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The Boy with the Wolf

Amanda Nechesa is sucker for the fictional world, she always has been. She finds joy in creating little worlds with her fictional charact


When it started it seemed like a joke.

The boy with the wolf bewitched Sandra.

The wolf bit Sandra and his saliva made her love the boy.

The boy and the wolf are not real.

To all this Sandra did not say a word. She neither smiled nor frowned. Her face remained expressionless and when she spoke she spoke only of the boy with the wolf whom she loved dearly.

Her lack of voice in the matter only brought up mixed reactions and by the end of the third day of her weird behaviour, speculations were up and about the streets of Juja.

"Surely you know Sandra, such a prankster. This is clearly one of her stupid pranks. Leave her alone , she will get out of it," said the boy who liked to be the center of attention, his left long fingers holding a nearly burnt out cigarette, the right ones texting his third sidechick.

He, like most guys in the room, was secretly enjoying whatever Sandra's situation was becoming. Sandra, before her brown eyes sunk so deep due to the sleepless nights, and before her hair was a nest begging to be freed, before she got tangled In this unseemingly untangleable mess, had been the typical girl way waaaay out of your league.

She was so gorgeous.

Curves in the right places. A million dollar smile. A light skin face that didnt need any makeup.

Everything about her was perfect. And she had a sense of humor! A gorgeous girl with a good sense of humor!

The boy who liked being the sun had approached her when she was first introduced to him, hoping to brag to his friends of his latest conquest.

She can't resist me, he thought.

And that night as he buried himself inside his main girlfriend, groaning at how tight she still felt, he still could not get Sandra's sweet voice turning him down so gently out of his head.
And how much it still hurt.

Serves her right to be bewitched or whatever it is she is going through.

"Sandra is pretty reasonable. I don't think even she can just make up a prank about a boy walking with a wolf in around here of all places," the extremely tall, dark skinny girl with long black hair argued, carefully brushing a strand away, her eyes devouring the guy with tatoos sitting across from her.

She actually did not know Sandra. Nor did Sandra know her. But when she spoke, her eyes were fixed to the guy with the tatoos.

I am not a catty person. I like standing up for other girls. Am a good person. Ask me out Dammit! Her eyes screamed.

And her eyes searched.

But not once did the tatoo- covered guy lift his eyes to meet hers. His eyes were focused on the beautiful light-skin girl texting the boy who loved to be the centre of attention.

"Did anyone tell her parents by the way?" the girl sitting at the farthest corner of the room asked, her deep brown eyes concerned.

Everyone turned to look at her, and she wished for the room to swallow her. She shrank visibly to her seat, her brown pupils concentrating rather intensely on the tiny green streak of paint on the white wall.

"Grace, did you say something?" the guy walking in with two bottles of coca cola soda wanted to know, to which Grace shook her head, her eyes stuck on the green streak until it was all she could see.

"Are you guys still talking about Sandra? Come on, we all know she's making all these up to get attention," the guy who had just walked in also had his speculations.

More than half of the room nodded in agreement, each accepting the glass of liquor being handed to them by the guy gratefully.
If they were being honest with themselves they would confess that was a bullshit theory.

Sandra could do nothing but just breath and attention still followed her. She was just that kind of person.

But he was their host. And their regular free supplier of everything they lived for.
Alcohol. Good expensive food. Weed. WiFi. Mind-blowing parties. Uber Rides.

So they bit their tongues and drank the liquor, the girls mixing the recently brought soda with it,validating their feminity, the guys drinking them in one gulp, proving their masculinity.

"Baaaabe, did you remember my Tusker Cider?? You know I can't drink such hard liquor," came an annoying whine from a very pink-haired, very dark-skinned girl.

She was seated between two girls. One whose face was layered with make up hiding her hideous acne outbreak and the other a short girl with big boobs and a weird obsession of knowing people's secrets.

"Of course I remembered baby."

