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The Comeback!

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


In running successful businesses, men have always been at the top of the food chain. Only one woman is looking to take the lead. Life has graced her with beauty, intelligence, passion, drive, and a perfect appearance. Most women desire to be just like her. One can only wonder what drives this powerful woman. Several males have searched for ways to pull her down, but under no circumstances have they succeeded.

Alvara Mercedes is a woman who has gone the extra mile to be better than most males. She mixes the desire to get ahead with the desire to change behavior and attitude toward women. She despises the idea that women are in the business industry to look pretty and men are business leaders. Although, it's true women have to go the extra mile to prove their dedication, abilities, and skills.

Will her attitude and devotion place her in a position where she does not know if she will lose or win? Having risen to the top in a male-dominated business, Alvara Mercedes is an inspirational woman who started her career in the accounting field, putting down roots in new soil and reaching the supreme heights of success. Because of hard work and dedication, everyone knows the name, Alvara Mercedes. Most men desire to see her fail because she has the modules capable of doing the same job as a man.

At one such roundtable in San Francisco, California, seven years ago, Mercedes was a businesswoman when the industry was a cutthroat and ruthless corporation for females. During those challenging times, she learned a valuable lesson. Now, Mercedes is back to take back all lost. She will do nearly anything to ensure she remains on the top of the food chain. Her life now is a far cry from the one lost years ago. Mercedes goes for whatever she wanted, and most time, she gets it. She remembered taking a lot of rejection from males that were expendable until things fail. Now she stands atop the business industry overlooking almost every male where her newfound and imaginary authority to boss around younger men and even older pleases her.

One might wonder how Mercedes turned into such a savage businesswoman that is doing better than most men. Well. When she opens her accounting firm, it was at a time where mediocre men got ahead in finance easier, and women had to get an innovative niche to succeed. Mercedes was a young woman fresh starting with no business experience, struggling to let go of her past hurts where it made her too scared to step boldly forward. She had many business encounters with several males who had it out for her. Most of her combats were a high rate of gender discrimination.

Over the years, Mercedes determined that to hate someone is like burning down your own house to get rid of a squatter. She was unhappy with the way the company turned for the worse and her business folded, it devastated her, especially since the male competitors stated she did not belong in the business. And when she thinks of them, it makes her take the wealth of knowledge she encounters to come back to show them all that they underestimated her abilities.

Mercedes returned and took the business world by storm. She starts her career with a media Law company that grew so big that it is on a list of the top ten fortune five hundred companies. Mercedes defends and ensures other females survive the recession. She graduated with a degree in accounting, but after failing to make it in the business as an accountant, she went back to school to receive a Law degree. Her combined knowledge assists other women to adapt to the time where they grow a larger customer base, increasing their profits greatly.

Mercedes is one of the most successful businesswomen, and thanks to her, it has been a groundbreaking year for women in business. She graced the cover of Forbes magazine as America’s Smartest Business Women, a female entrepreneur, executive, and leader who represents females. They released the magazine article on International Women’s Day. It shares many bold statements about Mercedes and how she guided females to rise above systemic barriers. It included her journey to that point wasn’t easy: when she started an accounting firm; she encounters a high rate of gender discrimination where she couldn’t find anyone to work for, and bankers turned down her request for a $15,000 line of credit.

Penniless, hurt, and failure built into Mercedes, awareness of the prejudices against females, and that devoted her to get a law degree to build up other women. It ensured her legacy. Today, Alvara Mercedes is one of America’s richest self-made females worth $7.1 billion and is No. 5 on Forbes’ list of the World’s 10 Most Powerful Women. Even with all this success, it disappoints Mercedes that she has not earned the love she so desires in life. Could this be the one weakness that stands to be her downfall? Hopefully, a desire to find love, settle down, and raise a family is not the one fuel a man will need to feed the fires and give them the authority to defeat her. One particular male would be happy to learn of this weakness to use to his advantage against her to pull her down.

A week after Mercedes contemplating a desire to find love and marriage, she took her relationship to the next level with Barry. He was a guy that scraped around doing odd jobs, while Mercedes’s business kept her very busy, and she was doing better financially than he would have ever imagined. Despite her love for Barry, Mercedes was private with her business life, so Barry was unaware of her ten-figure income. He knew Mercedes loved him, but he could also feel her disappointment in his lifestyle, so he enrolled in the local university, pursuing an engineering degree.

