The Day Set Me Free

Updated on February 13, 2019

The morning breeze originating from my blue-glassed window couldn't prevent me from enjoying the slumber I had truly wanted to get since the previous two days. Yet, it appeared that the universe couldn't abandon awakening me. After returning to my sweet sleep, Jojo, my pet dog hopped into my bed, licking my ears and eyes. I overlooked all attention Jojo offered me, but that was not enough. I felt strides and commotions in the living room. My heart skipped with dread. I slithered out of the bed, with so much apathy that I couldn't bear to open my eyes. I strolled directly to the family room, switched on the lights, longing that there was nobody in the house, with the goal that I would hit the bed. And boom! A vast horde of individuals. "Happy Birthday". Wooow! Nobody could apprehend the sentiment of joy I felt. "Just the other night we had a fight with Monica, (my better half), and now she is setting up a birthday party for me?" I asked myself. It was too passionate that I really wanted to cry.

But I could see their faces. They looked at me with pity. They knew it. They knew Monica was cheating on me, but they could not say it. Mixed emotions filled the room. I was in a dilemma, should I accept her kind gestures or should I end things with her? Why are these guests looking too secretive? What should I do next? Monica moved towards me and hugged me, singing me birthday songs. But she had a history of being manipulative. She knew she messed up and she had to do something to make me forget about it. She knew she made me weak so that was her power over me. She knew I could not reject the offer. I knew she loved me, but love was not enough without actions.

I said to myself, "Have the boldness John, and get some information about him". So I reacted as if I was not too thrilled. I returned to my room and covered myself with my pink fluffy blanket. She tailed me asking what was wrong with me. I said it. I asked what was in my mind. She boldly looked down and conceded that she had being seeing another person for as far back as 3 years. I was so disappointed. My anger could break down the walls in the room. I thought I looked extremely furious, like the red consuming flame, yet in real sense, I looked truly chilled. She loves that. She supposes nothing ever breaks me, so it is simple for her to hurt me and I could just sweep it under the rug, “but not today girl”. I took a gander at her, with my smiley brazen face and stated, "It is alright sweetheart, I get it". We returned to the living room and enjoyed every bit of the day, taking tequilas and mumbling all kinds of sweet nothings with our friends, since I would not like to squander one more day considering what turned out badly.

The sun was already gone. Everybody was worn out and others expressed leaving for their condos. We were left just the two of us. Monica thought all was great, until I said what I needed to state, "Thank you Monica for disclosing to me the reality, since this truth has set me free. Additionally thank you for making me acknowledge I was never sufficient for you. Much obliged to you as well, since I am currently free from envisioning what you have been doing despite my good faith. So from today, you are never again part of my present, but my past. You no longer hold a spot in my life. You have set me free, in light of the fact that from today, you will never again be a burden in my life. Finally, thank you for this birthday surprise, I truly appreciate it, yet that does not transform anything. It's over Monica, Goodbye". Monica began crying, but that couldn't stop me from showing her the way out. (Well it pained but did I have a choice?). It without a doubt, was the day that set me free. My birthday.


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