With that, the host came over to the seat, handed her and her 'squad' the three Tusker Ciders, scooped her big asss into his weak arms and let her sit on his jeans-covered Laps.
Whatever was talked about after that was lost them.

"I hate them, " the girl in baggy boy clothes on the red sofa and who was stoned out of her mind said to the boy beside her, a fellow weed-smoker. She was pointing at the pink-haired girl and her posse.

The boy nodded, not comprehending anything she had just said.

She actually did not hate them. For her, the pink haired girl had everything she had always dreamed about.

They were both born ugly,on the same day, in the same hospital. They had been best friends ever since and while growing up they had both been mistaken for boys so many times that the hurt now was just like a needle prick.

But even a needle prick was pain all the same.
Whereas the girl with boy clothes had to deal with all that once more when she was admitted to campus, the pink haired girl had reinvented herself.

Her recently divorced mother had just remarried a rich European guy that she met on Facebook and with his money, her daughter's ass got bigger, her boobs rounder, her waist smaller.

The masculine arms were gone. The hard face was replaced with a soft feminine one, almost pretty. The almost deep voice had a whine to it everytime she spoke, and suddenly she became the girl guys hit on continuously.

And with her new found life, she had forgotten about the girl in the baggy boy clothes who had been there for her the day her dad came home staggering drunk.

The friend who had it not been for her calling the police, she would have ended up motherless.

" Can you guys be serious for once! I called you here because we are her friends, or at least some of us are, and we have to figure out how to help her!"

The owner of the words that finally made a breakthrough to the twelve slightly twenty somethings belonged to the girl sitting on the leather arm chair near the door.

Her voice was strained, her eyes red and her eyelashes wet.

For a moment, everything and everyone was still, like the dire reality of this situation was just now occurring to them.

And even though none of them wanted to admit it, they did not want to lose Sandra.

"Hey Freya, no offence but what really can we do that can help??"the tatoo-covered guy was the first to break the silence, addressing the girl with the red eyes and wet eye lashes.

" Yeaaah exactly Freya. We all really just know that she went across the river for her regular evening walk alone and when she returned she could neither eat or sleep. And she just spoke of the boy and the Wolf," the tall skinny girl agreed quickly, repeating information everyone knew already.

The corner of her eyes checked to see how her mission was coming along.

A small smile broke out of her red lips.
Tatoo-covered guy was looking at her.

"What about this. We sort this out tomorrow and party today," the boy who loved attention chipped in, and his words were followed with boo's and dissaproving murmurs.

"Classic Jay. Always thinking about the next big thrill," Freya said loudly.

If Jay was offended by her words, he did not show it.

"Just hear me out for a second," he said instead, in a calm voice that was so unlike him.
Twelve pairs of ears waited for his next words.
"All week since Monday when Sandra came from her weird walk and encounter, its all we've been talking about. Its a tragedy or whatever and she's one of us. I get it.But can we just cut ourselves some slack tonight??? Its Friday and I say tomorrow we get to talk about how to solve her issues but tonight...Tonight WE PARTY!!!!" he finished with a big gulp of the golden liquor.
The applause and cheer he expected did not come but a few minutes later, more glasses were being filled, more laughter was being heard, more flirtous comments were flying around.

Half an hour had passed, and the house that was just talking about Sandra and her boy with the wolf was full of girls grinding on guys, guys smoking weed,people playing drinking games , sloppy make out sessions.

Sandra was long forgotten for the night.

And when morning came, it was like she never existed.

She was gone. Everything of hers was gone.
On her bed , a note of her own writing:

To A,
We are coming for you soon.

It was unsigned.

And so that is how Sandra , the gorgeous funny girl became the mysterious missing Sandra with her mysterious encounter with the boy and the wolf.

As for the note, I lie with it every night hoping and praying she really would come for me.
For isn't that what the boy and his wolf told her and I at the other side of the river, that day of the walk, when everything changed?

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