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The Dark Night:A Soul's Journey


I imagine there was a consciousness that was single. It divided itself into myriad beings, and created a world for these beings to coexist and interact with each other. It then made itself forget that each of these consciousnesses was it's own. It created Maya.

This is an old story, but one I find too intriguing to resist contemplating.

This consciousness also created a way to "get home", a seven-step ladder. This is how it wakes up to it's true nature. Mystics have described this as "enlightenment" for thousands of years.

"The Dark Night of the Soul" then may just be this sense of separation form your higher self. It is the confusion of being blind and unknowing. It is the baseness of materiality, and a separation from the spiritual.

For some of us, there is a yearning for something higher than this material world. We know there is something more. I can see it when I look at the numbers the universe is created with. I can see it in the design of nature. The perfection of the Earth and Moon.

The Earth and Moon create a near-perfect squared circle.

The universe is built from numbers. There are certain numbers that are "special", like the series of numbers based on three cubed.

27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864

These numbers are reflected in the measurements of the sun and moon. The sun and moon are nearly the same identical apparent size in the sky as seen from Earth. They are both a half degree in the sky. This makes for perfect solar eclipses. this is not a coincidence. It was designed this way, to reflect the Sacred Union. Opposites coming together and balancing. This is the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.


Walking-A Poem

pulled along

do I walk the steps

I didn't choose

do I stay or go

what lies ahead

what calls

who arranged the numbers

so precicely

in every flower

and sunset

who built the rainbow

to guide us home

Does the source call us back when it is time? Is it like waking from a dream? Does it leave signs along the way? What kinds of signs would it show us? Maybe it would show us that the Earth is designed. Maybe it would nudge us to look at the clock at 108 or 432. Maybe it would send us dreams about the cycles of time. We would then learn about our universe, and the cycles of the Ages.

When you feel separated and alone, you realize you are missing something. You are unsure of what that something is. Is it the source? God? The Universe? Everyone has their own idea. Maybe these are all just names for the same thing. Our higher self.

My Journey

My journey has been a long seven years.

I am not going to go through the whole story because I've done that before here and elsewhere. I know something is happening, and it is spiritual. I feel the energies, I can even see the colors of this energy in my mind's eye. it is sometimes light blue,and sometimes light bluish purple. I feel the energy mostly when I meditate or do yoga. I know I'm not ready for what is coming. I stopped doing all meditative practices, and it calmed down quite a bit. I don't see the numbers so much anymore, and the synchronicities have dwindled.

I have learned much through this experience. I've learned the world is built on certain numbers and sacred geometry. I know the Precession of the Equinoxes is important. I know it has to do with evolution. Do I have all of the answers? Far from it. I don't even know all of the key points. I know very little about sound and vibration, but I know it fits in. I know there are certain "sacred" places on the Earth. The ancients knew this, and built their monuments on these places.

My journey isn't over yet. Neither is humanity's. We are all in this together. It is about the evolution of our species, and evolution of the individual.

Someday I will take up meditation again, and see where it leads me. But not now. I do have a desire to learn these things and grow spiritually, but it is overwhelming. I will leave it alone for now. I will live in confusion and doubt of my dark night.

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