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The Chronicles of Darok.


I find myself, once more, putting pen to paper as you humans say. Though it is hardly pen to paper, it is but a metaphor. Why do you humans always have to compete? Why is it, you humans, always compete? You are no better than your primate relatives! In fact, the apes are what they are apes, they still live in the animal state. They cannot help being territorial and competitive, it is in their nature. However, I should not be so hard on you humans, perhaps. You are still evolving, that's if you do not destroy yourselves first, you have come a long way, but you have still much to learn, compared to my people. You have all the technology and civilization, you have transformed your planet into a paradise for some and a disaster for others. Again, I emphasize, you must turn away from your greedy, materialistic, society, where you treat everything in this world as if it were yours. Where you can do just what you like with the planet and other creatures on your planet. This attitude, this human arrogance, has led you to the hole you are in now. There is a human saying, "when you are in a hole, stop digging"! I have seen awakenings in you humans, and that, you realize the impact of your activities on this planet are doing harm. However, to coin another human saying, "talk is cheap". You must do more and faster, we could intervene and show you, another way. Why should we though? No one, when we Martians were like you Earth dwellers had to realize the destruction of our activities and turn the page, on our own. We then, transformed our world, our people, and all species on Mars, to a better way. Whether you humans have the same capacity for change will remain to be seen.

I sometimes wish we could introduce the technology we have, to end suffering in this world. However, would that right to do so? I have lived in your world for many years now, and I have watched the suffering of your species and the struggles you have. As I said, your development and technology have come a long way and you have achieved much in your science for your people. But at your present development, you will never annihilate all suffering. If you learn to be like us, recognize the Creator of the Universe, live more sustainably and spiritually, then you may have a chance. Until that day comes, your joy will be fleeting and I am sad to say that.

I witnessed suffering in my human family on Earth. My family sometimes realizes I feel, there is something different about me, my slight physical differences to Earth humans, my way of thinking. I have sometimes dropped hints about my otherworldly origins, but they think I am mad or joking, so I hold my peace. My training eons ago, before I came to Earth, was to blend in and take on an Earth identity. Scattered across this world, there are others like me, seemingly Earth humans but Martians all. We are here to keep tabs on your world and watch over you. We could be classed as humans, but a Martian version. Remember, Mars was very much like the Earth is now. A blue-green world, where similar life evolved and flourished to what you have on Earth.

I think I have said enough for now, I will return again on here, to speak again.

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