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The Freedom Square

On their second political debate, Professor Dan and Congressman Wilbur met at Freedom Square, a place for social gatherings for mostly the unemployed and delinquent youths. These youths engaged in all sorts of delinquent activities including drinking, smoking, drug dealing and gambling. Congressman Wilbur arrived at the Freedom Square before Professor Dan and was welcomed by Daniel, the political representative for Freedom Square County.

"May I have your attention please!" Daniel shouted to get the attention of the youths. But the youths ignored him and continued with their activities.

"May I know why this place is called Freedom Square? Wilbur asked.

"Because the youths here have freedom to do whatever they want."

"How do we get their attention? It seems as though they don't want to listen to what I want to say."

Then their youth leader stood up holding a glass of liquor, staggering looking extremely drunk. "Listen up comrades, let's send a clear message to this crooked politician that it's too late for him to solicit for votes from us. Where has he been? Twenty years he has neglected us is twenty years too many. Our anthem please. Remember the tune is similar to Joan Baez's song entitled 'we shall overcome some day,' okay." And after three counts, we go. One, and two, and three." All the youths joined in the singing.

"We are young and free, we are young and free, we are young and free all day long, oh leave us alone, we are young and free, we are young and free all the time."

"We are unemployed, we dropped out of schools, we can drink and gamble all day, oh we can smoke our pot, we can do our drugs, we are young and free all the time."

After their anthem, all the youths ignored Wilbur and returned to their activities.

"That was a touching song!" Wilbur said.

"That's what they do all day. They feel that our politicians have abandoned them," Daniel said.

"I have an idea." Wilbur went to his car and came back with packets of cigarettes, bottles of liquor and some prohibited drugs. He carried them to where the youths were playing their games and started distributing them. "Here, these are for you, ladies and gentlemen." This made the youths give Wilbur some attention. There was some scuffle as the youths scrambled for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

"Now you are talking!" One young man said after receliving a packet of cigarettes.

"You are really genius. How did you know what gets the youths' attention?" Daniel asked.

"I was once a delinquent youth, remember?" Before Wilbur addressed the youths, Professor Dan arrived driving his pickup followed by three big trucks. All the youths came out to see what was in the trucks. Dan got out of his pickup and addressed the youths. "My young friends, I have just intercepted three trucks carrying one thousand motorcycles belonging to the youths of Freedom Square. Your congressman here was planning to sell your motorcycles to the neighboring country, but I was not going to let that happen. Can you imagine! Instead of delivering your motorcycles to you, he brought you drugs, alcohol and cigarettes just to keep you intoxicated. He is a killer! He doesn't want you to develop yourself. He just wants to keep you poor and drunk. That's not what should be expected of a congressman," Dan said.

"I always knew that Congressman Wilbur was a crook. Let me take care of him," one young man said. He then picked a pool table ball and hit Wilbur in the eye. Wilbur groaned in a great deal of pain as his eye started bleeding profusely.

"Let's capture him alive and take him to jail ourselves," another young man said. Immediately everybody picked whatever he or she could put his or her hands on and chased after the Congressman. As he took to his heels, Wilbur tried to jump over a ditch but fell in it instead and sprained his ankle. He managed to get out of the ditch just in time to escape the wrath of the youths who were still in pursuit of him. Wilbur continued running until he entered a busy freeway with a heavy traffic jam. He then knocked on the window of a yellow car that was stuck in the traffic jam thinking that it was a tax cab.

"Open, open." Wilbur knocked on the window several time. Then the driver opened the door and Wilbur got into the car.

"What happened to your eye? You are bleeding profusely," the driver asked.

"Take me to the hospital. Those hooligans almost killed me. I'm Congressman Wilbur, by the way."

"I'm sergeant Dragon of Funga Police Department."

When he discovered that he had inadvertently boarded the car of an undercover police officer, Wilbur tried to open the door and jump out of the car and run away, but sergeant Dragon grabbed him by the neck and put handcuffs on his wrist. "Do you know that I have been looking for you for many years on embezzlement charges? It's good you have turned yourself in. I will take you to the hospital, and after you have gotten better, I will take you to jail," Dragon said.

