The First Meeting

Updated on January 15, 2019
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I am doing my Bachelors in Peace and Conflict Studies from National Defense University Islamabad

Amongst the silence of the calm coffee shop, I sat nervously in a corner. My gaze was fixed upon my hands that were tightly wrapped around the coffee cup as I played with my fingers. With each passing moment, my heart raced faster and faster as the memories of encounter that occurred an hour ago, slipped into my mind. I was unable to decide how to react to what just had happened. Was it positive? Negative? Is it the end then? Questions flooded my mind multiplying my anxiety. Suddenly it felt like the entire room was focused on me, laughing at my incompetence. I lifted the coffee to her lips, taking a sip of the warm liquid. With a deep breath, I closed my eyes to calm down the chaos within me.

I gulped as he told the security guard which home we were headed. With a swift sweep, the barrier rose into the air giving way to the car. As we drove on the empty road, we passed adults and teenagers walking, children played in playgrounds while some had dogs on leashes. The sight of the adorable furry creatures had distracted me for a while from the impending doom however when the car came to a sudden halt, my heart sank. We had arrived, there was no going back, no running away now. The giant gates were cracked open by a middle-aged man in white shalwar kameez. The same man rushed to open the doors of the car once it was parked on the driveway. This was very odd for me, I never grew up with servants so having other people do the most basic tasks for me made me quite uncomfortable. With a slight smile, I thanked him and walked away from the car to have a better look of the entire house. It was humongous, neither too old-fashioned nor contemporary. It was surrounded by a lavish green garden which was studded with the most beautiful flowers. The walls were covered with thick green hedges and vines. The water droplets from the sprinklers dazzled in the rays of the setting sun, giving the entire house an ethereal look.

I was snapped out of my little daydream as I heard him clear his throat. He gave me a warm smile to help calm down my nerves but nothing could help at this moment. I followed him towards the main door where stood she, his mother. My heart started pounding out of my chest as she stared me down from head to toe. Her gaze was cold, emotionless; it sent shivers down my spine. Her eyes said it all, I was never going to fit in here. She didn’t consider me to be the right match for him, but how could she judge without getting to know me? For now, the more important question was how do I impress her? How do I make her realize that making him choose would make things go horribly? If he chose me, he’d lose his family, but if he chose his family, he would spend all his life resenting her.

The rest of the meeting went by slower than expected with a lot of awkward silences, cold glares and sarcastic remarks that made me rather uncomfortable.

I had given the exam but the result was yet to come. His mother did not seem very impressed that was for sure, but could she really come in between true love? It was us who had to spend the rest of our lives together, so could she really be a hindrance to that? “bing!” I was snapped out of my flashback as my phone vibrated with a notification of a text. With a heavy heart, I unlocked the screen to read what it was. A smile crept onto my face immediately as my mood transitioned completely. A large weight was lifted off my shoulders as I read the words:

“She has agreed"

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