They married two years later, and the first year of the massage was just amazing. Mercedes seemed thrilled, and she smiled a lot. Barry would spare no effort to make her smile. They both would say, “I love you.” Mercedes limited her work hours to be with her husband. But after a year, it is time for her to get back to work full time. She is busier than ever, trying to catch up on work. It is getting late, and she is still working. Barry calls, asking, “Are you on your way home?” She replied. “It will be another hour before I cut off to come home.” Barry spat out hateful words, shouting, get home, it’s too late.

Tears ran down Mercedes’ cheeks as she thought of the promise, he made to her. Mercedes remembered how he shared all he wanted was to have a family with her and help her forget all the sadness of the past year. She gulped hard to swallow and asks. "Darling, can we finish talking when I get home?" He replied, "No, you are my wife, and you make me feel I am just not that important to you, and that is unacceptable." "I work and go to school, but I am at home no later than 5 pm, and you should attempt to be home shortly after." The only thing wrong with Barry is. It was apparent to everyone that he was living off Mercedes and desired to control her. But what hurts Mercedes the most is he knew how valuable her business was to her.

She said to herself, tomorrow will be different. She plans for a week of romantic fun with her husband. Mercedes also trained her assistant on how to conduct until she returns. Barry was happy to spend time with his wife, so Mercedes thought, but what is his plan? Is it Barry’s intention to keep Mercedes busy, so a man that hates her with all in him can come after her? Was Mercedes’s friend, right? Did Barry approach Mercedes because someone sent him to help to destroy her? One thing for sure: one person cannot make a relationship work if the other person is unwilling to meet them halfway; to rekindle the fire of romance, you must stay connected to enjoy lasting happiness.

Mercedes is sick of pretending that she’s happily married. She not sure if she married the wrong guy or if they grew apart. Mercedes misses the times that made her feel like anything is possible. The day where her husband made everything better, where it seems the sun shines brighter, the whole shebang was just perfect. Now, she feels as if it the end of the world. It not the end of the world, but after a breakup, when everything goes wrong, it is no end to your life. It is only the end of your being with the one you love. There is no need to torture yourself when the relationship over. Let it go, or it can be like ripping off a Band-Aid. If you take it off slowly, you delay the inevitable; it is better to speed up render it off.

Mercedes tried to save her marriage, but after feeling as if she was the only one fighting the battle to maintain it, she finally let go. When there are tensions in a marriage, the divide between a husband and wife can grow, the stress felt by each one can arise at an alarming rate. Mercedes was tired of being miserable until it gave her a headache. It even made her very annoyed. She filed for divorce but was not willing to give up on love. Only this time, she is looking for someone who will know that their life has become enriched by her efforts and presence.

Barry wants Mercedes to believe her crazy work schedule and the long stressful days suck the joy out of their marriage. But he knows that is the farthest from the truth. Mercedes tried to breathe a Summer of love back into their relationship, but Barry did not meet her halfway to make it possible. And although she might think she has returned to her regular life, things are far from occurring as normal.

Mercedes feels relief to have Barry remove from her life; oh, so she thinks. He far from being excluded from her life because she did not change the locks on the house they shared, so he watches from a distance to enter and spy when she is nowhere around. What is Barry’s purpose for snooping on Mercedes? What does he hope to gain? It is hard to find the motivates Barry might have with Mercedes, but whatever his reason is will originate to the light. Why is it that such an intelligent woman did not think to change the lock? Does she not know if she leaves the door crack, her nemesis will push it open to destroy her?

Mercedes decided on changing her life, where she would take time for herself. She starts her morning by stopping at the nearest Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. She sits down deep in thought when a cute guy walks over to her table and asks can he take a seat. Mercedes replied, “Yes.” He took a seat and introduced himself as Shannon Harper. He was bold and expressed himself as a guy who able to get and handle anything. But that is not the case. Harper is a guy with an atrocious talent, but he is also a worrier; a young man who cannot handle situations as it needs managing. Harper asks, what is such a lovely woman doing sitting alone? Mercedes said, “it is nice to meet you, and I stop for a cup of coffee to start my morning before going to work.” Harper replied, “I would love it if you would accompany me for dinner. I would be honored, replied Mercedes. They exchanged telephone numbers and went their ways.

