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The Cooperate Bandits From The Whitehouse

This friction story is a thriller filled with suspense, crime and conspiracies. The author imagination and character explored Gov't secrecy

The Cooperate Bandits

The Cooperate Bandits

The Whitehouse

President Henderson had plans to improve the state of Security in New Jersey, particularly, the city of Newark that had a crime rate of 42.8 % violent crimes per 10,000, and 36 murders per 100000 residents in Newark city.
President John Henderson contacted his friend Dr Landern Adams to come up with an ingenious plan that will end crime permanently in Newark, New Jersey.

Dr Landern was a Biophysicist and had published a few years ago in Nature journal about the tiny window opportunity that exist on the human Brain. This window opportunity according to the article can be harnessed to view the last 30 minutes events that occurred in a dead victim’s memory. The article substantiated with medical proving that the human brain dies 3 hours after a victim is medically pronounced dead.

The president called a national security meeting with Dr Landern, and Mr. Edward the governor of New Jersey was also in attendance. Mr. President vetoed against every concern raised by the CIA, the FBI and the Joint Police chiefs of the research proposal, and voted $ 25 million funding for the research project to take off immediately and domiciled at New Jersey.

The Research

Mr. Gordon Edward’s political reputation was on the line owing to daily violence report and shootings in high school and knifing at pubs. He went on to provide $ 5 million dollar to support the research and designated an underground military base called DUMBS for the research.

Dr Landern co-opted Prof. Conswell, a retired neurosurgeon, and Dr Partha, a renowned optometrist, and they began the top secret research project code–named PYTHON-X. They research team secured a security clearance and approval from the presidency which denied CIA and FBI from any form of scrutiny and interference.

By Middle of that year PYTHON-X Lab was fully furnished with modern research equipments and cutting edge technology. They team set out to engage the best Brains in sciences, engineering, technology and technicians for a three-year mouth watering contract.

The Chaos

PYTHON-X team had 18 months to present their initial findings to NSC and deliver a step-by-step guide to the procedure to the NSC (National Security Council) or buckle up. One year later, the researches uncovered a brain nerve which runs directly from the pupil to the cornea connecting the retina and that was there breakthrough.

By June of the same year, Mr. Edward lost the governorship election rerun and Mr. William Stanford emerged as the new governor of the state of New Jersey. Mr. Stanford was a conservative Republican who believes in spending cuts and sustaining already existing establishment rather than building new ones.

Six months later PYTHON-X suffered a major blow, Mr. John Henderson also lost rerun of presidential election and had 3 months to hand over. Dr Landern sent out memos, letters, fax, email and correspondence to Mr. President but never got a reply. The month he would step down was accidentally the month PYTHON-X was to present and submit its first briefing, but was cancelled.

The conspiracy

The conspiracy

The Conspiracy

The new president and the new Governor of New Jersey defunded PYTHON-X, and consequently, they were at the verge of financial collapse. Dr Landern smartly paid off all employees and domiciled the research lab with New Jersey Police Forensic Lab pending when government will call for report or auditing.

By now, Dr Landern and co–researchers were at the verge of inventing a technology that can access the human brain, and display on digital TV the last 30 minutes of a dead man's life. They had written the blue print and had it work at miniature scale but could not scale up the technology due to poor funding. They wrote the code, blue print, algorithm, design, protocol and testing, and stored it in a Chip, and also filed it with the NDT (National Deposit Treasury) of New Jersey.

The new president appointed a new FBI chief and CIA director to head the security institutions. They both discovered an unfinished project called PYTHON-X, and secured a letter to scrutinize and audit PYTHON-X independently. However, the FBI chief, Mr. Hendry who was a former espionage agent in Russian had plans to sell out this emerging technology. He quickly mobilized zealous agents to track down Dr Landern and get the Chip at all costs. Agent 007 and 009 traced Dr Landern to Rochester in Kent, England, and shot sporadically in the air, and kidnapped him. He was smuggled to USA same night via a diplomatic flight. They national media reported that he was kidnapped on a black Friday by unknown Bandits.

The Bandits

Scotland Yard was thrown off balance and quickly sent a memo to the CIA chief who arranged for in-house security meeting between the U.K and the USA. A scheduled security briefing between CIA and Scotland Yard in October showed the security footage of the clandestine act, and both parties agreed to work together to track down the bandits.

The CIA had developed a satellite algorithm that can track a person from the orbit consistently for 12 hour period. The CIA contacted NASA and immediately launched the software to trace Dr Lantern’s whereabouts in cooperation with Scotland Yard. They calculated to 99% accuracy that Dr Landern was kidnapped by 17 hr : 30 min : 18s: 05 ms near Rochester cathedral and logged the data. They queried the algorithm to tag 100 people within that precise location and picked three signals that led them straight to Heathrow Airport.

Scotland yard visited Heathrow airport and reviewed flight logs and departures at 20:00 hrs, but only flight MW039BX had taken off at same time, and belonged to the USA FBI to arrive at Washington DC. Consequently, they realized that a high profile and organized bandits were recruited by the “Feds” for the operation.
British agents flew down to the USA and were now working with CIA and NASA to track down the funders and organizers of the bandits.

The security call

The security call

The Showdown

The white house foreign secretary briefings hinted that CIA is closing in on the Bandits and gave the security agencies 7 days to track down all culprits. But where or what is the lead? CIA kept asking. Their new software was not allowed by law to be operated 50 miles near the white house except for cases of national security emergency.

Two days later, Dr Landern was taken to his home where he retrieved the Chip from a safe deposit box and handed it over to FBI agents. The NDT contacted the CIA over the retrieval of Dr Landern’s state intellectual property. They also reported that he was accompanied by two unfriendly gentlemen, who took the Chip from him, and that the feared for his safety.

Boom!! that was the lead the needed. The CIA and British agents quickly launched a 24 hour patrol manhunt for Dr Landern. They security footage from NDT was also fed into the CIA algorithm and that led them to their hideout, fortunately enough, Dr Landern was still alive.

A SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team was deployed at the site, but the agents entered a tunnel that busted out at Bloomfield Avenue in New Jersey. About this time, Russian spies had arrived at the City of Newark for a quick operation, but the eagle–eyed CIA arrested and detained them. The spies when interrogated confessed that they were supposed to meet at a Pub tonight for the baggage. CIA agents went to the Pub and pretended to be Russians by wearing white suit, brown shoes and a brown cowboy hat; which was the code.

The FBI agents went with Mr. Hendry carefully approached the purported Russians and asked for the baggage. Mr. Hendry brought out the Chip and the purported Russians brought out a suitcase containing $ 10 million. They exchanged pleasantries, and made their way out, but unknown to them, the Pub had been surrounded by CIA. Mr. Hendry, agent 007 and agent 009 were arrested and charged with felony and treason.

Dr Landern was rescued and he returned back to England as the Director of research for Neuro-Biophysical Lab in Greater Manchester. He wrote a memoir and titled it "The Cooperate Bandits From the Whitehouse" the book was launched in November and sold over 50,000 copies on the first day. He retired as a successful researcher and lived happily ever after.

Bandits arrested

Bandits arrested

© 2021 Amarachi Nkwoada

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