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The Flower That Bloomed That Day

A dedicated Digital Marketer, with a passion for writing articles and poetry.

I found myself in the midst of a desert, engulfed by a thick blanket of darkness. The surrounding was quite surreal. I had no idea whatsoever of how I reached there. As I struggled to stand up, terrible pain engulfed me. I made another attempt but it was in vain. I tried and tried until I broke into tears. Unable to accept reality, I closed my eyes vainly hoping that it was all a dream. But as I opened my eyes, I was shaken by the familiar scenery. I gazed at my hands, puzzled. And as I continue to gaze, I reminisced. I recalled how I and my camel were caught up in a strom until I was abandoned in this desert, helplessly encaged in passing sands of time. And so began my journey of survival in this lone desert.

Seven days had passed. No one had begun searching for me by this time. And even if they did, I was sure that they wouldn't be able to find me. I hadn't consumed food for many days and water was scarce. For a moment, I thought that survival would be impossible. My spirit was broken. I lacked courage. I was overtaken by grief and terror. My pain had been worsening. I shook my head in despair. Thinking of giving up, I closed my eyes yet again to be trapped in mortality. But i felt something glazing in front of my eyes. I opened my eyes and I saw a very beautiful golden flower, one that I hadn't seen ever. Perhaps it was due to my lonliness that a mere flower looked appealing than ever before. Its mystic aura charmed my soul. Iwas ecstatic after a long while, like I hadn't ever been in my life. It soothed my senses and brought me back to life.

Seeing the vigour of the flower that dared to bloom in this remorseless desert, my spirit was awakened and I decided to face reality instead of running away from it. I faced my pain as I stood up, screaming loudly. I continued to walk. I walked for many days. I fell many times but i was consoled by the memories of the flower I saw that day. I was reminded of its spirit and its will to survive in the most adverse situation. The spirit of the flower gave me strength to go on. I walked for many miles, with my shadow as my companion. I was scared and anxious but I continued to walk. One day I noticed a blinking light. I chased the light and I reached the rescued centre. I couldn't believe my eyes. Crying with joy, I collapsed on the ground. I was given medical treatment and rescued.

Many years passed by. While going through pitchures of deserts one day, Ifel nostalgic. I remembered the flower that gave me spirit and hope. I remembered the flower that was carved in my soul. I remembered the flower that encouraged me to live. I remembered the flower that shone in the pulsating desert. I remembered the flower that bloomed that day.

© 2017 Simmar Singh