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The Blue Spider Lily: Short Fictional Story

Zafirah Khan is new to freelance creative writing and trying to write stories when inspired.

Blue Spider Lily Maiden - personal art (do not use)

Blue Spider Lily Maiden - personal art (do not use)

The Blue Spider Lily: Short Fictional Story

The following short story about mythical creature is fiction. Any similarities between it, or its characters, and real life are entirely coincidental.

Have you ever heard about a flower called the Blue Spider Lily? It says that if you brew its petals and drink the tea, your deepest desire will come true. But the flower is rare and hardly found in the wild. Some say it's only legends and that there is no such flower that exists. But some claim that they have seen it, and if you ever stumble upon one in the wild you are considered to be very lucky and blessed for your entire life.

Old folks like to tell the tale of a beautiful maiden that guards the blue spider lilies. It says she lives on the coldest mountain and is surrounded by venomous snakes. They call that mountain the mischievous blue mountain. Every year desperate fools try their best to climb and find that single flower. Only to be feeds for the snakes. Then sometimes, some fool would come down and claim they had found the rare blue spider lily. But later died when it turned out that the flower they consumed was poisonous. They say the maiden likes to deceive the unworthy ones.

But one bright night, I climbed that very mountain. In the distance, I saw tiny lights glimmering in the dark. They looked like fireflies, but I thought I heard them speak. As I followed them, they flew upwards disappearing into the sky. Now lit even brighter in the night sky, as the moon looked like its turning blue. I watched it as the blue hue swallowed the moon whole. Suddenly the snowfield started growing electric violet-blue flowers. Its petals shimmering against the moonlight. I could see blue flowers growing all around me and over the horizon. There was nothing else except it. The aroma of the flower was enchanting and captivating. The sweet and lovely scent washed all my fatigues away.

And in the distance, a silhouette of a woman. As she walked slowly towards me, I could see she had purple eyes. I could not help but glare into those mysterious eyes, thinking about what wonders they might hold. I was entranced by her presence and beauty. Almost like I was turned into stoned. She stood in front of me as two snakes, one black and one white slithered around her torso while staring at me. The pale moonlight shining from the back of her head made her look like she was glowing. I thought that I must be dreaming - some snake must have had bitten me earlier and now I am hallucinating; waiting for my untimely death to finally find me.

The maiden opened her palm revealing a blue spider lily on each palm. And uttered only one word “choose”. I was stunned and looked into her eyes mesmerized and then looked back at the flowers on both hands. I swallowed my throat as I hesitated but I followed my gut and took the one on the right. The edge of her mouth twist upward and then the black snake launched itself at me and bite my hand. Leaving a mark as I began to lose consciousness.

I heard birds chirping as I slowly woke up. My feet were freezing cold. I looked around and I realized I was back in my apartment. Everything around me was wet. But I could still smell the faint aroma of the sweet and lovely scent of the blue spider lilies from before. I looked down at my hand which was starting to itch. I was holding on to a single flower of the blue spider lily and on my arm two tiny holes marks. I encircled my hand over the hole marks thinking to myself..

What happened? Was it all a dream? Why did the maiden offered me two spider lilies? - What do you think? Leave them down in the comments!

© 2022 Zafirah Khan

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