The Enforcer

Updated on October 18, 2017
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With a few incantations and using the energy, he was able to revive the thousand troop army that was sent here foolishly by the King. Knowing very well they did not stand a chance. This battalion was made up fresh recruits and officers. For most of them this was their first battle. Everything that could go wrong, well, went wrong.

Days before as the battalion was marching up it was a caught in a down pour of rain. To add to the misery the wind decided to join in and throw a fit. Supplies and food were lost and it looked bleak for the men as minor afflictions to their health set in. The officers and senior enlisted sent a messenger back to the king with a status report hoping they would be recalled. Instead the message sent back was a black spiral. Meaning “TO THE END” encompassing Honor, Duty and Country. So they pressed forward.

Surprisingly, all the men made it to the battle but without adequate food and supplies the men were already battered. The enemy to the other side of this plain numbered ten thousand or more. When the battalion approached, you could here the enemy encampment roar in laughter. This did little to help muster any fight in the battalion. As it was, it was their duty to fight and not bring dishonor to their families. So they fought. Valiantly as they could but it was futile. They died on that battlefield. It was a slaughter and the battle only lasted an hour.

He was only a few hours behind the battalion hoping he could help them but he too got bogged down by the storm. The Enforcer had heard of the orders being issued to the army but they didn't make sense as to why send such a small force knowing they would meet certain death. Something was not right and had to find out what was going on, but first he had to help these men and women. The Enforcer could not let these men and women die for no reason and would ensure that they would make a name for not only themselves but for their families. He would give them a fighting chance.

As they were being revived he cleansed their bodies of ailments, he imbued their weapons as to make them unbreakable so they would not wear down and break. Their armor was made more dense yet lighter but also unbreakable so they could move more swiftly but stay protected. Without hurting himself and drawing out is life energy the best he could do for personal barriers was those that would disappear after three hits. This should buy them enough of a head start he thought to himself. Of course these abilities for the troops were only active while the sun was up and already they were a few hours from sunset. So they better make haste.

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