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The City Night - a poem

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The wires above the electric bus

sing and flash in the evening sky;

passengers read their papers

talk anonymously among themselves.

The bearded man in the shop doorway

lifts his hat as a woman passes

and she lends him a temporary smile

pure enough for me to envy.

This is the boulevard where insomniatic cars

sleepwalk past the all-night windows,

filled with their mists of quiet light.

The young girls standing on the sidewalk,

the boys in their sleeveless shirts,

the businessmen arriving from work

staring at the ground, dragging their suitcases

are all here to celebrate the nocturnal.

The garrish sun is in a state of slumber.

We should raise high our cups

Offer our tired hands to

that lovely lady standing near the street sign.

Even the bell boy at the cinema door is

inebriated with the pungent odor of

this landscape under the stars;

this panorama in plain view

from that parapet where the

cat the color of rain

is sitting many stories up

on that fine building.


© 2017 Finn