"Please don't humiliate me because I'm a public servant. Whatever you ask for you will get."

"Ten thousand dollars."

"Deal. Okay remove the chains from my hand." Dragon removed handcuffs from Wilbur's wrist. Then Wilbur wrote a check of ten thousand dollars and gave it to Dragon. Afterwards, they proceeded to the hospital for Wilbur's treatment.

After the youths had given up chase of Wilbur, they returned and each received a motorcycle from Dan. The youths were so happy that they carried Dan in the air and started dancing and singing for him, while Daniel stood by in amazement talking on the phone with Captain Charles.

"Our plan for damaging Dan's name did not work. The man is a shrewd politician. Can you imagine he ambushed me with three trucks of motorcycles, and now all the youths here are chanting his name?"

"Where is Congressman Wilbur?"

"These kids almost lynched him! Had they not been drunk, and had they had the energy to chase the congressman, his name would be in the past tense by now."

"That congressman is very weak and unstable; Professor Dan is going to have a slam-dunk victory come election time," Charles said.

"I agree. Your politician is always in and out of the hospital. How is he going to lead from his hospital bed? Not long ago he left with an injured eye and a twisted ankle and I believe he is now in the emergency room."

"What do we do, now that Professor Dan has picked fire?" Charles asked.

"I don't know. You are the designer. You tell me," Daniel replied.

"I will take care of him. There is no way I'm going to let him be so popular to undercut my ability to go to parliament in five years. I need information about Wilbur's whereabouts."

"But I'm kind of confused. Who is your enemy? Is it Dan or Wilbur?" Daniel asked.

"Both inclusive. I'm the one who asked Dan to stand against Wilbur with the hope that he would not win the election and then I would come back in five years and take the bull by its horns. But the way I see Dan's popularity, five years might be a distant memory for me."

"Don't give up yet. Let's find out what is happening with Wilbur in the hospital." Daniel went to the hospital to visit Wilbur. He entered Wilbur's hospital room and sat next to Mary and apologized to her.

"I'm so sorry madam. I should have done a better job of defending your husband. He is lucky to have reached the hospital alive; otherwise, those thugs could have easily murdered him."

"Those kids don't know the person they are messing with. They were lucky I was not in my fighting spirit; otherwise, I would have handcuffed all of them at once myself and taken them to jail," Wilbur said.

"That is the problem with you politicians. It's difficult for you to accept the reality. How would you have defeated one thousand angry and armed youths?" Daniel asked.

"Don't worry about him. His head is not functioning properly," Mary said.

"There is nothing wrong with my head. My head is perfectly okay."

"I knew this was going to happen to you again," Mary said as she wiped blood off Wilbur's eye on his hospital bed.

"Those crazy kids almost made me lose my eye! I will have to pay them back some day."

"I used to be angry at you for your refusal to quit politics, but not anymore. If that is the path you have chosen, I wish you well. As for me, I have stopped having sleepless nights over your political career. Every time you go for a political rally, for me I go straight to the hospital to wait for you because I know you will either be brought into the emergency room in an ambulance or in a police car."

"This is a matter of life and death, do not be ridiculous."

"You are the one who looks ridiculous. You have a broken nose, bloody eye and twisted ankle, how ridiculous is that? So, are you quitting politics or not?"

"Quitting? Oh no! I'm just getting started. One politician once said that 'do not get attracted to easy paths because the paths that make your feet bleed are the only ways that will make you get ahead in life,' and I agree."

"That was a statement from the greatest dictator of all time. I can see you treading the paths that led him to his grave."

"Well. I have to get going. Our next rally will be in Valley County tomorrow. I hope you will attend, Congressman Wilbur," Daniel said.

"Count on me. I will be there."

"You are crazy!" Mary said.

"As you have heard from Daniel, tomorrow I have another rally, so turn the lights off and let me rest."

Daniel left and Mary turned the lights off.

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