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The Case of the Witch from Hansel and Gretel

George Xu is passionate about tea, philosophy, literature, magic, and dragons.

I was hired as a detective to investigate on a case about Hansel and Gretel. It was when the three little pigs are still building their houses and before Sherlock Holmes resided in Baker Street. In the court, the witch was trying to prove her innocence. “All I know is that I helped those two children but look how they repaid me. They locked me in my own oven and got burned. They even took most of my precious jewels.” She says “It all started when I heard someone knocking at my door. I was surprised because I had no visitors since I moved in. And so I opened the door and saw those children. They said that they were lost in the woods and can’t find their way home. I invited them to my home. I don’t know where they got the idea of me going to eat them. I guess I was stuffing them with much to eat. But you must understand that it was been a while since I had visitors so I was really glad. Then at nighttime put them both in a room. At day time, I found that the door of the room was stuck, not necessarily locked. So I look around for an axe. When I was about to strike, the boy already found out that the door was stuck, and thought it was locked. So, as I was about to strike the axe, he cleverly opened the door. I guess he got frightened with the axe, so I tried to hide it and put a gentle face. I called the girl to help me cook breakfast, but to my surprise she pushed me to the oven and locked me in. I got burned and scorched.” She shows her scorch marks “They even managed to steal my jewelries!” she exclaimed. I was then told to investigate this matter. I searched in the cottage for evidences. I found the oven door open like someone tried to pry it open. I checked the cabinets, and found all are empty, their locks seemed to be picked. The whole house seemed ransacked. The door of the bedroom that the witch described was indeed stuck and may look like it was locked for the knob is tight. So maybe there’s a truth to the witch’s tale.

As for the house, I don’t know where the Grimm brothers got the idea of a candy house, they sure had an imagination for it was a simple cottage made of wood. As I got to the kitchen, I found a miniature toy house-or was I guess-made of candies and pastries with all the parts bitten save for the door. Beside it was a trophy which says: 1st Place for the Doll House Contest.

© 2022 George Xu

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