The DS Tangent by Anthony Metiz

Updated on August 16, 2017
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Anthony is an IT Systems Specialist for a government agency. He is also a fitness enthusiast, sci-fi nerd, and hobby collector.

Time's Almost Up

3 days.

I have 3 days.

That is when the void will open. I have to be ready in 3 days.

I have tried to put off the transition for as long as possible but now I am out of time.

This timeline is collapsing and I have to get back.

The DS (dimensional space) will soon be open and I have to be ready. The transition nearly killed me last time and it very well could this time.

4th Wall Break

I’m glad you are here; at least I have someone to talk to now. You most likely have questions already.

I guess it’s a good a time as any to give you a little background on myself.

My name is not important, but for the sake of introductions, you can call me Xero.

I have seen many lifetimes to this point so it’s really hard to dial in on my origin, but here goes.

Introduction to The Shift

I was born in the 22nd century, at the peak of human technology. The world government created a device to allow for us to “retrieve” or borrow information and data from other dimensional planes. Basically if we did not have the answer to a question in our place, we could put the question into a quantum computer and it spit out answer. The problem was there was no way to know where the answer was coming from, or when. That is when the problem started. We borrowed every answer from what is the meaning of life to how do we solve world hunger. We took too much. Eventually our dimensional plane became intertwined with others. This caused major environmental shifts that changed the face of the planet. The northern hemisphere slipped into a new ice age while the southern hemisphere became inhabitable due to catastrophic storms and seismic activity. We had no choice but to leave Earth.

At this point in history we had mining bases on every major planet and moons in our galaxy. There were still many casualties on Earth from The Shift, as it became known. Luckily my family was already stationed on Jupiter’s moon Metis. My parents and I were stationed there to study anti-gravity effects at the surface. This moon was supposed to eventually be pulled into the planet due to its orbital distance from Jupiter. However, due to our scientific breakthroughs, we were able to set the entire moon on a steady orbit at a slower speed to improve its longevity and allow for colonization. Our research came from studying the intra-dimensional planes and how they interact with one another. We had to use quantum computers to calculate our equations, further adding to The Shift. We soon realized, the more information we took the more the planets in our galaxy changed drastically.

The Choice

A meeting of the Galactic Council was called to put together a plan of action for stopping The Shift or even reversing it. Since our research on Metis was so much of a breakthrough, we were called to the council meeting. We were tasked with figuring out a way to reverse the shift using our anti-gravity and intra-dimensional formulas. We created countless diagrams and models to try to understand The Shift and it’s properties. It took an accident to finally understand.

I made a mistake.

The Mistake

I miscalculated and tried to over-correct.

I put in an equation into the anti-gravity stabilizer we had created. It uses the push and pull of the planetary object to create a new gravity field. Instead of creating a new gravity field, the equation I inputted made the machine fold into space time and collapse on itself.

I was inside the building when it happened.

I can still hear my parents calling for me while they looked for me in the rubble. The entire lab was pulled into the rift in the gravitational field. There was nothing left but pieces of the roof and the crumbled foundation. What happened next is extremely hard to describe so I will keep it as simple as possible.

The Void

I was moving so fast I felt as though I would throw up or explode from the inside out. I could feel multiple levels of gravity all around me. I saw my body and extremities pulsing, decreasing and growing in size rapidly. There were so many colors and shapes flying past me I couldn’t focus on anything specifically. The only thing that I was able to focus on was a large shadow looming towards me. It almost looked like the night sky but there were no stars, just a dark space of nothing. Eventually the darkness was all I could see, no more bright colors, no more shapes, just nothing.

I am dead. That was the only way I could convey to myself what was happening.

This is death; there is nothing, no afterlife, no nothing. I am done.

The Itch

Then I felt an itch. Like a literal itch. My eye itched, I was suddenly aware of my eye itching horribly. So I tried to rub it, but I couldn’t feel my hands or arms. I tried to squeeze my eyelid shut as hard as possible to relieve the itch. I was going crazy, I felt like this itch was the definition of Hell and I was heading there.

Then it donned on me. “Open your eye stupid!” I said to myself.

I opened my eye and saw the surface of the moon Metis, I could see the rubble from the accident, and I could see my parents! I called out to them, but they didn’t turn to me. I ran right up to them and they didn’t even see me. I wasn’t there. I tried to open my other eye, but I couldn’t. What is happening?! Why can’t my parents see me? Why can’t I open my other eye?

My mind began to race.

Am I in-between dimensions?

Am I stuck in some kind of time loop?

Am I dead?

I sat on the ground for what felt like hours, just running through every scenario in my head.

Then I remembered something I had read.

“Time is neither present nor past; time is the perceived reality in which we choose to exist in.”

