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The Deadly Waitress. A Just-for-Fun Article Challenge

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

A Flash Fiction Challenge Given by DzyMsLizzy

This work is a response to the Flash Fiction challenge put out by DzyMsLizzy in the forum. Here is her challenge:

For anyone interested, for the fun of it, write a short (flash fiction) type of story, in which the following sentence must appear at some point:

"Analisa sat alone on the park bench, the scowl on her face as dark as the gathering thunderclouds."

Hope you enjoy my offering.

The Deadly Waitress

Analisa was extremely unhappy. Her husband had just told her that he had found another woman and he was moving out. ‘How dare he!’ She had invested ten years of her life with him and now felt like she was in a casino, where all her bets were placed only in one basket … and it was leaking fast!

She should have seen it coming! After all, they had been drifting apart for a while. His disinterestedness in going out with her, his coming home late from work and then feeling too tired to talk … the numerous texts that he got and his lack of conversation.

How she wished that she could monitor his phone! Somehow, even in sleep, it was always out of reach. Now he was telling her he’d had enough and was leaving. Analisa fumed. She wasn’t going to take this lying down and she knew she needed to act … fast!

She rushed downstairs, opened the front door of the house and headed for the Park, where she usually did her thinking at such critical times.

Analisa sat alone on the Park bench, the scowl on her face as dark as the gathering thunderclouds. Things weren’t looking too good and so as the dark fog of the heart clouded her judgement, she felt that she needed to do something … anything!


She felt so horrible! Looking back, she had not had any loving from her Thomas for a while. Slim, beautiful and still attractive, yet she received no cuddles and kisses before he left home, no phone calls from work, no gifts which he once showered upon her when they were courting and yes, no flowers. Where were the charming, fragrant and radiant roses he once brought every week?

Analisa’s mind raced and raced, until she suddenly came up with a plan. By now she knew the girl responsible. Younger, sexy and yes, more seductive, she had to admit. Alluring enough to make Analisa feel insecure, afraid … anxious. She knew where she and the husband went to eat, thanks to Analisa’s detective work and she knew how to reach them.


That evening, Thomas and his lover was sitting in the usual restaurant having a meal. They were like love-birds, with him celebrating the fact that he was soon to be freed from his now undesired wife. They had a nice meal together and then, deciding to toast their coming freedom, they both picked up their glasses, gave a knock and said: “Cheers!”

Thomas felt strange on the first gulp and his girlfriend Lisa, very soon afterwards. He looked at her and she looked at him, then they both looked at the waitress, long enough to know who she was beneath the heavy disguise, as she quickly made her way out of the restaurant.

She turned, only to make sure that they both slumped over their meals and knew, that with her potent mix of foxglove digitalis, there was nowhere back.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 12th November, 2019

Thank you, DZyMsLizzy.


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