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The Day Lucifer Saved Me

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Lucifer Saves

Lucifer Saves

There I was, sitting in the Church staring at the cross which I had kneeled down before so many times. There I was on my aching knees with my red swollen eyes as tears flowed endlessly down my face and soaking my chest. I kneeled there wondering why I had put so much faith in the cross and in the end when I needed it the most, it forsake me. I remember that awful day when I held the hands of my son, daughter and wife as their life force diminished. There I was at the moment, screaming out his name begging him to show some mercy to my beloved family. There I was hanging on to the thread of faith which the Father had told me would not break. I was crying, screaming for him to save the life of my dying family. But he did what he always does best. He kept silent. He stayed silent as the pain of death pierced my heart like the spear of destiny.

It was a terrible accident that happened that day. My wife had decided to take the kids to a foster home to show them how fortunate they were to have a home, mother and father that loved and cared deeply for them. Dorothy had a kind soul. She was a natural giver and did her very best to help those who needed it. On occasions, she would gather up donated toys, food and children’s clothing for these foster homes. She had great joy in making the little ones happy. But on that cursed day of December 25, 2006. I lost her and my children. A dumb truck driver ran the red light and slammed into the side of her little car, crushing the Limbs and strangling the oxygen out of my family’s bleeding bodies. God how I wished that wretched truck driver had died too. Instead he is busy feeding off taxpayers’ hard earned money while my family is gone. I wish that stupid driver had be broken up into a million pieces and suffered an everlasting pain before he slowly died.

Luicfer Saves

Luicfer Saves

Conversation with The Devil

But as my brain began to cool down, I began to question the higher authority. Why? Why did you allow the family of your devoted servant to so horribly? Wasn’t I a good follower of the faith? Didn’t I live the life of a true Christian? Where self-sacrifice, love, honesty, humility and truth were integral? I guess that was just not enough for a mighty God. I guess you need the blood of the innocent, a kind hearted wife and two beautiful children. As I kneeled in front the cross feeling bewildered and confused, with my mind pounding with thoughts like a tiny bunny being chased by a mean old fox. I kept on asking why, just why? Why them? Why me? Then I heard a gentle voice answered, “Because he has no heart.”

I jumped up, turned around and saw a tall, dark and the most beautiful man my eyes had ever seen.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am having a private moment, do you mind just leaving me to my solace.”

“My good man, nothing in the lives of human beings are ever private.”

“Who the hell are you man? Can’t you see a man is God damn grieving here?”

“Clive (he called me by name), that God you pray to is not listening to your or is he able to answer any of your prayer.”

“How the heck do you know my name? Shit man, just leave me be.”

“You ask me who I am. Well let me tell you who I am. I am the real I Am. I am the morning star. I am he who is honest and true. I am the commander of angels, the commander of time. I am the Black Sun which grants all intents. I am the true king of these planes. I am Lucifer.”

As he began to approach me, I felt a coldness descend on my entire body. The dark glow which emitted from Lucifer somehow managed to calm my aching mind and made me feel at ease. His tall figure looked down on me and said.

“Good human, the God you seek here in this dwelling is deaf, dumb and blind. He listens nothing from you. He speaks nothing to you. And he sees you not because you are nothing to him. Destiny took your family away. But they are not taken away forever. They are at that paradise which I have created for the souls of men. I see your pain. I understand your hurt and I feel your every emotions. I feel because you are of me as I am of you. Come, take my hand, I will bring you to be with your loved ones. Lift up your spirit, turn to me and never look back at the cross. Come now and hurt no more.”

Lucifer Saved Me

I reached out to Lucifer’s hand and lifted me up. I felt truth in his touch, peace and settlement in my mind. He then transported me immediately to what looked like an everlasting garden of life and beauty. I was placed in the everlasting garden which was grown from truth, purpose, joy and happiness. Everyone was happy. They were talking, laughing and smiling. Many walked the garden simply picking gorgeous fruits and vegetables. Prey and predator bounded beautifully. All beings then understood what life was. I then suddenly understood what life was.

Lucifer then lifted his hand and pointed to a very fruitful apple tree. As I looked closer, there I saw my wife, son and daughter. I was ecstatic. I began to run to them as they did the same. It was the most beautiful moment in my life as I reunited with their loved ones. I felt no pain, I felt joy and the tears of joy flowed. I asked Lucifer if I could dwell in Paradise with them forever and he agreed. That day, my life changed forever. That day, Lucifer saved me.

© 2018 Clive Williams