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Christmas Story Retold: Philosophical Reprogramming - Sci-Fi

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The guilt is genuine. After years of observation and strategic interference, they are about to make a significant incursion into all societies on the planet. It is illegal. It is immoral. It is exciting!

The Confederation of Worlds forbids its citizens interference with the natural evolution of any world outside the Confederation. It also forbids contact with worlds lacking the ability to commute the galaxy--space travel. Strict isolation until a world reaches stellar convergence is to be maintained.

Luckily, Gab Riel has independent resources and connections with governments that do not share the philosophy of his native land on Earth 0011. C.W will charge him with planetary contamination of a Pre-stellar world—charges that could lead to the destruction and sterilization of many societies on the primitive globe.

Though Gab Riel received no charge, his fellowship was alleged involvement in the contamination of several societies which led to the sterilization of two cities in the area, Sodom and Gomorrah. Societal contamination contained, the locals thought it was an act of a deity called Jay Hovah. Of course, Jay denied the implications, though his name interjects literature of the primitives’ holy writ.

A tribe of primitives called Hebrews was chosen to conduct a continuous philosophical infusion. The primitives turned the philosophy into a faith started by a member of the fellowship by the name of Moe Seys, a religion. Several members of the Fellowship exasperated the matter by encouraging it with more interference by providing sacred writings and communications to primitives that led to several Kings chosen and wars fought. Seys's arrest and sterilization brought little containment

The stage is set.

The Earth 0234 has been interfered with by so many others before from the Confederation of Worlds that it was made illegal to visit the planet save for research. Gab Riel secured, with several supporters, (including Jay Hovah) an observation post on the world in the area called Judea. It was a sociological fellowship that had introduced many ideas and philosophies to the populations across the planet (and others) for thousands of years.

Earth 0234 is one of hundreds of isolation planets protected by the Confederation by order of the Council. Riel has observed Earth 0234 for three rotations (three thousand of Earth 0234’s years). The population is superstitious by nature and often fight over resources and ideologies.

In protest to the Council, fellowships formed to introduce technology and philosophies to improve life among the primitives under the guise of research. Most incursions bring catastrophe and war. This incursion is purposely meant to fulfill the religious notions of the primitives so that order could reign.

Gab Riel’s mission to restore order was to introduce DNA to the local population with the genetic ability to use the Metaweb technology to control the elements on Earth 0234. Illegally, many such incursions into the societies occurred, but the Fellowship decides it is beneficial that the person using the Metaweb also needs to be a part of the local population and culture to have any lasting effect.

The Recruitment

Two primitive women met qualification for artificial insemination resulting in a snafu that almost derailed the entire project. Gab Riel visited them both and explained to them what he wanted them to do and why. It was the tenth time he had attempted to introduce extraterrestrial DNA to the primitives. All previous attempts resulted in insanity, suicide, or unmitigating sterilization of the “volunteers.”

Elizabeth and Mary received extensive training for the position to avoid the last ten failures. One was sterile, Elizabeth, but had the proper genetic material. She also agreed to the terms of the pregnancy and had her memory wiped after understanding the terms.

The other candidate, Mary, had not culturally joined to her mate before the procedure. Mary agreed to the process after two attempts to persuade her—one effort nearly proved fatal she feared so much. She relented and received a mind wipe before fully disclosing the nature of her relationship with her mate.

Luckily, Riel plans to visit Joseph, Mary’s mate, to prevent disrupting the planned marriage the Fellowship determined would work best to conceal the true identity of the child. Because the females of the primitives tend to be more receptive to the procedures used to wipe memory and the shock of full disclosure, this visit is risky

The Interview

Riel visits Joseph in his home. Measures are taken to dampen the communication in Joseph’s room to avoid any of the locals hearing or seeing what is taking place. A translation matrix is initiated and temporarily adhered to Joseph’s forehead to help him understand Riel’s words. A mild relaxant is administered to Joseph to help curb anxiety at the sudden visit.

“Joseph,” Riel begins. “I am here to ask for your participation in this endeavor to correct a great wrong to your planet. My people have visited your world for generations interfering with the natural process of development...”

Riel explains how the Fellowship decided that Joseph is intelligent enough to know the truth and help raise the child with his future wife with enough local culture to identify with the people and teach them how to live productive lives without the superstitions of the religions created due to incursions of his and other fellowships.

After a riveting explanation, Joseph started screaming in bloody terror. The relaxant had worn off.

Riel and his staff immediately wipe Joseph’s memory to figure out another approach. Several times Gab Riel approaches Joseph well into the night trying to explain with logic why Mary is pregnant and how he could help better his world by following through with the archaic ritual of marriage to support the new child. Each time, Joseph screams, panics, or passes out. He strokes on the last attempt!

Gab Riel meets with Jay Hovah and Elow Hehm (the director of research on Earth 0234) in emergency council. They decide that it would be better to wait until the child is born and try to work through the child instead of dealing with a primitive. Male primitives have always been more challenging to persuade since the first attempts made with Adam—taught by some primitives to be the first male on the planet. The course of action is clear to Hovah and Riel. It is to implant a subconscious thought into Joseph’s head that helps him decide to marry Mary and accept the child. It worked on Adam.

After wiping the memory again of the poor primitive, they wait to see what the subconscious implant does to him. To their great displeasure, it perpetuates more religion, but the primitive does decide to go through with the marriage.

On the day of the child’s birth, a group of freshman Fellowship members appear to primitive shepherds as a practical joke to sing that the God of the Hebrews is born. These young people had heard of the efforts of Gab Riel and others but also wanted to add some flare to the experiment.

Two men and three women use crude technology to make it appear that the sky fills with heavenly people declaring the birth of the child as a celestial event (a new star shining in the night) coincidentally appears solidifying the child as divine for the primitives,

C.W. officials arrest the Fellowship members but rescind charges later since Earth 0234 is rife with incursions that create so many religions that sterilization and containment are no longer humanely possible. Also, sanction was given to study the effects of incursions on this planet to prevent the same thing from happening on other Earths.

Hera Ood, the head of Sterilization sanctioned to locate the child and remove it and its family, was unsuccessful. Allegedly, but not provable, Elow Hehm, the genetic donor for the child, aided in producing technology that masks the child’s bio-signal.


© 2017 Rodric Anthony Johnson

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