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The Dragon Slayer Lost Souls

The Dragon Slayer Lost Souls

I awoke from the crash, my ship no longer viable. I venture out into an unknown environment. A planet teaming with a diversity of life, both plant and animal rich. As I walk through this primitive valley of horrific sights, I feel an aloneness creeping up on me with a strangling grip. Giant four-foot mushroom-like plants spew out spores that float in the sky like white clouds. Drifting by small three-eyed umbrella-shaped creatures hover above me. Their tear dropped shaped bodies hung with four tentacles, bob up and down, as they float along with the slightest of breeze. They emit an odd popping bubbling sounds that seem to echo off each other. I try reaching out to grab one, "perhaps it's edible?". As I reach for the creature it floats up, after a few attempts I realize it's an impossibility. Even the wind created from my reach is enough to propel the creature from my grasp. I decide to follow the seemingly harmless creatures, in hopes that it may lead me to food or water. I follow for many miles and nothing. Just as I was about to abandon my funny friends, I notice they were heading towards a hill surrounded by greens; "Water, Food?" I needed to investigate.

The creatures lead me to a funny looking suede-like green hill, that is rooted to the ground. It is covered in hundreds of jelly-like illuminated mushrooms, and there is a sweetness in the air. Their scent and sparkle intrigue me to pluck one from its surface. As I reach for the edible looking shroom the umbrella creature starts to dance and buzz with excitement. I chuckle to my self, "It's my food now little ones.". I firmly grasp my hand around the base of the mushroom and pull, its reluctantness surprises me. Suddenly the hill begins to come alive with life. Roots pull up from the ground thrust with such force that I'm thrown back; "plop" into some sticky mud. A creature with wings and hundreds of razor-like teeth emerges from the ground; anger in its twelve eyes. Stunned from the fierce sight the creature bestowed upon me. I lay frozen, stuck in the mud like an old shoe. It turns towards me with menacing intent, it spiked crimson tongue slithers out licking the air. My blood runs ice cold, as I now realize that the only thing on the menu is me.

"Ooo, la, la, la, ooo!", "Ooo, la, la, la, ooo!", "Ooo, la, la, la, ooo!"

A human-like figure suddenly appears from behind a nearby rock. His muscles ripping, face hidden by a gas mask-like breathing apprentice, his red loincloth waving in the wind like a flag. He charges in with blazing speed; spear at the ready. The creature's attention now focused on the warrior; battle imminent.

"Ooo, la, la, la, ooo!", "Ooo, la, la, la, ooo!", "Ooo, la, la, la, ooo!"

The warrior screams his war cry jumping high into the air, "Whoosh!" The spear plunging into the back of the dragon-like creature. It's point destined for the beasts once beating heart. It hits the target with such lethal force and power penetrating the thick leathery flesh as if it were a hot knife slicing through butter. Blood spews out from the creatures back seemingly without end. Like an erupting volcano throwing its lava violently into every direction. I feel the creatures still warm blood rain down upon my entire body, falling from the sky as it drops like an apocalyptic storm. The multi-eyed dragon lying still, silent, dead. Perched upon the beast is the warrior dragon slayer, his spear dripping with blood, his gaze focused on me.

Jumping down from his hilly perch. The warrior approaches me.

"Eck", "Ort", "Dracken" "Nukta!, Nukta!"

He then held out his spear pointing it towards me. Steadily he holds it out as if to say "take it, I'll help you up. ". So I do. I Grasp his spear with one hand, I reach out in a gesture of good faith for his other one. He pulls me up from the mud releasing its suction like grip, "Slurp!"

Pointing to the creature the dragon slayer speaks again.

"Nukta!, Nukta!"

Pulling a primitive-looking blade from a leather strap around his waist, the warrior slices off a glowing jelly mushroom from the dragon's body and hands it to me. "Nukta, Nukta, Dracken."

That day was the first time I ever tried dragon; I was hooked ever since. "Nukta, Dracken" translated "eat dragon"; delicious!

I now live my life on this planet not as a lost soul, but as a Dragon Slayer.

The Dragon Slayer Lost Souls

The Dragon Slayer Lost Souls

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi

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