The Day Is A Mourning Dove

Rising and setting upon grey wings

the day is a mourning dove.

With pale breast she softly coos

o’er her children with purest love.

Yet no sorrow is in her eye,

unalloyed is the light

by which we lift and place each step

‘til we usher in the night.

We greet the evening like a friend

as we settle near the hearth,

opening to the page last bent

we forget the toils of earth.

Between the realms of book and dream

my eyelids flutter closed.

A fledgling to the nest returned

curled up like a budding rose.

© 2016 Emily

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 7 weeks ago from United States

This is quite beautiful my friend. Well done. whonu

threekeys profile image

threekeys 7 weeks ago from Australia

So soft and delicate...

herownwings profile image

herownwings 7 weeks ago from Oregon Author

Thank you whonu, I truly appreciate your feedback and time in commenting. :)

herownwings profile image

herownwings 7 weeks ago from Oregon Author

I'm glad you enjoyed this piece and I'm grateful for your positive comments threekeys. :)

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    Emily (herownwings)3 Followers
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    Although it is difficult to dub myself "poet," I only know that I love to create poetry.

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