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The Florist

I met a lady the other day and we got to talking and our conversation really made me think. I learned about her life, all her struggles the ups and the downs. I learned of a life that had been turned upside down flipped around and backward much different than what it once was. See she has been married now divorced. Her children have grown. She's lived through cancer and has had health issues but she's still living. We spent only a day working together and talking but I learned of a life you would never know existed unless you take the time to learn about a person you've never known.


The Florist's Song

She arranges a bouquet of red, orange, yellow, and pink.

She does it all with a smile and wink.

There is much you don't know.

For she doesn't let it show.

Your flowers for a loved one tug at her heart

See her life's been torn apart.

Though She keeps it together, she loves what she does.

But life is not what it once was.

See you are buying flowers for a loved one in the hospital they are sick maybe dying and you want to show you care.

She's been there maybe even still sick but she had no one who'd take time to care.

Just wants a chance to be appreciated and loved for all her hard work.

So when you come for flowers don't just stand there and smirk.

She's doing you a service.

Smile and say thank you.

For you don't know what she's been through and she just wants appreciation.

In my life, I have learned many things about the people close to me. But like most people, I have never really thought about the people around me that I don't know. There are people around you that could be a great influence on your life the thing is you just have not taken the time to know them. Now I know you can't come to know everybody in this world. I would like to think if given the time and the chance to I could learn something from and about each person I meet in this lifetime. I would like to hope that when I pass on from this life if I were to come back to the earth I could use what I have learned from those I have encountered to better myself in the next round of living. See we are put here for something I have to believe that because what other reason is there for our existence on this earth.

Getting back to the woman I met the other day. She used to be a manager of a store. She was a woman in charge. She's held her own against many till cancer knocked her down. See when the disease takes over we fear the outcome that's unknown. We give up the life we have for one full of uncertainty; we will make, will we get knocked down. She quit her job because she didn't know how seriously the disease would affect her life. See disease and its uncertainty can stop you dead in your tracks, spin your life out of control. This is something many us of have faced our diseases are just different. My disease losing a job I loved dearly. I know it does not sound as serious as cancer, but to me it was serious. It packed a serious punch it knocked me down and sent me backed to go. I am forced to start over and although I'm not exactly where I want to I have decided I still have a chance at success. That woman I met the other day she loves flowers just as much as I do if not more. She talked about having her own flower shop at one point, but again I guess I would say a form of disease set in. She doesn't have the flower shop but she's still not knocked down. She is where she needs to be for the moment as am I; arranging the plants in the garden center working our way to whatever is next. See the challenge is how we handle how our disease affects us. Again I know my disease may seem minor to you but to me it was serious I have debts to pay just like anybody else. I share the same struggles as many others do in this world. This woman I met the other day showed me how hard the punches can hit you. I have to look at what I have got and learn. While at the same time I must look around at others and take the time to learn from them as well. An uneducated life is a life that is wasted if you never take the time to learn and grow.

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