The Committee Meeting

Bear: “This meeting is now called to order.”

Mischief: “Why are you calling the meeting to order?”

Bear: “Because I’m the Chairman.”

Mischief: “Why are you the Chairman?”

Bear: “Because I’m both the oldest member of the family AND I’m a ‘man’.”

L. Boy: “Hey! I’m a ‘man’ too. How come I can’t be Chairman?”

Bear: “Because you’re not the oldest member of the family AND a ‘man’.”

Mischief: “How come we can’t have a chairwoman? Or better, a chairkitty?”

Bear: “Because the position is called Chairman and it’s MINE.”

Mischief: “You don’t have to yell, I was only asking.”

Bear: “Well if you’re finished asking then I’m calling this meeting to order.”

L. Bit: “Why are we having a meeting again? I forgot.”

L. Girl: “I told you she was too young to be a part of this meeting.”

L. Bit: “I am not too young. This affects me too so I think I should be allowed to participate. Are you going to serve treats?”

Bear: “No, Little Bit. This is a very serious but short meeting and so there won’t be any treats or snacks served.”

L. Bit: “Okay. I just thought it would be nice to have a little treat while we’re all just sitting around not doing anything.”

Mischief: “Little Bit, we are discussing our futures here so it isn’t ‘just sitting around not doing anything’.”

L. Boy: “I think Little Bit’s idea is a good one. If we can’t have a snack or a treat how about we each get one of those catnip balls?”

L. Girl: “That sounds really nice. I love those catnip balls.”

Mischief: “We all love those catnip balls but we need to pay attention and sometimes after we get a catnip ball no one pays attention to anything.”

Bear: “Well I don’t care about catnip balls so could we please come to order?”

L. Girl: “Of course you don’t like catnip balls. You’re not a kitty. In fact I’m not completely sure what you are.”

Bear: “Right now I’m Chairman of this committee and I want you all to stop talking and come to order.”

L. Bit: “I tried to order something and you said I couldn’t. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.”

L. Girl: “It isn’t your fault Little Bit. Bear doesn’t really know what he’s doing so you could say we’re all his test subjects.”

L. Boy: “Test subjects? Does that mean we have to study? What do we have to study? Will the test be timed? What if I fall asleep? Will there be treats?”

Mischief: “Little Girl didn’t mean that kind of test. All we have to do for this one is be here.”

L. Boy: “Okay. I can do that. How long do we have to be here. Isn’t it getting around time for morning snack and nap?”

Bear: “We have time to get our meeting done if we will just come to order.”

Mischief: “If you’re the Chairman and you decide to go off traveling again then what happens if we need another meeting?”

Bear: “Then the Vice Chairman will be in charge.”

Mischief: “We don’t have a Vice Chairman.”

Bear: “Well, if you would let me call the meeting to order we could elect one.”

L. Girl: “If we didn’t elect you as Chairman then why do we have to elect someone as Vice Chairman?”

Bear: “Because that’s the way it’s done.”

L. Bit: “I want to be Vice Chairman. Then when Bear isn’t here I’ll be in charge and we can have treats and snacks.”

Mischief: “That sounds good to me.”

L. Boy: “Me too.”

L. Girl: “That’s an awfully big job for such a little kitty. Are you sure you can handle it Little Bit?”

L. Bit: “Oh yes. I think I’d be very good as Vice Chairman. We could even have a special treat and nap session.”

L. Girl: “Okay then, you’ve got my vote too.”

Bear: “You can’t vote until we call the meeting to order and nominate Little Bit for that position.”

L. Boy: “Then call the meeting to order.”

Bear: “I’m trying but you guys keep talking about other stuff.”

L. Boy: “Only about important stuff like treats, snacks, naps, and Vice Chairmen. I think it sounds great. Maybe I want to be Vice Chairman too.”

Bear: “There can only be one Vice Chairman.”

L. Boy: “Bummer.”

Bear: “But there are two other positions that we need to vote on once the meeting has come to order and the floor is open to nominations.”

L. Girl: “You better tell us where the floor is going to open. If I fall through to the outside I’m not going to be at all happy.”

Bear: “The floor doesn’t really open. It’s just an expression.”

L. Girl: “Well it’s a stupid expression and a scary one. Who would ever want a floor to open up?”

Bear: “When the meeting comes to order and we open the floor for nominations you can nominate Little Bit for Vice Chairman. Then you have to nominate two more kitties, one for Secretary and one for Treasurer.”

Mischief: “I want to be Treasurer! I like spending money.”

Bear: “It’s just a title. We don’t have any money and you can’t be nominated until the meeting comes to order.”

L. Girl: “Well if she’s going to be Treasurer then I want to be Secretary. Does Secretary have anything to do with snacks or treats? How about naps?”

L. Boy: “This isn’t fair. Everyone gets to be something but me. I want to be something too.”

Bear: “There are no more positions to fill. At least there won’t be once we come to order, open the floor to nominations, and elect our officers.”

L. Boy: “Officers? You mean we’re electing policemen? Wow! I want to be a policeman. Can I be a policeman?”

Bear: “No, you cannot be a policeman but you know what you can be? YOU CAN BE CHAIRMAN!!!!”

L. Boy: “As chairman of this committee, I’d like to call this meeting to order.”


Who's On First...

The Who's On First routine is just about the funniest thing I've ever listened to and I never get tired of it. While looking for a video to post for anyone who has never heard the routine I listened to 4 different versions in a row and laughed every time. I don't know if the routine would be as funny by anyone else but Abbott & Costello have immortalized it. This video is the clearest and easiest to understand and if you've never heard the routine before you'll need the clarity. Enjoy...

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Cherie 6 weeks ago

Sounds like a government meeting; except they were polite :-)

Cissy1946 profile image

Cissy1946 6 weeks ago from Eustis, Florida Author

They knew they were being recorded...

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