Harper spends the remainder of his day thinking of Mercedes; it was hard for him to focus on his work. He desired to finish his work a little early today to rush home to call the woman of his dream. Harper's mother lives with him. She a great help to him as she cooks, cleans, does laundry, and most importantly, she tries to keep him calm during his worrying stages. Harper works for a big multinational company. One that is well known, and his role is significant with the organization. He has one problem, he very antisocial; he has no pals to talk to when in need of advice at the office. He sat at his desk all day worrying about the work pile that is standing at his desk; one by one, he works, absentmindedly but barely complete the work at the end of each day.

Harper rushed home to call Mercedes; he picks up the telephone to call, but instead of simply dialing the number; he worries about storing the number in his phone. After allowing the number not locked away in his telephone to nag him for a little over five minutes, he took a deep breath and dials the number. Mercedes was so pleased to hear from him. They plan to meet at her favorite restaurant at 8 pm. Hopefully, now that Harper has taken a deep breath to make plans that meant so much to him over the excessive stressing, he learns not everything that nags him is something he should convey; he has to learn to live with it, just as we have learned to live with storms. Also, to worry is a thin stream of fear seeping through the mind; it is like going quickly down a subterranean mountain with no control.

Tarsha is Harper’s mother; she has been his biggest supporter, attempting to assist him with the many worries he encounters each day. She gives him advice when he struggles with what to do. Tarsha will advise him on what to wear and the one special gift to give upon arrival. Tonight is a very significant night for Harper; he is taking a giant leap to do what has been hard for him, and that is open his heart to a woman he felt an attraction for when he first laid eyes on her. One can’t help but wonder how things will turn out for him.

Mercedes is getting dressed to go on a date with Harper, a guy she looks forward to learning if he someone she can like; she even hopes sparks fly. She even desires he is someone she can open her heart to in a way she has ever felt before. Although Harper aimed to come across as a guy who can be bold, someone daring, and fun to be around, Mercedes picked up right away something was off; she just did not know what. She told herself, do not focus too much on it; you will meet him at dinner, and that the time to relax and get to know more about him. Mercedes thought to herself, first dates are always stimulating, and there are a few things that can keep everything on the positive side, starting with my expectations. Indicating the focus of her first dates is to meet Harper with the anticipation of enjoying his company.

She looks just amazing, like a real-life Cinderella in her sustainably made navy-blue Chanel dress, beautiful as ever when she walks through the door. Her looks hypnotize Harper, making it hard for him to focus. As Mercedes approached the table, Harper took the deep-breathing practices his mother taught him. She taught Harper the exercise to help him relax, reduce worries, and help him focus. He takes a deep breath to prevent showing the aim to be likable and make a good impression. Harper did not want his worrying traits to be known, worried he’s not dressed well enough to be received by Mercedes.


Harper rose from his chair to pull out Mercedes’s chair so she can have a seat. After, the server brought over her favorite wine and offered to take their order. Harper went to great lengths to make sure everything was perfect. He asked to order for Mercedes and repeated back her favorite dish to assure it was right and ask am I correct. She approved. Then he stated what he wants for dinner. As they wait for the food, they talk to answer questions, and it amazed both parties at what they learned. Is this the beginning of Harper living life as it is to be? Well, one thing for sure: his mother will no longer have to wonder will her son ever have a life because he’s putting forth the effort to do so and changing to have it. Will this be the beginning for Harper to open up and communicate at work? Will he find a buddy to talk with and share a joke with at the office? Perhaps Harper will continue striving to change to be over the What ifs, and will stop the massive worry to put forth more effort into his work? When a person changes the way he perceives things, life is a lot better. Hopefully, that is what Harper has done; he made a giant step to find love, which can change his life in ways he never expected.

Meeting Mercedes helps Harper to see life is very short and that he should enjoy it. Therefore, he desired to live at large and experience it to the fullest. He still worries, but not as much as he was; he now lives each day as if it is his last day. Mercedes helps him to see it as the saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it’s called the present.” Harper’s every intention is to live life in the present, and he spends every minute available with Mercedes. After nine months into the relationship, nothing excites him more than the feeling he gets when Mercedes is nearby. He felt deep down in his heart she was the one, so he asks her to marry him. Although he was everything she wanted in a man, she was a little hesitant at first, but agreed and said, “Yes.”

