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The First Summer of the Rest of My Life


The first summer of the rest of my life started off considerably rough. Through a series of unfortunate events and a few bad decisions on my behalf, I found myself locked within closed quarters with only my thoughts to keep me company. During this time, I managed to get my hands on a Bible. I spent many days studying the word of the Lord from sunrise to sunset and writing down the verses that meant the most to me. I reflected on what I had done as well as what I was going to do in order to turn my life around.

At the stroke of June, I was given my freedom back and decided to value it in a whole new way. I also made the conscious decision to stop putting poisonous substances into my body altogether and instead to treat it with love, care, and respect. I cut ties with all people who did not have my best interest at heart, and unfortunately that left me by myself.

Because of my newfound lifestyle and the loneliness that came with it, I decided to make a friend of my own reflection. I got to know myself on a whole new level and I took inventory of my talents and my flaws. I forgave myself for what I had done, and I encouraged myself to do what I knew I had to in order to find happiness and success.

Today, I write this to you as a new man. I have God as my guide and as my father. He keeps me focused, out of trouble, and on the right path. He is my stronghold, my bestfriend, and my savior. Everything that I am and have came to be today, I owe to him. Through the darkness, I was able to find the light. And like a firefly, I will always chase what is luminous.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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