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The Darkness of Water

It begins on a dark night in the middle of a lake. A small boat is floating on the water with barely a ripple on the mirror lake. He wakes up with a start sitting up quickly rocking the boat disturbing the sleeping water. A wave of confusion and nausea overcomes him as he feels the apparent ground below him shake like an earthquake. The floor below him is normal like the floors of his home sturdy and rough. He runs his hand along the grain as he has a thousand times before and notices the strange curve of the flooring. He looks around like an owl in a loud forest and finds it odd that the ground all around him is inky blackness. He stands up quickly prepared to find the reason for this strange ground and quickly ends up back where he started as the ground rocks violently under his feet. He grabs onto the sides of the small structure and washes with fear thinking that the grounds are falling out from under him. The rocking stops and he peeks over the structure to see if the ground is still beneath him. Again he sees the inky black ground but this time there are little mounds moving on the surface. He then discovers that his feet are getting cold and wet. He looks down to make sure he hasn't soiled himself and begins to wonder where the water came from. After a quick search, he discovers that at the bottom of the structure a small puddle of water has formed. The very next moment a bump sounds from the bottom of the structure. Curious he runs a hand along the bottom where the sound came from testing the integrity of the wood. The bump comes again from the side of the boat but much louder and the whole structure begins to rock again. Fearing the whole structure is about to collapse he decides it best to try his luck and abandon the structure for the inky black ground. He jumps off the side feeling the structure give way beneath him and begins his slow and short descent to the unknown ground. He hit the ground with a loud crash and to his surprise, the darkness gave way beneath him and he fell to the ground. He whipped his body around to search for something to grab but the ground closed above him sealing him in his tomb from the moons above. The darkness swallowed his life too he tried to breathe in but all he could swallow was the dark liquid. It felt like water as it clogged his throat invading his body to steal his soul. He struggled violently trying to dig his way out of the strangling shadows but it felt as if he were falling slowly through the air as if the blackness was stealing his energy too. Soon a new blackness came darker and more foreboding. It crept in from the corners of his eyes groping his heart and mind while the other shade held him down. He could do nothing the shades had taken his energy and his freedom. Now they were coming for his life. The new shade crept over his eyes drawing what life was left in this shadow realm. All around was blackness and now it was taking his mind in the shadow place hidden from the sun's light. Then it stopped. Everything stopped, now he was no more his mind and body were nothing. He was a shadow. Nothing more than a dark place absent of everything including his Gods light.

© 2018 Nick Gard

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