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The Boy and His Dogs - A Karmic Intervention

This is my second flash fiction. It is inspired by a true event. However the characters and incident have been dramatically exaggerated.

The Bright Little Boy


Raghupati’s father works as a security guard in one of the high-rise complexes of a metro city. They are quite poor with a number of mouths to feed in the family.

Raghu is an intelligent boy and attends Ms. Srivastav’s class for underprivileged children that is conducted in the same complex where his father works. He has a knack for mathematics and physical science.

Raghu likes to play with the street dogs during his spare time. He always feeds them half the lunch that his mother packs for him every day.

The rich young residents of this apartment complex were never keen to see Raghu basking under the sun in his inappropriate shabby clothes. They found the sight revolting and preferred to tease the poor boy, call him names like sweeper or loser and sometimes even slap him when there was no adult supervision around.

One rainy day the boys were playing football on their favourite patch of ground when Raghu ran across them to take shelter under a tree. One of the boys got distracted by the running figure and missed his chance to a goal.

Furious at Raghu the boys plotted revenge.

Later as the rain stopped Raghu’s father was found frantically searching for his boy. The other guards and some of the committee members distributed the search areas among themselves and set out to look for him.

A Turn of Events


After hours a shivering Raghu was found in the basement area covered in cuts and bruises. His face was swollen and his whole body was black and blue.

The young boy could hardly speak let alone pull himself up. He was carried away to the hospital immediately.

A few days later things were back to normal. The father did not press charges and the matter was tactfully covered up.

In the next residents’ meeting as one or two of the members tried to bring up the matter, they were silenced by the rest saying that it wasn’t an important issue.

Raghu was in bed for almost a month and he only found the courage to return to his study sessions, when his favourite teacher visited him at his house to encourage and persuade him to not give up on his education.

As Raghu entered the complex after a long gap the local dogs came running and yelping with joy. He patted them and played with them before moving on to his class.

The other children in the makeshift school were also overjoyed to see Raghu. They then told him a strange story.

About a day or two after the incident the bunch of brats were playing on that same field when they were violently attacked by Raghu’s dogs. One of them got bitten and the others left him right there to flee. The dogs then apparently pooped all over the ground and set camp there until a group of guards came to shoo them away.

Raghu was quite shocked to hear this. You would think it pleased him, but no. Instead a veil of fear cloaked his face as he realised how important he had become through a single odd incident and what responsibilities it entailed.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra