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The Differences

As I sat in class I began to wonder what the day held in store, my first day of a new school and I was filled with curiosity as to what may happen. I was a shy boy, only twelve and wearing little more then what my family could afford. I had no negative expectations of what could happen, a new day is a time for new experiences I always thought. But today began to grow sour as it went on.

I sat in my desk in the center of the room, four kids surrounded me as they too sat yet the one to my right began to snicker, his eyes full of mischievous intentions but at the time I had not noticed. For the moment I was focused on my school work, looking down at the paper that laid before me, I was focusing hard till a small piece of folded paper landed on my desk, I looked around for a moment to see who had dropped it there but none looked like they had, all focusing on their work as I was. I looked at the paper for a moment, after a few seconds of hesitating I eventually opened it and read the writings.

"Nice clothes dirt eater, did your parents get them from the school dumpster?" The words read. For a moment I was confused till I then realized it was an insult, I took a pause from the paper too look down at my clothes. A pair of mostly blue jeans, some small holes but not many. A blue T-Shirt with no special pictures or words, some scruffy shoes and a tan jacket. I would admit not the most luxurious of clothes but still, they were mine.


Class was over and recess had began, I took the break from the many studies to seclude myself in a corner at the least occupied part of the playground. The insulting paper still on my mind as I twiddled my thumbs. It wasn't much longer till a group of three boys ventured towards me, one of them being the one who had gave me the slip of paper but I didn't know.

"Out here by yourself cause you have no friends freak?" One of them said, they surrounded me and began to push me from one of the boys to the other as if passing a ball, me being the shy boy I was didn't say anything but instead tried to get out of the small mosh pit I was stuck in, I couldn't however. A few more pushes sent me back and forth till one final push sent me down towards the ground, I cut my cheek a little and obtained a few bruises, the sight of blood made the boys laugh. "Come on eat some food, you must be hungry." One of the taller boys said before he grabbed a handful of dirt and shoved it into my face, I tried to protest but that did little except have dirt be shoved into my my mouth.

This went on for ten minutes, each action from the bullies getting worse and worse. Kicks to my stomach, more dirt shoved into my face and clothes, it was even worse when they began to step on me. This happened until a teacher rushed over, while she did stop what had happened she didn't punish the three except for sending them to the principals office, after that I was sent to the nurse, while the physical pain was great I felt only the pain from their words.

After that I went home, went to my room and then closed the door then wasn't heard till the next day.


The next day eventually arrived even as I dreaded its arrival, but I was forced out from my home to return to school, I did not wish to but I didn't have a word to say. I went to school, I immediately saw the boys from before but I rushed past them, I didn't know if I was seen or not but I had made it to class safely. Several classes went by and I felt as if the day would actually be much better, but as recess once again rolled around I felt a sick feeling in my belly which made me begin to fear the worst, the thing I had feared the most once again reared its ugly head in the form of the three boys.

I sat down on the floor and pulled my knees to my chest, placing my face in my legs and putting my arms over my head to protect myself, it didn't make me feel very safe though once the boys began to laugh.

I closed my eyes tightly and waited for the beatings to commence, I felt a hard kick to my side and it made me cry out in pain, I began to try and move away from them but two of the others held me still, the third smiling at me with a devilish grin. My breathing began to be ragged, I closed my eyes once more and waited for the initial impact but it never came, instead the other male let out a cry as a hard punch connected to his nose. I opened my eyes for a moment and saw two boys standing over the leader of the group who had been attacking me, after they had attacked the head of the snake the others ran off, as before the teacher rushed over but this time went for the two who had saved me, I stopped her and explained what happened. Then she nodded and called the other teachers over.

The two boys and myself were brought to the office, the principal asked what happened and each of us explained in are own words. When all was said and done the principal nodded, thanking the two boys before sending them off, now that I was left alone with the principal I began to wonder what was about to happen next, the man just looked at me and stood up, he walked over to me and simply gave me a hug.

After that day I never had to worry about those bullies, while I may have looked and acted different from them the two saviors still helped me. In fact we three had became close friends, I don't care why I had been attacked anymore, whether it be my clothes or how I look or how I act. I felt simply that someone stood up for me.

They stopped the bullies.