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The Dreams & Then a Blunt Story

Lolmagnificent, Fills in for Rugaa Malcolm, A creative writer in the advertising industry but poetry is a passion

When You Appreciate in Sleep ...its a Dream


The dream

Me: Mike, Mike….where did you go? Please don’t leave me….

Mike: Dude it is 4 am, am not going anywhere – just closing my eyes to rest my mind like anybody else would at such hours….

Me: Mike wake up! Wake up. I can’t sleep

Mike: you are a smart guy; find a way to fix that

Me: no I can’t

Mike: and why is that

Me: it’s been 4 hours into our ‘friendship anniversary’; I am delighted, my heart filled with joy and gratitude to the Lord for the gift of life I have and the untaxed air that I breathe... Mike, I want to commend you for being such a good friend to me… Dressed in the skin of man, made of flesh and bones but with a golden heart… Warm as the morning rays of the sun on my skin, you are the best of friends I ever had.

You have been there; for and with me from the day I first opened my eyes. I was brought onto this earth, introduced to the world, sun, and the clouds. Voila! And there I was, small eyes, small nose and no teeth in my mouth. Little fingers, little toes, and little chocolate everything. Since then, together we have grown, together we have seen the days come and go, the world inside – out, witnessed bad, worse and the worst. We traveled to the west and back, it was sensational I discovered the truth in my pedigree. Enjoyed good, better and the best, life can’t get any sweeter than that. We equally embraced the ugly, turned around and enjoyed beauties, and the uncertainties life had on the menu for us.

You know! It has been such an exhilarating experience. Life is a journey, I am blessed to have had you walk with me… I tripped a number of times, you were there to pick me up and assured me everything will be ok. Fell off my bike again and again, but you never gave up on me, always picked me up, dust off my shirt and helped me get back on it.

I must have dropped a lot of balls, but you didn’t let me quit on the game I loved, I learned, I always wanted to keep improving on what I could…in the blue corner, no matter how big the opponent was, you taught me to keep swinging till I take him out. Hehe! Punch him in the groin, drop my gloves lose and sprint if he is chocking me and my back against the ropes… Landing on my nose was the fear I couldn’t let hold me captive. Look at me now still standing on my feet, fresh like the fight just begun…my opponent is bleeding, down on his knees begging for his life that I intend not to take. He just learned; not to slap a kid in the face today and take his lunch money tomorrow.

Suddenly I woke up, looked around, it was the four walls, it was me, loud with my thoughts. It’s all about me. No matter what you have or luck enjoy that moment, it’s all that you have, love yourself…it all starts with you...

© 2019 lolmagnificent

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