The Fairy Sickness: Chap. 2

Updated on June 5, 2017
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Before You Read...

Welcome to my sci-fi The Fairy Sickness! In the last chapter, we followed Viv Coraline and her 14-year-old brother Andrew to a short and sharp meeting with the "Fairy", a man who claims to heal kids with unknown and fatal diseases. Viv is suspicious, naturally, and wonders if this so-called "miracle doctor" even is qualified to go tampering with kids. Read on to find what happens next.

Chapter 2

"I can't believe it," I snarled the next morning after prodding my hand into our family mail box. It was overflowing with medical bills, and the whirlwind of white, white, and more white envelopes plunged me into that feeling. The feeling that I knew Andrew was sick, that he wasn't getting better anytime soon.

The letters spilled onto the dewy grass.

"Hell." I muttered in frustration, crouching down on the wet grass to retrieve the now-damp letters. The sun danced mockingly on the grass and on my pale pointed face. Finally, I stood up, envelopes crushed in my fist, and slammed the mail box closed before heading angrily to the house.

Then I saw him again. Slender and gothic, that hated face that claimed to help Andrew. If he was, he wasn't doing it good enough.

I stalked up to him like I was about to pop him between the eyes with my fist. "You call yourself a 'miracle doctor'," I began furiously, "where's the part when Andrew begins improving?"

The man shrugged, eyes glittering. "We haven't got to that part yet, you see. Be patient."

"How can I be patient? My brother has been like this since he was born. I don't even know what unknown illness he's got! And you say you can help him." I don't know why I was getting angry at this guy who I barely knew. "How long have you been treating him?"

"A year."

"And nothing's happened?"

"No. You see, it takes a while for the drug I'm using to go faster."

"Then make another one that does."

He shook his head at how immature I sounded as I wailed at him. "Coraline, you don't understand. This drug I'm using, 'Lucid', shall we call it, lays dormant inside the body until the last few months. It's not visible right away."

But then his eyes twinkled. It was a evil black sparkle. "As of today, Andrew will be taking it a year and a few months. You'll see some improvement tonight."

I poked my finger at him. "And while he is," I said, "why don't you get your ass off my property?"

That night, Andrew displayed an improvement: his motor skills had become less clumsy and clunky when eating food to becoming more fluid. He seemed pleased for the most part that he was getting better.

Over the next week, he had improved so much that all of his only flaws was that he said he kept on feeling a burning pain in his chest. Mom gave him heartburn medicine, which he said helped a little.

He had regained fine motor skills. He had been improving on this matter already over the last five years, but now he had frighteningly became an expert gymnast. Mom even enrolled him in a class the following day. Soon after his lesson, his speech also became better.

I felt left out just a little. I mean, I love Andrew, but he used to spend so much more time with me when he was... well... sick. Now he hangs out with his new best friend at the gym: Pearla Jocey. She's OK, but she laps up all Andrew's free time.

So, I guess it's a stage. Well, that's what my mom says, but I have a feeling Pearla has replaced me and become the sister I can't be. Work gets in the way, and now I hardly see Andrew except at dinner.

I have a feeling Pearla has replaced me and become the sister I can't be.

— Viv

I kept wondering about Pearla and Andrew all through the night. Then, at midnight, I decided to go ask Andrew. So, hoisting myself off my bed and shoving my slippers on, I made my slow, drunken way to Andrew's room at the end of the hall. His light was on, playing a green glow over the chestnut hardwood floor that glistened as I entered.

"Hi, Viviana," said Andrew stiffly.

I flinched. When anyone uses my full name, they're either angry or worried or in pain. Or maybe all three. I couldn't tell by Andrew's tone.

"Whatcha doing?" I inquired, trying to break the bitter silence.

"Playing FNAF 4 before I start a car race with Pearla over XBox Live." Andrew said a little more hopefully, showing me Foxy's chomping face. At least I thought it was Foxy; I winced, and he smiled as he beat Night 3 and shut down his phone.

I grinned at him as I helped him set up his XBox. Then he turned to me.

"Viv, can you help me?"

"With what?"

"With Pearla. I want to ask her out but I can't work up enough nerve," Andrew said, playing a round of racing alone since Pearla texted him and said she wouldn't be on for 5 minutes.

"Text her and tell her," I said, slumped. "Andrew, you know full well I haven't dated since that last year of middle school. Dave Alcott tore out my heart, threw it in the dust, and stampeded over it with his bitch friends, the jocks."

Andrew nodded. He yanked out his phone from his pocket. "How should I word it?"

"Whatever way you want. Show it to me when you're done." I said.

After a round of furious typing, he handed the phone to me excitedly.

Andrew Coraline

Hi, Pearla, I wanted to ask you if you'd go out with me. I really like you and all that, but I didn't want to ask you face to face. You know how nervous I am with that. I am awaiting your response...nervously...

Minutes later, the phone dinged and I saw Pearla's response roll up. I feel a wave of heat and hand the phone silently to Andrew, who grinned and let out a silent whoop that our parents, sleeping, down the hall couldn't hear.

Pearla Jocey

Andy, I'd be happy to! Why didn't u ask me sooner?! :)

She called him Andy. No one calls him Andy but me. Andrew's my brother, and I've been here longer to support him that Pearla has.

I then asked Andrew to give me her number. He did, and I yanked out my phone. I left him to play Burnout Paradise (a very realistic car race game) and then I sat on his bed in the far corner.

I didn't want to interfere with his relationship with his new girlfriend, but, I had to save my relationship with him.

Viviana Coraline

Hi, Pearla, my bro Andy has told me so much about you. But, I would ask you not to call him Andy. Just between you and me, he hates it. Nice to talking to you, and I hope we become good friends.

Sure, it was a lie. Andrew didn't care if he was called Andy, and I certainly didn't want to be friends with Pearla, the girl ruining my relationship with my brother. But, as this ran through my head, Pearla responded as quick as a flash.

Pearla Jocey

Hey Viv, u r Andrew's sis? He's told me about u, and u seem like a good sis. But he's told me he wants 2 be called Andy. I can't txt any more, I'm about to play with Andy over XBox live. Ure a good egg.

P.S. Was Andy always this handsome & smart & wonderful?

I was tempted to answer truthfully, but I didn't.

Viviana Coraline

Yes. Yes, he has.

Regards to You, the Reader...

Didn't I say I'd make the chapter longer? I did! I hope you like it, and there's hopefully more to come. I also want to say thanks to all of y'all. The cliffhanger of this chapter wasn't as good as I intended it to be. But, the next chapter will be interesting, mark my words...

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