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The Flaws of Your Grandeur


Familiarize Yourself With Yourself

I will fabricate artistry out of everything you view on yourself as a flaw.

Your freckles will become poppy flower seeds.

Your scars will become crevices upon the moon's windless surface.

Your chin, the crest of a wave.

Your cheekbones, the tide.

Your hair, a weeping willow's vines.

Your eyes will recognize themselves in every partical of this earth because they will have seen it all.

And this earth will recognize every particle of you, as you are it's most treasured creation.

Chronicle everything you have seen.

Illustrate every hand you have held in mine.

Demonstrate your silver words through golden action.

Tell me why even when you are on the other side of the room, I feel like you are leaning in to kiss me.

Tell me why sapphire is your favorite color.

Tell me why collapsing into solid concrete feels softer than your kisses.

Tell me why it's easier to recover from intensive surgery rather than rejection.

Tell me why you prefer her words and laugh to mine.

Tell me anything and I'll enter through your mind's archway, and lock the door behind me.