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The Body - A Short Story

Unable to move his body parts, he was lying on the ground. Who would help him?

His powerless body was lying on the ground. His mind was sending him signals to open eyes. He had been unconscious for so long.
His brain tried hard to open the eyes, but an unknown force was stopping him, it looked like he was possessed. Something which had taken over the control of his body and mind.

He didn't try to move for a few minutes, but he made another attempt and managed to open his eyes. His vision was blurry but he could feel that there was somebody else around him. Once his vision got cleared he saw a clear image of a man, who was standing around a table. There was a body on the table on which the man was operating.

Seeing this, several thoughts flooded his mind. He might had been kidnapped and he would've been drugged so that he couldn't move or escape, he thought.
What did they want from him?
He let his imagination ran further. They might be the organ traffickers that news channels had been informing about. He was so terrified by this thought that he couldn't feel his heartbeat. In fact, he wasn't feeling his heartbeat all that time.

Before he could think any more, he heard approaching footsteps. A broad chested muscular man entered in the room and shouted,“ Are not you done yet?”
The man who was autopsying the body replied with a chilled tone, “Can't you see mate that I'm not done here? What's the point of asking? I need few more minutes.”
“ Hmm...I'm waiting, get it done, quickly!” The muscular man replied in an orderly manner. As he turned to leave the room, the man, who was operating, called him back,“Oye, mate!”

“What now, Gary?,” The muscular man asked.
“How did you got this guy?, He looks tough,” Gary, the coroner, asked pointing his finger toward the body on the table.
“Tough guy indeed, had to break his neck, he did put up a great fight though,” the muscular man answered with a sinister grin. “Now make it quick!,” he added.
As muscular man left the room, Gary began to examine the body. And in between all that time, the man on the ground didn't try to move or even not dared to open his eyes. But he had heard all the conversation.
They would broke his neck too and remove his organs, his thoughts flooded his mind again. The man, however, did not make any attempt to get up. He was petrified by his own thoughts.

Meanwhile, Gary ripped off the head from the dead body, kept it aside and continued his procedure.

Suddenly, the door opened, it was the muscular man who came inside and grabbed Gary's collar. At the same time, the man on the ground shut off his eyes.

“I asked you do it quick, then what's taking you so long?” he asked angrily.
“Leave me!,”Gary in a loud voice. The muscular man took off his hands.
“Organ harvesting is not a child's play! You have to be careful, it takes time,” Gary added.
“And if you don't have patience, hire someone else!,” said Gary with anger and banged his fist on the table.
The dead body's head fell off on the ground due to the impact.
The man on the floor heard something fell near him. He opened his eyes to get a glimpse.
What he saw, made his blood ran cold. It was his own head! It was his own face!

Gary picked up the head, kept it on the table and brought a mop to clean up the blood stains from the floor. And the muscular man was watching all this, silently.
Gary directed the mop towards the man on the ground. The man on the ground, knew that his time had come. They had noticed him and he was going to be next on that table.
Gary pushed the mop forward and the man on the ground noticed that the mop passed through his chest. He couldn't feel it. Gary didn't seem to notice him either. It was another shock for the man.

“Hey, Gary! Put that thing aside and let's go for a smoke, shall we?,” The muscular man asked Gary with a gentle tone.
Gary looked at him and then nodded his head. He put the mop in a corner.

The muscular man spoke again,“Sorry man, it's just the stress. Sorry!,” he apologized.
“No, it's okay! I understand,” Gary replied mercifully.
Gary and the muscular man left the room.

The man on the ground, who was dead all along, was watching them. He knew that he couldn't do anything. That time his mind was blank, no thoughts were panicking him. He was at peace. And then he vanished into thin air.

© 2021 Maharishi Verma

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