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The Day She Dreamed Of

Stephen is an online writer and former English teacher who is interested in sociology, economics, and literature.


The door of her lovely house slid shut behind her. She kicked off her shoes and fell onto the couch. Tired but happy, she looked out at the mass of flowers in her beautiful garden. The sun was sinking and closing on the best day of her life. All her years, all her efforts had led to this one glorious day.

At her daughter's wedding, she had danced, laughed, and chatted to the many friends who had come. She had even had a small glass of sparkling wine, naughty of her and she hadn't liked it much. Still, it was a special day so why not?

A perfect day, but she was happy to be alone at last. And yet, something wasn't quite right. Perhaps it was the wine, but there was a slight buzz in her ears and a mist seemed to be clouding her eyes.

Harry the housebot drifted past, buzzing as it performed one of its chores. She asked it to look up the symptoms of migraine. Harry reeled them off and added the observation that she had never been ill in her life. She shrugged and turned back to watch the sun sink further.

She asked Harry to play the vid of the day's events, and the screen above the fireplace clicked to life and showed the record of the day. The screen stayed grey. The photos on her shelves were indistinct.

Suddenly there was a flash and an incredible pain in her side. She was thrown back to her now. A little girl, side sticky with blood, crying on a classroom floor as her future faded before her.

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