With Mercedes’s help, Harper learns how to adapt and become the business executive he could not master alone. He assists Mercedes with her business to prevent her from working long hours. They became the number one power couple. A magazine owner asked them to appear on the cover of her magazine, Married Build Upon a Solid Foundation. Harper was not in favor, but Mercedes talked him into saying, “Yes.” They both looked amazing on the front of the cover. While asking questions for the article, Mercedes answers most of the questions until Nova asked Harper his views. When he expressed his prospect, millions were impressed, and it amazed the people who knew him, his response, and the process he made. What impressed the readers the most was his reply, “Healthy relationships, love, friendship, and marriage are still available, and love is possible to anyone who will put forth the work and time required to find and keep it.”

Mercedes finally feels she has everything any woman can want. After three wonderful years with Harper and two beautiful children, he did not come home one day. It has been three days and no words from him. Mercedes knows something wrong, and whatever the problem, it a situation out of his control to not contact her. All she can think; what if he hurts and needs medical attention? She so desired to be there to assist him. One can only wonder what happens to Harper? Seven days later, Mercedes received words; they found a male body dead, with the similarity of the description she placed for a missing person on Harper. It was as though her heart stopped beating temporarily.

She gets the children quickly to rush to the car to identify the body. It is as if it took them forever to allow her to view the body. Meanwhile, Mercedes felt as if she was having difficulties breathing; she wants the long wait over. Finally, it’s time to view the body. As she walks toward the room, it felt as if she was walking in slow motion. Her legs trembled as she waits for the room attendant to pull out the body and push back the sheet; oh, what a release came to Mercedes as it was not Harper.

Three months flared on like the melting wax on a heating candlestick, and still. Harper’s whereabouts were unknown. After three months of silence, the beguiling Barry was back in the scene. Mercedes wore her fooled face while dealing with him, as he will hardly know what is cooking for him. Mercedes received a text from Barry saying urgent, but what could be so vital that it had to be discussed at 10 pm; she wondered whatever he needs to tell her to wait until morning? It took her 25 minutes to go to the office, and when she was finally there, she found Barry there with one of her nemesis’ enemies waiting for her.

Mercedes did not know what Barry plan by being present in her company, even more of a mystery; how did he get inside? She puts the puzzle pieces together that haunt her for months. Her nemesis enemy for many years is Barry’s brother Larry; they have been planning many years to bring Mercedes down. Barry learned nothing from marrying Mercedes. Larry has sent a boy in to do a man’s job, and for that reason, they both will be affected. Her life was a far cry from the life Barry knew as a spouse. There was a time when Mercedes thought being married to Barry was a blessing, but he will learn what it means to get involved in something that will bring about a curse.

Mercedes is sure Larry is the mastermind behind Barry's plan, and she positive he did not teach Barry how to get maximum revenue against a person. When people underestimate someone, they think they know, they get twice the punishment at an equal cost. Mercedes is now a scorned woman, and there is a saying that says, “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Indicating no one is as angry as a woman who has been betrayed. It is not safe to underestimate her ability to protect her family and business.

Barry had no ideal Mercedes, aware he been spying and entering the home for years. She has been a step or two ahead of him by planting false information and keeping track of his every move. Barry has been feeding the bogus information to Larry, and Mercedes got Harper out of town for months to prevent him from being in the crossfire. The missing body report was an ideal to lead Barry and Larry to believe she occupied, vulnerable so they can believe she helpless for a takeover.

There was never a missing person report file. Mercedes only put the word out and gave a Stella performance like she identifying a body so Larry and Barry can show their hand. She was waiting in the wind to shoot them both down. Mercedes will use her law degree to put away both brothers, and Harper can come home to be with his family.

Mercedes’s friend was right; Barry enters her life to pull her down. He learned she gets the job done at any cost, and failure is not an option. Barry was a guy standing on the outside looking in; he did not know how much control she had to exercise behind the scenes to ensure success, no matter what. Mercedes did not know Barry was her enemy’s brother, but Larry was her downfall at the beginning and her only real threat to staying on top. And it gives her a great deal of pleasure to think of Barry and Larry rotting in jail while she enjoys living her life.

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