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The Chrysanthemum

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In a small village near a certain kingdom there lived a smart, tough and brave man. In every war that he had taken part in, he had amassed victories and gathered numerous achievements. He was loved and respected by everyone. In each of the wars that affected his birthplace, he always knew his way around the victory and would absolutely turn any situation on his favor. He had everything that he wished for, but he was lonely. Once, on a bright day while he had gone for a stroll on his noble white horse he came across a small stream with rich and ice cold water. Unexpectedly, there he noticed a beautiful maiden washing garments. He was mesmerised and kept staring at her as her beauty was otherworldly. Her tall body, narrow waist, her golden hair and her dazzling smile made him fall in love with her at first sight. The brave was affected so much by this encounter that he started going every day at that place and every day while watching her he kept falling in love deeper and deeper. But one fateful day, he couldn't resist from stopping her and striking a conversation. He asked her who she was and where she came from. The maiden told him that she came from a small village near the stream and that she was living alone because her parents had died. At that moment he felt very sorry for her and then decided to walk with her to her cottage. She thanked him deeply. So the days went past and the same story kept repeating until one beautiful afternoon the brave decided to confess his uncontrollable love towards the beautiful maiden and offered to marry her. The maiden accepted. One week later a big wedding was held. Everyone was invited. The brave and his girl were getting married. Everyone was happy and was dancing and singing. Never had a wedding been as beautiful as this one. In the evening the groom gifted to his bride a very beautiful flower which was called a chrysanthemum. The maiden was amazed with this beatiful flower. The days went by and their love kept getting stronger. After some time, the brave received news that he was being dispatched to war. He was sad that he wouldn't see his wife for god knows how much time. Orders were orders, so he needed to go. He strongly hugged his wife and said his farewell. The maiden would cry everyday worried for her husband and only taking care of the chrysanthemum would warm her heart. She would every day water here. The flower kept growing everyday as the maiden's yearning for her brave kept growing as well. The days went by, they became months and then years. Suddenly, on a summer day just before the sunrise the brave appeard at the door. The maiden couldn't believe her eyes and ran into his hug with tears on her eyes. They talked and talked and couldn't get enough of each other's company. Both had missed each other so much. During the conversation the maiden asked him how many days was he staying this time, with a meek voice. He told her that he would stay the same number of days as the number of leaves on their chrysanthemum. She was very happy and thanked him. The next day when the brave went out, the maiden got a pair of scissors and started cutting the flower's leaves in half in such a manner that the leaves wouls seem double of what they were. The days went by and they became months, until the time for the brave to go back came. He hugged her lovingly like it was their first and last hug and left. The chrysanthemum started to wither and all the leaves fell off. The maiden was very sad about this and she gathered the leaves to store the somewhere. After 2 days, the maiden received the news that somethinf had happened to her husband. He had died because of disobeying orders of the king by staying longer and arriving late for the war. The maiden fell on her knees from the shock and pain and she started crying in sorrow. She took the chrysantenium leaves that she had stored away and went to her husband's grave. She placed them there and then lied on them until she died of heartbreak. She couldn't forgive herself for having caused the brave's death. As time went by from the flower's leaves, seeds spouted that took over that piece of land and started growing to take the shape of a broken heart.