My father wrote that. So if I am seeing black empty space through my left eye, and I see the moon’s surface in my right eye, how can I exist in one plane?

Close one of your eyes.

The Slip

If time is my perception of existence, removing one tool of sight should allow for me to exist!

I closed the dark eye. At first nothing happened. Then suddenly I could hear the gravity fields of time welling through my left ear. (If you want to experience this for yourself, put on a pair of noise cancelling ear buds and close one of your eyes. In a quiet room, you will hear it.)

Slowly I felt my body changing. The gravity pressure grew stronger, the sound grew louder. I felt goose bumps and all the hairs on my body stand up at the same time. I got really cold then really hot. I felt as though I had a fever. The pressure and sound became overwhelming. I felt as though I would implode at any moment. Then my ears popped and my eyes began to water. I felt my feet on the ground; I could smell the artificial Oxygen. I breathed in deep.

I am here.

I sprinted to my parents, covering my left eye still.

“Mom! Dad!” I called out to them.

They turned around and saw me, they reached out for me.

I reached out to hug them. Then it all went dark.

I was in the darkness again; I could feel both of my hands.

I removed my hand from my left eye reaching out for them. I was so stupid.

Maybe I could get back? "Just open your eye!" I screamed at myself.

My eye wouldn’t open, there was no itch, and I was stuck.


The Sphere

I wandered in the darkness, for what felt like days. There was no sign of light, shapes, or colors of any kind. Literally felt like walking around with my eyes closed without a single sound. No breathe no footsteps, and no sign of anyone else.

Suddenly I felt a pull. I was moving, fast. My right eye sprung open and there were unreal colors all around me. There was a ball of color and light, almost like a bubble, in the distance. I was hurdling towards it rapidly.

I entered the sphere in a brilliant flash.

I could feel my body tugging and being manipulated by gravity.

My entire left side felt as though it was being pulled through a cheese grater.

I fought it for as long as I could, then I just let go.

I moved through the liquid like disturbance in an instant and hit something, hard.

The Attic

“What was that?” “Did you hear that?!” A voice said.

“Yeah, I think it came from the garage.” Another voice said.

“I’ll go check it out” said the first voice.

I heard people or at least what I hoped were people.

I felt around for something, anything tangible to help them hear me more.
I slid my hands across what felt like a floor. I reached for something to grab and felt something like a lever. I pulled on it as hard as I could.

That’s when I fell out of their attic entry.

I landed square on my back in the middle of their garage.

Somehow I managed to keep my hand over my left eye this time.

I looked up to match a face to a voice.

The Reunion

It was my mom, but she looked 10 years old.

“Well don’t just stare at the fella’, let’s help him up” said the older man standing behind my mom.

It was her dad, my grandfather, who died before I was born. I couldn’t stand for some reason; I shrugged off their help and sat on the floor.

“What’s your name young man?” he asked.

“Xero sir, my name is Xero” I said nervously.

“Xero you say? That’s an interesting name.” he continued.

“That was the name of my first gravity assistance application.” He said curiously.

This is crazy. If this is real and I am not hallucinating, then this proves time is not linear or cyclical. This proves time is perception based. I started to freak out, bad.

It would seem that everything we were taught was a lie. Had I just made it a truth by accident?

I had created a tangent in time space. I connected myself to another point in the past from a very distant future time. I became concerned my appearance there would affect my existence later in time. I couldn’t take that chance of changing the timeline.

“I got to go, sorry for the inconvenience” I stated as I stood up.

“Well I got some questions for you that need answered. How did you know about Xero and why were you in my attic?” My grandfather asked.

“I don’t know.” I said, “It was a pleasure meeting you finally” I added before removing my hand from my left eye.

I was sucked back into the void.

The Return

“How do I get back?” I said aloud to myself. There has to be some method to this madness I thought.

“I was able to get to a different plane this time by moving through this void until I felt a pull” I explained to myself.
Maybe I just needed to keep moving until I was pulled to my current time. How long would that take? Is there no control in this plane? Why am I the only one here?

"What do I do?" I pleaded to the crushing blackness.

The questions pierced me like a knife. Was I forever in this limbo of nothingness?

There was so much more I wanted to do with my life. Why did we take that assignment? Why did I miss a keystroke? One number changed all of my existence forever. Or did it?

What I could go back before the equation was inputted into the device? I would just need to find a tangent that takes me to a time remotely close to that day.

I can find one.

I have to find one.

That brings us up to speed on this tangent. I am here now, 3 days from the accident. Living out the exact same moments I already experienced. I have to make sure everything is the same. I have to prevent the accident. I have to keep the timeline consistent.

3 days left.

I can do this.

Short Story is creative property of Anthony J Metiz Jr.

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