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Who Will Settle for the Finest Name Ever?

author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

"Do you know what the finest name is? I do. It's mommy!"

"Do you know what the finest name is? I do. It's mommy!"

Sandy Raised Her Hand, and Miss Angel Called on Her.

“Settle down class, today we will be talking about careers and what you'll be,” declared Miss Angel.

“Let’s start with, you Norma, have you given any thought to what you want to do when you become of age to work in a professional setting.”

Hesitantly, Norma alleged she loved the idea of a person who helps people take better care of their hearts.

“That's excellent Norma; you will either want to study the field of cardiology, or become a fitness instructor,” declared the enthusiastic teacher with a huge smile. “A cardiologist is a heart doctor, and you’ll need to learn intricate things about the human body. And a fitness instructor demonstrates a routine to a group that is capable of energizing people to exercise to build healthier heart muscles.”

Sandy feverishly raised her hand, and Miss Angel called on her right away.

I haven't decided what I'll be when I grow up!

I haven't decided what I'll be when I grow up!

A Cardiologist, Horticulture, or a Paleontologist Will Do!

“I like gardening because I love to see plants flower and trees grow,” chuckled Sandy with enthusiasm.

“You’ll need to learn about horticulture, and how to create the finest earth to make plants thrive. You can either go into farming, take care of a botanical garden, or be the owner of a flower shop,” proclaimed Miss Angel.

“I like the notion of a paleontologist, Miss Angel because I want to find lost jewels,” cried Larry!

“What do you want to focus on, Larry?”

“Digging for treasure; I want to discover a chest of gold or a diamond nugget someplace, so I can live on top of the world and be famous.”

“A paleontologist finds interest in a number of things, besides searching for lost artifacts. They do laboratory work and clean and identify materials that resemble bones and fossils. They also prepare exhibits in museums too. They do their best to search for answers to the discovery of ancient life, and routinely prepare scientific papers for schools and universities.”

I believe I'll be an actress someday!

I believe I'll be an actress someday!

An Equestrian or Engineer May Do the Trick

Dixon started complaining, and Miss Angel requested he voice his concern.

“What’s wrong, Dixon?"

“All this fluffy stuff sounds boring, a cardiologist, a farmer, and a paleontologist Miss Angel! I always dreamed of racing horses in the Kentucky Derby, because I love riding ponies when at the market.”

“Wow, that'll surely be risky, Dixon, and exhilarating too. If your parents approve of an equestrian career, then I imagine it’s all right to follow such a moving and dangerous profession.”

In a moment’s time, Mister Angel pompously walked into the classroom with a top hat and overcoat to discuss careers in the science and engineering fields.

“Do any of you; enjoy solving problems?" Mister Angel asked as he deeply gazed at the eager pupils behind his dark sunglasses. And the entire class hastily lifted their hands and heads in excitement and some jumped up for joy.

“Some of you might consider becoming an engineer. Engineers are problem solvers that use scientific facts and their math expertise to do jobs like Aerospace, Mechanical Planning, or Architectural. A number of engineers design, plan and supervise the construction of buildings, highways and transit systems, while others create and devise ways to improve and extract raw materials from the earth with irrigation.”

I Simply Desire to Be Like Mommy!

I Simply Desire to Be Like Mommy!

I Simply Love Being Like My Mommy!

“This is fascinating,” hollered David and the entire class clapped their hands.

“Well, I simply love being exactly like my Mommy,” yowled Samantha, so everyone would hear her amidst the laughter and chit-chat.

“This is extremely worthy, and will definitely be the finest sound you’ll ever hear, Samantha. Truthfully, motherhood will be the hardest and most rewarding job you’ll encounter in your lifetime. Nevertheless, I entreat you to make sure you are married first before you ever dream of having a baby Samantha,” advised Misses Angel ardently.

The children started giggling and chanting, “Our Mommy’s are the finest forevermore! We adore our caring and loving Mommies.”

Suddenly, a clanking bell echoed through the school halls, and the pupils merrily leaped off their seats and scurried into the schoolyard to play.

"All in a day's work," said Miss Angel with a grand laugh to Mister Angel as he twiddled his mustache and raised his glasses.

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© 2012 Sheila Craan

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