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The Dark Mind

Molly writes under the pen name M. Allman. If you would like to read more of her work, you can find her books on Amazon Kindle.

My feet pounded under me as I ran through the darkness. There was something in the black void behind me, chasing me. What it was I didn’t know, and part of me did not wish to find out. I was running through unfamiliar surroundings, in quintessence, I was running from the strange, into the mysterious.

Voices echoing in my head wanted me to commit more depraved acts, hurting those that didn’t conform to their criterion.

I screamed out, “NO! I won’t listen to you this time.”

Racing through the pitch black, unable to see anything in front of me, my lungs burned with exhaustion as I struggled to inhale. I prayed for an escape, or some sort of light so that I might see to escape from the vast, heinous region of darkness.

The dark atmosphere swallowed me as I ran through what seemed to be an endless tunnel. The voices, they laughed at me for being a coward and running away, but I was unable to control them now. They had become stronger as their number increased, taunting me, laughing at me for being a bit peculiar. I don’t know why they wouldn’t stop, or how they became my masters, but my life was no longer my own.

I screamed out, “No, I won’t do it anymore. I can’t hurt another human being just to satisfy your grotesque appetite for pain and domination.”

The voices, they kept chattering, squawking inside my head.

“Shut up!” I fell to the ground. “Please, just leave me alone.” I crawled along the ground, my head throbbing from all the noise.

Too exhausted to continue, I surrendered to the demons, letting them devour my mind and take control of my life. I felt the pain as they attempted to rip my flesh, pricking me with sharp objects. I screamed out for help, but no one could hear me inside the black pit that had become my life.

Suddenly, I heard a voice bringing me out of the darkness. “Mister Douglas, I’m just taking off the electrodes and giving you a shot of your medication. We are finished with your testing now. I’ll help you back to your room.”

As the nurse pushed me down the hall to my room, I saw their shadows sliding along the walls and on the ceiling. I sprang from the chair to run— anywhere, to get away. The men in white coats tackled me, strapping me to a bed.

“No,” I screamed. “They’re here. They’ve escaped.” I felt another needle prick my arm.

My surroundings blurred. I drifted off. The demons were muted—for now.

Inside a dark mind, I could run for an eternity, and never escape the wickedness that dwells inside.

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