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The Four Seasons of Life

I am a casual writer, at times I write lists, songs, stories, articles about videogames, and more.

Spring: It was a warm day, the snow had already faded from the town and in its place I was left with the fresh air of Spring. It was truly a beautiful day, I recall the birds chirping and the sun shining high in the sky, its warmth filled me with feelings of joy for whatever was to come next in the day.

I had taken a stroll down a smooth dirt path, trees on either side of me funneling me towards a small beach covered by a stone roof, a hidden cove. I had put on a pair of swimming trunks and a T-Shirt, I was eager to see what I could find in the oceans waters, I hope to find shells or brightly colored stones.

I walked onto the sand, slipping out from my sandals I began to move my feet so I may feel the sand between my toes, it felt warm. I eventually took of my shirt and made my way to the water, I wandered a a few dozen feet towards the ocean, the waters were cool to my skin but felt good as it cooled my body down. I swam for a time, as the minutes passed I noticed I was no longer alone, instead a woman had came down to the beach as well, she didn't seem to notice me and simply sat on the sand.

Long black hair, smooth caramel colored skin and a beautiful complexion that could only be described as god like. I stayed in one spot, floating in the water as I gazed over to this beautiful goddess that sat before me. My heart fluttering about in my chest and butterflies flying about in my belly. 'Could this be real?' I remember thinking to myself. Eventually the woman noticed me, for a moment are eyes only locked together but eventually she waved me over.

I stayed in the water for a minute as I began to process what was happening, she beckoned me forth, so I did, I went forth and sat beside her. No words were spoken but somehow we understood what we both wanted. I took the small shell I had found in the water out from my pocket, the sun shined upon it and its bright colors shown vibrantly, almost like a small rainbow on a small piece of the world.

We sat there, we sat for what seemed like hours. Before we went are separate ways we promised to meet again, another time but we would meet.


Summer: After I had left the beach several months had passed, I stayed in touch with the beautiful woman but still no words were spoken. Only pictures of what we were doing, the places we went and the people we saw. It felt warm, being able to interact with her felt warm but I did not even know her name, a close bond but with little information between both.

I returned to the secluded beach, I sat down on the sands and looked around for a moment, I hoped to see her there. But she was not anywhere to be seen.

I waited for an hour, the time passed by slowly but eventually I had given up and stood to leave but then a noise caught my attention. It was the sound of the young woman walking towards me, a small smile graced her soft lips, she carried with her a small basket, what was inside I did not know until she sat down beside me and began to unpack.

She had brought food with her and drinks as well. She patted the spot where I stood as if asking me to sit and join her, I couldn't say no, I did not wish to say no. I happily sat back down onto the warm sands, the hot summer heat continuing to burn me but not bad enough for me to leave. The young woman smiled and handed me half of a sandwich and a small cup of tea, I bowed my head slightly in thanks for her fine gift, but I felt slightly bad. While she had brought a gift I had not. She must have sensed what I felt for she placed her hand on my chin to make me look at her, she pulled the small shell I had given her out from her shirt, it was connected to a piece of string. She had made a necklace out of my gift, that I could not help but smile at.

We sat for a time, eating the food and sipping the drink she had brought, I was so happy to have met her. All of a sudden she stood, pulling me up with a smile before she took off her shirt and her trunks, she had on a bikini and the way it made her look made me blush a small bit, once she has seen the redness on my face she blew a small kiss towards me before she ran out to the water.

I chased after her.

Once in the water we began to swim around, the water was sparkling and clear, the water brushed across her skin and once the sun shined down upon the water she looked even more stunning then before.

After we had swam we laid down upon a towel, letting the sun dry are soaking wet figures. I laid down with my eyes closed, my hands resting behind my head to make myself more comfortable. I suddenly felt something soft press against my lips, I opened my eyes and the young woman was kissing me, I did not know what to do.

I kissed her back, after the small intimate moment we laid back against the sand and drifted off into a light slumber, it was a good day.


Autumn: That summer was grand, we spent many times together and each was far greater then the last. But once the leaves began to turn gold, things began to change with us as well.

As the leaves turned red, orange, gold and brown I saw far less of her. Even the messages we once shared back and forth began to dwindle till barely a one was sent to me. I sat outside on my porch, a warm jacket around my shoulders as I watched the tree limbs sway in the breeze, the image reminded me that of her and I dancing together over the hot summer days.

I sat upon my porch still, questioning myself to ask if perhaps I had done something wrong. But I did not know, are words to one another were never spoken, communication was made of photos and simple gestures, perhaps I had made the wrong one?

That Autumn I heard very little from the woman I had grown very fond of, my mind cluttered with images of her with me on the beach where we had first met, the good times still rolling and never ending, alas the images were only false hopes and lies.

Wherever she had gone, I do not know.


Winter: The days of warmth and days in the sun had long passed, for now snow began to once again reclaim the land and it was time for heavier clothing. The woman still was etched into my mind so I decided to venture forth and take a rest by the beach side where we had first met. The pathway there filled me with a touch of sadness, feeling so many happy times here only for them to become nothing but pictures in an old story book pushed me down.

Once by the frozen waters I knew now that Summer Days were truly gone, no longer could I soak in the waters to cleanse my spirit of a tiresome day. I sat down at the same spot I had when I had the small picnic, though it had happened months past I still felt the memories and the lips of hers against my own. The world was quiet, nothing but the sound of wind I could hear. The snow beneath me beginning to seep through my pants but it bothered me little instead I focused on the sky, watching the clouds drift apart only to reform shortly later. It was then I heard a noise.

I looked around for a moment, the noise well heard but the spot it originated from still unknown to me. It was only when my eyes happened upon a small opening in the tree line, it was there I saw the young woman with whom I cherish so many memories with but there was someone new, someone there with her.

I waited for a moment to see if she knew I was there but she never noticed, what I saw with her was another man, them both coercing together with things that should only be done in the bedroom, but at that moment I was struck with a pain in my chest. Seeing this young woman with someone else, her absence for so long and then her sudden reappearance with someone else caught me by surprise. I had no words to speak, no thoughts that entered my head, I felt only sadness and depression at that point.

I stood up from my spot, only then did she notice me, are eyes connecting to each other's much like the very first time. I could see her eyes widen, whether it be for being seen or for another reason I dare not say that I know.

I kept my ground for a moment, then I began to walk away. Heading back towards the path that I had came from, the sounds of them beginning to stop were slowly fading away as I kept putting space between us both. I heard footsteps coming after me, they were not fast yet not slow, but I did not stop to see what it would all come down to.

I walked home, I locked my door and then I went to bed.

I never went back to that beach, I never talked to her again, I never thought of anything to do with her again. I left those things behind me.'

In my mind she had never existed, in my heart I was broken.