The Credit Card Caper

Beautiful Mischief
Beautiful Mischief


Hi Everybody! It’s me again, Mischief. Guess what I did. I learned how to shop online with mommy’s credit card. I’m so excited. Now I can get all the toys and treats I want. I’m just so excited. And those other three invaders will have to do everything I say now or I won’t buy anything for them or share the stuff I buy for myself. Did I mention how excited I am? I think mommy might suspect something is going on but I told everyone to be really careful not to let her catch on to anything. Little Boy and Little Girl have a strange way of being careful and I know when the time comes they are going to be blamed because they keep sitting by the front door waiting for their new toy delivery. Little Bit is probably safe from suspicion because she’s so young but she’s smarter than she looks and that appearance of youthful innocence won’t protect her forever. I told all of them to act the same as they always do but they don’t listen. Little Boy doesn’t listen because he’s a boy and thinks he’s mommy’s favorite and can do anything he wants (we all know I’m mommy’s favorite), Little Girl doesn’t listen because she has attention deficit disorder for cats (Ha-Ha!! ), and Little Bit doesn’t listen because she’s working under the delusion that mommy won’t suspect her. It will be so funny when they find out I didn’t order them anything. And by the time my stuff comes mommy will have forgotten she hadn’t ordered it. Did I mention I’m so excited!!!

Little Boy
Little Boy

Little Boy

Hi out there. Little Boy here. Mischief is up to no good and I know it but I can’t prove it. According to her she has learned how to buy toys and treats and have them sent to the house. She thinks I’ll just believe her without any questions but I’ve learned to be very careful when it comes to free gifts. It’s been my experience that if someone gives you something they usually want something in return. Sort of like the last time mommy gave me a little ball all covered with catnip. At first I was fooled and started playing with my little ball and rolling around with it and just when I thought I could relax and really enjoy my catnip she tried to pick me up and put me in a carrier. HA! I wasn’t that far gone. I wiggled out of her grasp and ran under the bed. And yes, I brought my ball of catnip with me. So I’ve learned the hard way that when someone offers you something for free, look out! But, just in case, I’ve got to go watch the door for my new toy.

Little Girl
Little Girl

Little Girl

Remember me? I’m Little Girl, the most beautiful, the smartest, and the best behaved in the family. My big sister, Mischief, has learned how buy stuff without having to go outside. She said it’s called shopping online and only special kitties can do it. I don’t know why she’s the one who gets to do the shopping since I’m the most special kitty but she is older so maybe that has something to do with it. She’s ordered me a new toy that’s going to all my own. I won’t have to share it with anyone. Maybe it will have my name on it. She ordered one for Little Boy too. We’re both really excited and anxiously waiting for our toys to come. If she ordered us something then she probably also order Little Bit something but since Little Bit still plays with everybody else’s toys maybe she didn’t bother. Sometimes she’s a really great big sister. Little Boy says she’s probably playing a trick on us but I know that she may play a trick on him but she’d never play a trick on me. I’m beautiful and soft with big blue eyes that everyone loves so I know she wouldn’t play any tricks on me. I have to go now and watch the door in case my toy comes today.

Mischief Purchases
Mischief Purchases | Source


I think I’m in trouble. Someone from the credit card company called to ask about some of the charges on the credit card. I sat in the window and listened to mommy talking on the telephone and she kept saying, “I didn’t buy that”. She laughed when he told her about the Versace food bowl I ordered for myself. I don’t know why she got so upset when he told her how much it cost. Doesn’t she know it’s for me? If she had fixed my favorite bowl when it broke then I wouldn’t need a new one. The picture is really pretty and I don’t think $754 is a lot of money anyway. Mommy pays almost that much for rent every month so why can’t she just pay for my bowl one month? Then she really lost it when he told her about the climbing tree house. She was sitting in front of the computer and looking stuff up as he was talking to her. She found my beautiful new climbing tree house on the same site I ordered it from. Then she started choking and coughing and had to put the phone down and get some water. She must not have noticed that with the 20% discount she was saving $300 on the original $1500 price. If she applied that $300 to my new bowl then my new bowl would only cost $454. I’m trying to save her money and she’s getting upset. Go figure! Then she asked if he could just cancel payment on all the items I had ordered.

and Punishment...

When she got off the phone she turned to look at us. Little Girl looked like she was about to cry, Little Boy said, “I told you it was a trick”, and Little Bit just kept walking around meowing as though nothing was wrong. Mommy looked at me and I knew she knew it was me. I ran to hide but she caught me. I got scolded and wasn’t allowed to sit in the window for the rest of the day. Mommy is really mean some times. Those other two didn’t get punished at all. Now is that fair? I don’t know why she didn’t believe they were as much to blame as me. Oh well, now I’ve been caught, punished, and don’t get the new toys, new dish, or the new climbing tree.. Bummer.

Not Very Happy Little Girl

I couldn’t believe that Mischief was playing a trick on us. Well I guess she got her comeuppance.

Ha-ha, ha-ha Mischief’s in trouble!!!

I like the way that sounds so I’m going to say it again…

Mischief’s in trouble!!!

© 2016 Cecelia Switzer

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norlawrence profile image

norlawrence 3 months ago from California

Great article. I loved it. You did a great job of writing it. Thanks for the share.

johnmariow profile image

johnmariow 3 months ago from Connecticut

Excellent humorous story. Very entertaining.

Cissy1946 profile image

Cissy1946 3 months ago from Eustis, Florida Author

Thank you...

cheriecw 2 months ago

I'm a huge fan of cissy1946. Somehow, I just know the characters and can believe every suspenseful word!

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