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The Canine Team


It was a normal day for a group of friends.

Chase, a German Shepherd with blue eyes. He had the bite force of a Nile crocodile and could outrun traffic.

Juliet, a silly tan Pomeranian with brown eyes who enjoyed being crazy. She was reading a book.

“This is ridiculous! If we did this, the Apocalypse would ruin us. Taking advice from toasters.”, she said to herself.

Kaleb, a black wolador (Labrador Retriever Wolf Mix).

He had 2 tails, and the ability to fly by spinning them like helicopter blades.

He also knows more about science than the rest of his friends.

Omar, a black and tan Tibetan Mastiff who can have anger problems at times and has little common sense.

Laila, a black and tan Doberman with cropped ears and brown eyes.

She has a crush on Chase.

But bad news has come.

The evil Dr. Tallman Eggroll had arrived with his devices.

“We need to plan something to handle him.”, Chase said. “But he has not arrived yet, so let's just go for a walk.”, Laila said.

They went to the market, but Kaleb noticed a Golden Retriever with blue eyes.

She waved at him, but he was infatuated, saying “Hi….”, as his tails were spinning like helicopter blades.

Chase grabbed Kaleb’s legs and pulled him down from flight.

“I see what’s going on here.”, Chase said.

“Kaleb has been hypnotized by canine-eating tomato people?”, Juliet asked.

“Yeah… that. Or our pal Kaleb has a crush on that girl.”, Chase replied.

“What? Who? Kira? No, Juliet was right. Definitely the tomatoes.”, Kaleb responded.

“Oh my gosh! Kaleb is in love! That is so adorable!”, Laila says.

Kaleb and Chase go back to Chase’s condo by the beach to have him explain how to get a girl.

“Now, don’t let her know you’re interested. Play it cool. If you do strike up a conversation, be sarcastic and have a one-liner ready. Let me demonstrate with an actress.”, Chase explained.

A female Boxer arrived.

“Hey, Chase.”.


“Would you like to accompany me to a movie and/or show?”

“Not sure I have the time.”

“Is it something I said or did? I can change.”

“Nah, I’m just a little washed up.”

“Well, ok. Maybe we can go to Olive Garden sometime. Call me!”.

Kaleb then went to see Kira. He noticed her and said.

“Hi, how have you been? Me, I’m all whateva. Catch ya on the flip-flop.”, Kaleb says before Kira says bye.

“Bro, you need to lift weights. Eat red meat. That’s what the ladies like. Now be manly and dump the Hello Doggy notebook.”, Omar says.

He goes to a restaurant with Kira and gets a medium rare steak.

“The redder the better.”, and he gets a doggy pen and runs away, thinking he is not manly.

“You’re doing this all wrong. Girls like romance and respect. Like in one of them Hollywood movies.”, Laila says to Kaleb.

So, he goes to tell Kira.

“Kira, I wanted to tell you something. I wanted to talk to you. You’ve got soft blonde fur, and big blue eyes. But I was scared to talk to you. My friends told me things. I tried what Chase suggested, but I was nervous. What Omar suggested, I had doubts about. So, I went to talk to Laila, and her method seems to be working the most based on the way you listen to me.”, Kaleb explained.

“Aw, I thought you were cute all this time too, Kaleb.”, Kira replied.

“You want to join our team?”, Kaleb asked.

“I can help out. Set up parties on days when we aren’t fighting evil.”, Kira said.

“Let's go play truth or dare at Laila’s house!”, Kaleb says.

So, they went to Laila’s house and decided to play a game.

“Ok, Laila. Truth or dare?”, Juliet asked.

“Truth.”, Laila says.

“Who is your best friend?”, Juliet asked.

“I have to say, Chase, cuz he’s a big enough rude boy who can get it up.”, Laila responds. “Alright, Kaleb, truth or dare?”, Chase asks.

“Truth.”, Kaleb responds.

“Do you have thoughts of sniffing Kira’s ass?”, Chase says.

“I am not even gonna dignify that with an erection covered in fur! Nobody look down.”, Kaleb replies.

“Omar, truth or dare?”, Kira asks.

“Dare.”, Omar replies.

“I dare you to run all the way to the fruit market and eat a raw chicken without paying for it. Get in trouble? Here’s a $50.”, Kira says.

So, he runs out and gets under 12-hour house arrest.

The team has had so much fun they accidentally fall asleep on the floor.

They wake up and Laila is gone.

She has been captured by the evil Dr. Tallman Eggroll.

They decide to eat before rescuing her.

“Burnt food doesn’t taste the same without Laila.”, Omar says.

“Omar, you’re eating a napkin.”, Kaleb says.

“Yeah, I knew that.”, Omar said as he finished that napkin.

“We DO need to make sure Laila is OK.”, Chase says.

“Ok, I see the Wolf Guards. I’ll distract them by acting like a prostitute. You guys rescue Laila.”, Juliet says.

She then walks up to them, swinging her hips and tail to the sides.

“You better move. You better dance. I’ll be da one you won’t forget. Fine petite Pomeranian bitch right here.”, Juliet says.

The 2 guards walk towards her as Juliet bites one as a surprise attack and throws her wooden boomerang, knocking both out.

The rest of the team sees Laila in a laser cage, as Kaleb presses the button to de-activate it, but Dr. Eggroll sends his robots to attack, so they fight the Robots, taking them all out, and biting Dr. Eggroll.

“We’ve handled Dr. Eggroll. Now what should we do?”, Omar asks.

“Well, I’ve known Laila for a while, and Kalebs been dating Kira for 2 days at this point, but, you know. Big dogs usually live 12 to 13 years. We’re all 1, so me and Laila, and Kaleb and Kira, might as well get married and have puppies. With my bite force, great fur, and Laila’s strong, feminine look, me and her will make rocking mixed puppies.”, Chase says.

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