked at her for a bit before sighing and turning to the rest of them. "Sorry if she's giving you any trouble. She.... Has a tendency to do that sometimes."

Junko made an offended noise. "Hmph. And here I simply wanted to be friends with them." Still, now that this male had joined the picture, she seemed to be behaving much better.

Just as there seemed to be an opportunity to cleanse the air, a tanned girl almost gave them all a heart attack.

"Makoto, look! There's doughnuts! The game has doughnuts! Who knew videogames could be this much fun?!"

The short male gave the group an apologetic smile. "Sorry, that's my friend." Louder he called, "Coming, Aoi!", before dragging Junko behind him. Monaca and Mukuro followed suit.

Phew. Nagito let out a relieved sigh. Now that that was over, he could finally talk to Chiaki and maybe even possibly make a good impression on her. Turning to said girl, as soon as he opened his mouth, he closed it again. There in front of him, Chiaki had fallen asleep once more. Huh. Definitely not your average girl.

"So, shall I leave you to it, then?" Hajime grinned.

"Wait, you're leaving me?" Suddenly Nagito felt shy. He had always dreamed of getting this moment before. A moment to have someone to himself, someone he could potentially get with. But as Hajime was about to leave for his favourite game, Nagito began to get nervous.

"Maybe you could... You know... Introduce us?... And then... Maybe... Talk to her and ask what she thinks of me after?"

Hajime laughed. "You'll be fine, Nagito. She's a really nice girl, she'll love you. Besides, I think it would be best for you guys to get to know more people. Here's a good place to start as anyway. Talk to you later!"

"Wait! And there he goes...". Nagito turned back to the sleeping girl. "She struggles to make friends too, huh? I guess I'm really not the only unlucky one after all". Clearing his throat, he nudges her.

"Hey, uh, Chiaki?"

"Huh?" The girl slowly opened her eyes, rubbing them. "Oh, hey. Where's Hajime?"

"He's over there" Nagito pointed in his direction. 'Hopefully I'm not already annoying her!'

Chiaki yawned. "Back to the grind, I suppose. Wanna join? There's a two player mode." She walked over to her previous game.

Nagito stood where he was for a second before realizing that she was referring to him. "Oh, me? Yeah, I'd love to!".

Was that too eager? Too slow of a response? Maybe she wasn't even talking to him after all....

"Cool." Chiaki nodded. "Here. We have to press 'start' at the same time. I'm guessing you know how to play".

"No- I mean yes- I mean- Nevermind. Let's begin!"

A thus they began to play Tetris together. As he stood by this cute girl, Nagito began to realize, maybe this place wasn't so bad after all. Yes, there were bad memories tied to it, but there was potential to make new, happier memories. And this could be the start of that.

"I really am lucky after all!"

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