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The History of the Fire in the Sun

Alexandra Lang is a 22 year old performer currently traveling the world, writing about her time around the universe.

Stop pretending to be sad and see all the beauty the world has to offer.

Stop pretending to be sad and see all the beauty the world has to offer.

It's Growing Out, Not Growing Up

When day is done, the wind's howling calms, and the sun sets, I will be here.

I will not be silenced by the complexity of understanding something that doesn't want to be understood.

I will not stop marching toward my hopes of tomorrow when people are screaming to turn around.

I will not stop breathing in the air of the lilacs and daisies when bees land upon their petals.

Life can sting, but not forever.

I will not stop staring at sunflowers just because they are not viewed as pretty as the rose.

I will not stop listening for the birds who sing to tell their stories of their flights.

I will not stop feeling the grass that grows so sharply emerald from the ground.

I will not stop being here. I will not fade away. I will resist all manifestations of fear, elegance, and poise. I will be open. I will not back down.

I am not the salt of the earth. I am not grown like a flower from the ground.

I am not the wind. I am not the rain. I am not the fire. I am not the flood. I am not the storm. I am not the crackle of thunder. I am not the strike of lightning.

But I am here.

I am a part of this earth.

And when day begins, the wind howls, and the sunrises, I will be here.

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